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Module Reading List

Nuclear Operations, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Dr X Jia
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Lectures on Regulation and Waste Classifications, Recycle and Advanced Recycle, Transport and Storage (BCH)

Fundamental Safety Principles Series No. SF-1, November 07, 2006. ( 

Nuclear security recommendations on physical protection of nuclear materials and nuclear facilities (INFCIRC/225/revision 5), IAEA nuclear security series no.13. (   

An introduction to nuclear waste immobilisation, M I Ojovan & W E Lee, ISBN 978-0-080-44462-8     

Policies and Strategies for Radioactive Waste Management, IAEA Nuclear Energy Series, No. NW-G-1.1. (   

Classification of radioactive wastes, IAEA safety standard, No GSG-1 (   

The Russian Northern Fleet Decommissioning of nuclear submarines, Bellona Report nr. 2:96. Written by: Thomas Nilsen, Igor Kudrik and Alexandr Nikitin. (   

Advanced separation techniques for nuclear fuel reprocessing and radioactive waste treatment [electronic resource] ISBN: 9781845695019; 1845695011, Edited by: Nash, Kenneth L.; Lumetta, Gregg J, Woodhead Publishing © 2011.      

The nuclear fuel cycle : from ore to wastes ISBN: 0198565402 (hbk), ed. P.D. Wilson, Oxford University Press, 1996. ( 

Modern nuclear chemistry ISBN: 0471115320, Loveland, Walter D.; Morrissey, David J., Seaborg, Glenn T. John Wiley & Sons © 2006. ( 

Chemical separations in nuclear waste management : the state of the art and a look to the future ISBN: 1574771213; CIP entry. Ed. G.R. Choppin et al, Battelle Press, Ohio 2002.  

Solvent extraction principles and practice ISBN: 9780824750633; 0824750632. Ed. J. Rydberg et al., Marcel Dekker, New York, 2004. 

Electrometallurgical Techniques for DOE Spent Fuel - Treatment: Final Report Committee on Electrometallurgical Techniques for DOE, Spent Fuel Treatment, National Research Council, ISBN: 0-309-51482-7. (   

Principle and Test Experience of the RIAR’s Oxide Pyro-Process, Sergei VAVILOV, Tsuguyuki KOBAYASHI and Munetaka MYOCHIN, Journal of nuclear science and technology. ISSN: 0022-3131, Vol. 41, No. 10, p. 1018–1025 (October 2004). (   

Pyrochemical Separations In Nuclear Applications – A Status Report, Nuclear Energ Agency Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development, OECD 2004 NEA No. 5427, ISBN 92-64-02071-3. (   

Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Flowsheet, A Report by the WPFC Expert Group on Chemical Partitioning, of the NEA Nuclear Science Committee on Nuclear Science, NEA/NSC/WPFC/DOC(2012)15, June 2012, (   

ANL/RERTR/TM-26 ANL/RERTR/TM-26: NUCLEAR MASS INVENTORY, PHOTON DOSE RATE AND THERMAL DECAY HEAT OF SPENT RESEARCH REACTOR FUEL ASSEMBLIES (Rev. 1), R. B. Pond and J. E. Matos, RERTR Program, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL 60439-4841 USA, December 1996. (   

Spent Nuclear Fuel Pools in the U.S.: Reducing the Deadly Risks of Storage, Robert Alvarez, Institute for Policy Studies, May 2011. (   

EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) Fuel Storage Handbook. (   

An Economic Analysis of Select Fuel Cycles Using the Steady-State Analysis Model for Advanced Fuel Cycles Schemes (SMAFS), EPRI report 1015387, Technical Update, December 2007. (   

European Experience in the Transport of LWR Fuel, H.W.Curtis, IAEA Bulletin, Vol 21, No. 6. (   

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Lectures on Reactors Operations (XJ)

JR Lamarshand AJ Baratta (2012) Introduction to Nuclear Engineering, Pearson. ISBN: 0-13-276457-1 (available in the Library)  

I Hore-Lacy (2011) Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century, 2nd Ed, The World Nuclear University Primer. ISBN: 978-0-9550784-1-5. The 1st edition is available online as     

EE Lewis (2008) Fundamentals of nuclear reactor physics ISBN: 9780123706317 (acid-free paper), Academic Press. ISBN: 978-0-12-370631-7. (available in the Library)    

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (2005) The Safety of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle -Third Edition. (   

A guide to nuclear regulation in the UK    

NEA OECD (2011) Evolution of ICRP Recommendations 1977, 1990 and 2007. NEA No.6920.    

Nuclear Decommissioning, Waste Management, and Environmental Site Remediation. Bayliss, C.R.Langley, K.F., (2003) Butterworth-Heinemann. ISBN: 0750677449. Online     

Article “UK uses “Lead and Learn” strategy for Magnox reactor fleet decommissioning”.    

Nuclear decommissioning : planning, execution and international experience ISBN: 9780857091154; 0857091158. M Laraia (Ed), Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy No 36, 2012. ISBN: 9780857091154. (available in the Library)

Atomic accidents : a history of nuclear meltdowns and disasters : from the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima ISBN: 9781605986807 paperback; 1605986801 paperback, James Mahaffey, 2015, Pegasus, ISBN-10:1605986801. (the Library should have a copy of this!)

Nuclear Power Plant Safety Systems    

Understanding Nuclear Power Plants: Total Station Blackout     

Safety Design Features of PWR    

Safety Features ESBWR    

Fukushima BWR emergency cooling explained    

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Lectures on Legacy Waste (TH)

The nuclear fuel cycle : from ore to wastes ISBN: 0198565402 (hbk), edited by P D Wilson. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c1996. (Library record: 

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Lectures on Fuel Cycle Technology (DH)

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