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Module Reading List

CFD Software, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr DJ Borman
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Computational Fluid Mechanics

S. V. Patankar ,

Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow , McGraw Hill 1980

Old book, but still one of the best sources to learn the principles of the Finite Volume Method. Patankar was one of the original developers of the SIMPLE algorithm, which formed the foundation of all early commercial CFD codes.

J. H. Ferziger and M. Peric ,

Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics , 3rd Edition, Springer 2002

More up-to-date account of current practices in commercial CFD. CD-Adapco’s STAR-CD code is based on the work in Peric’s PhD thesis. At the back of the book, there is listed code in FORTRAN, downloadable from

H. Versteeg and W. Malalasekera .,

An introduction to computational fluid dynamics : The Finite Volume Method , 2nd Edition 2007

Another popular and up-to-date introduction to CFD.

D. M. Causon and C. G. Mingham ,

Introductory Finite Difference Methods for PDE’s, 2010

D. M. Causon, C. G. Mingham and L. Qian ,

Introductory Finite Volume Methods for PDE’s, 2010

Free books downloadable from . Based on B. Sc. Undergraduate modules taught at Manchester Metropoiltan University. Written in a straightforward and practical style, with links to Matlab codes.

J. D. Anderson Jnr.,

Computational fluid dynamics : the basics with applications , McGraw Hill, (1995)

Concentrates on CFD for aerodynamics applications. See other books by the same author.

Ch. Hirsch,

Numerical computation of internal and external flows [electronic resource] : fundamentals of computational fluid dynamics , 2nd. Ed. Elseview 2007

Also concentrates on CFD for aerodynamics applications. Hirsch is the originator of the NUMECA commercial CFD code which specializes in Turbomachinery applications.

European Research Community on Flow, Turbulence and Combustion (ERCOFTAC), Special Interest Group on "Quality and Trust in Industrial CFD":  Best practice guidelines . ed. Michael Casey and Torsten Wintergerste.

Very useful document on best practice guidelines for the practical use of CFD. Other Best Practise Guidelines have been produced for more specialist application of CFD, see for more information.

A. Bakker,

Introduction to Applied CFD,

Dartmouth College / ANSYS Fluent lecture notes, downloadable from

MIT Open Courseware, Introduction to Numerical Fluid Dynamics,

Advanced CFD lecture notes, downloadable from

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Physical Fluid Mechanics

D. J. Tritton,

Physical Fluid Dynamics , 2nd Edition, Oxford Science Publications, 1980

One of the best sources to learn the phenomenology of incompressible flow. Very readable style, with emphasis on the physics rather than the mathematics.

J. D. Anderson Jnr.,

Modern compressible flow : with historical perspective , McGraw Hill, 3rd Edition (2002)

Fundamentals of Aerodynamics , 5th Edition (2010)

Introduction to Flight , McGraw-Hill, 7th Edition (2011)

Hypersonic and high temperature gas dynamics , 2nd Edition (2000)

Excellent, approachable and very readable style. The first if these is a ‘must read’ for anyone who wants to understand the basics of compressible fluid fluid. flow others are recommended to specialists in aerodynamics.

D. C. Wilcox,

Turbulence modeling for CFD , 3rd Edition, 2006

A good source to learn about turbulence modeling. Written from a practical point of view by the original developer of the popular turbulence model.

M. Leschziner,

Statistical turbulence modelling for fluid dynamics, demystified : an introductory text for graduate engineering students, 1st Edition, 2015

A recent book by a prominent researcher into turbulence modeling.


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Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Y. A. Cengel and J. M. Cimbala,

Fluid mechanics : fundamentals and applications , McGraw Hill, 2006

Somewhat long-winded, but none-the-less highly recommended, especially for engineering students. Lots of real engineering applications and worked examples.

Lecture notes based on this book can be found on id=65

See also:

Y. A. Cengel and A.J. Gajar,

Heat and mass transfer : fundamentals and applications , 2014.

F. P. Incropera, D. P. DeWitt, T. L. Bergman and A. S. Levine

Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer : Fundamentals and Applications, 6th Edition,

Wiley, 2007

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