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Module Reading List

Process Metallurgy, 2019/20, Semester 2
Professor AM Mullis
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

01/ ‘Fundamentals of solidification’, W. Kurz, D.J. Fisher, Uetikon-Zuerich, Switzerland; Enfield, New Hampshire : Trans Tech Publications Ltd., 1998. (Materials B-2 KUR)

02/ ‘Complete casting handbook [electronic resource] : metal casting processes, metallurgy, techniques and design' ISBN: 9781856178099 (electronic bk.); 1856178099 (electronic bk.), J. Campbell. (EBL Electronic Book, available on and off campus)

03/ ‘The science of crystallization : microscopic interfacial phenomena ISBN: 052138138X (cased); 0521388279 (pbk) : £15.00, W. A. Tiller, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991. (Physics D-3 TIL)

04/ ‘Atomization of melts : for powder production and spray deposition ISBN: 0198562586, Andrew J. Yule and John J. Dunkley, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1994. (Materials D-9.6 YUL)

05/ ‘An Introduction to Powder Metallurgy’, F. Thümmler & R. Oberacker. (EBL Electronic Book, available on and off campus)

06/ 'Mechanical Metallurgy', G.E. Dieter, McGraw Hill (1976).

07/ 'Metal Forming: Mechanics and Metallurgy - 4th Edition', W.F. Hosford, Cambridge University Press (2014).

08/ Principles of metal manufacturing processes ISBN: 0340731621 (pbk.); 0470352418 (Wiley), J. Beddoes and M.J. Bibby, Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford (1999).

09/ Heat treatment : principles and techniques ISBN: 9788120340954 - 2nd Edition', T.V. Rajan, C.P. Sharma and A. Sharma, Phi Learning (2011).

10/ Principles of the heat treatment of plain carbon and low alloy steels ISBN: 9780871705389; 0871705389, C.R. Brookes, ASM International (1996).

11/ Metals fabrication : understanding the basics ISBN: 9781627080194 electronic bk.; 1627080198 electronic bk.; 9781680155150 electronic bk.; 1680155156 electronic bk.; 9781627080187, F.M. Campbell, ASM International (2014).

12/ 'Metallurgy of Welding - 6th Edition', J.F. Lancaster, Woodhead Publishing (1999).

13/ Principles of metal surface treatment and protection ISBN: 0080227074; 0080227031 - 2nd Edition', D,R. Gabe, Pergamon (1978).

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