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Module Reading List

Design History: 1900 to the Present day, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Christine Atha
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Adamson, Glenn, (2009) The craft reader, London, Berg 

Adamson, Glenn and Pavitt, Jane Eds. (2011) Postmodernism : style and subversion, 1970-90, V&A Publishing pgs.12 -97, Postmodernism: Style and Subversion Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Addison, Paul, (1975) The Road to 1945: British Politics and the Second World War, London, Cape

Banham, Reyner (1960) Theory and design in the first machine age, London, Architectural Press, Chapter 20 The Bauhaus Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva  

Breward, Christopher, (1995) The culture of fashion : a new history of fashionable dress, Manchester University Press

Breward, Christopher and Evans, Caroline Eds. (2005) Fashion and modernity Oxford: Berg

Candlin, Fiona and Guins, Raiford, (2008) The object reader, London, Routledge

Chapman, Jonathan (2005) Emotionally durable design : objects, experiences and empathy, London, Sterling, VA , Earthscan

Chapman, Jonathan (2007) Designers, visionaries and other stories : a collection of essays on sustainable design, London, Earthscan

Clark, Hazel (2009) Design studies : a reader, London, Berg

Crowley, David and Pavitt, Jane (2011) Cold War modern : design 1945-1970, V&A Publishing

Darling, Elizabeth, (2007) Re-forming Britain : narratives of modernity before reconstruction, London, Routledge

Droste, Magdalena, (1998) Bauhaus/Bauhaus Archiv, London, Taschen,Weimar Bauhaus- Expressionist Bauhaus- Pages 20-52 OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (srj 28/07/2017)  

Edwards, Clive (2005) Turning houses into homes : a history of the retailing and consumption of domestic furnishings, Ashgate, London

Fabre, Gladys (2010) Universal Language for the Arts: Interdisciplinarity as a Practice, Film as a Model’ in Van Doesburg & the international avant-garde : constructing a new world ISBN: 9781854378729 (pbk.); 1854378724 (pbk.), eds. by Gladys Fabre, Dorris Wintgens Hotte and Michael White, London, Tate Publishing,

Forty, Adrian (2000), Objects of desire : design and society since 1750, London, Thames & Hudson, Chapter 3 Design and Mechanisation Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva  

Frayling, Christopher, (2011), On craftsmanship : towards a new Bauhaus ISBN: 9781849430722 (hbk.) : £9.99; 1849430721 (hbk.) : £9.99 ISBN: 9781849430722 (hbk.) : £9.99; 1849430721 (hbk.) : £9.99, London, Oberon Books

Fry, Tony (2008), Design futuring : sustainability, ethics and new practice, London Berg

Fry, Tony (2010), Design as politics , London, Berg

Fry, Tony (2012) Becoming human by design, London, Berg

Greenhalgh, Paul ed, (1990) Modernism in design, London, Reaktion Books, Chapter 1 The legacy of the 19th century, Clive Wainwright    

Hobsbawm, E. J. Industry and Empire: from 1750 to the present day , Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1969

Lees-Maffei, Grace, (2009) The design history reader, London, Berg

Lees-Maffei, Grace and Fallan, Kjetil Eds. (2013) Made in Italy : rethinking a century of Italian design ISBN: 9780857853899 (pbk.); 9780857853899 (hardback); 9780857853905 (epub), London, Bloomsbury, 2. Ettore Sottsass and Critical Design in Italy, 1965-1985, Penny Sparke      

Lillethun, Abby and Welters, Linda (eds.), (2007),The fashion reader, Oxford

Margolin, Victor, (2010) The designed world : images, objects, environments, London, Berg

Miller, Daniel (1987) Material culture and mass consumption, Oxford, Basil Blackwell

Oldenziel, Ruth and Zachmann, Karin Eds. (2009) Cold War kitchen : Americanization, technology, and European users, Cambridge, Mass., London, MIT Press, Chapter 1

Packard, Vance (1957) The Hidden Persuaders, London, Penguin

Papanek, Victor (1985) Design for the real world : human ecology and social change. - 2nd ed., London, Thames and Hudson

Papanek, Victor (1995) The green imperative : ecology and ethics in design and architecture, London, Thames and Hudson

Schuldenfrei, Robin, Ed. (2009) Atomic dwelling : anxiety, domesticity, and postwar architecture, London, Routledge

Sparke, Penny (1986) An introduction to design and culture in the twentieth century, London, Allen & Unwin

Sparke, Penny (1995) As long as it's pink : the sexual politics of taste, London, HarperCollins

Sparke, Penny, Massey, Anne, Keeble, Trevor, and Martin, Brenda, Eds. (2009) Designing the modern interior : from the Victorians to today, London, Berg

Thackara, John (ed.) (1988) Design after modernism : beyond the object, London, Thames & Hudson

Thackara, John (2005) In the bubble : designing in a complex world, London, Cambridge, Mass, MIT Press

Vickery, A. (2009). Behind closed doors : at home in Georgian England . New Haven : Yale University Press

Woodham, Jonathan (1997) Twentieth century design , Oxford, Oxford University Press

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