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Module Reading List

Research Methods 1: Finding and Using Research Resources, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Jane Scott
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

DESN2285 Module Reading list: please refer to specific programme of study.

Reading List for Art and Design

Broad Texts:

D'Alleva, A. (2014). Methods & theories of art history. London: Laurence King.

Sturken, M., & Cartwright, L. (2009). Practices of looking: An introduction to visual culture. New York: Oxford University Press.

Williams, G. (2015). How to write about contemporary art ISBN: 9780500291573; 0500291578. London: Thames & Hudson.

Just for Art and Design


Courtney, C. (1999). Speaking of book art : interviews with British and American book artists : Ron King, Ian Tyson, Joan Lyons, Betsy Davids, Sas Colby, Telfer Stokes, Kathy Walkup, Susan King, Helen Douglas, Johanna Drucker, Paul Coldwell, Susan Johanknecht, Alisa Golden, Julie Chen, Karen Bleitz ISBN: 0962637254 (pbk). Los Altos Hills, CA: Anderson-Lovelace.

Dean, T., & Millar, J. (2005). Place. London: Thames & Hudson.

De, C. L. (2011). Art and activism in the age of globalization ISBN: 9789056627799; 9056627791. Rotterdam: NAI Publ.

Putnam, J. (2001). Art and artifact : the museum as medium ISBN: 0500237905. London: Thames & Hudson.

Steiner, B., & Yang, J. (2004). Autobiography : art works ISBN: 0500930058 (pbk.) : £14.95. London: Thames & Hudson.

Reading List for Graphics and Communications Design

General Texts:

Collins, H. (2010). Creative research: the theory and practice of research for the creative industries. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Rose, G. (2016). Visual methodologies: An introduction to researching with visual materials. Sage.

Some easy introductions

For Graphics and Communications Design

Lupton, E., & Miller, A. (1999). Design writing research. London and New York: Phaidon Press.

Dyer, G. (2008). Advertising as communication. Routledge.

Lavin, M. (2002). Clean new world : culture, politics, and graphic design ISBN: 0262621703 : No price; 0262122375. MIT Press.

Bierut, M., Drenttel, W., & Heller, S. (Eds.). (2012). Looking closer 4 : critical writings on graphic design ISBN: 1581152353 (Vol. 4). Skyhorse Publishing, Inc..

Think Numbers are boring?

Example journal papers to help develop your thinking about ways we can research graphic design and visual communication

Hum, N. J., Chamberlin, P. E., Hambright, B. L., Portwood, A. C., Schat, A. C., & Bevan, J. L. (2011). A picture is worth a thousand words: A content analysis of Facebook profile photographs. Computers in human behavior. ISSN: 0747-563227(5), 1828-1833.

Drucker, J. (2009). Philip Meggs and Richard Hollis: models of graphic design history. Design and Culture ISSN: 1754-70751(1), 51-77.

Lazard, A. J., Bamgbade, B. A., Sontag, J. M., & Brown, C. (2016). Using Visual Metaphors in Health Messages: A Strategy to Increase Effectiveness for Mental Illness Communication. Journal of health communication. ISSN: 1081-073021(12), 1260-1268.

Nielsen, J. (1994, April). Usability inspection methods. In Conference companion on Human factors in computing systems (pp. 413-414). ACM.

Kensing, F., & Blomberg, J. (1998). Participatory design: Issues and concerns. Computer supported cooperative work. ISSN: 0925-9724 (CSCW)7(3-4), 167-185.

Journals to consult that are relevant though we can dip in and out of a lot of areas.

Design studies. ISSN: 0142-694x

The design journal. ISSN: 1460-6925; 1756-3062

International journal of design ISSN: 1991-3761; 1994-036x

Visible language. ISSN: 0022-2224

Information design journal.


Medical Humanities ISSN: 1468-215X; 1473-4265

Reading List for Fashion Design

Creswell, J. (2003) Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitive, and Mixed Methods Approaches, Second Edition. London: Sage Publications.

Foster, I. M. and Zaccagnini Flynn, F. (2009) Research methods for the fashion industry ISBN: 9781563676338 paperback; 1563676338 paperback. New York: Fairchild Books.

Goldenberg, P. (2004) Writing a research paper a step-by-step approach ISBN: 9780821507612, New York: William H. Sadlier.

Gray, C. and Malins, J. (2004) Visualising research : a guide to the research process in art and design ISBN: 0754635775. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Limited.

Kawamura, K. (2006) Fashion-ology: An introduction to Fashion Studies. Oxford: Berg.

Kawamura, K. (2011) Doing research in fashion and dress : an introduction to qualitative methods ISBN: 9781847885821 (paperback); 1847885829 (paperback); 9781847885838 (hardback); 1847885837 (hardback); 9781847887344 (ePUB); 1847887341 (ePUB). Oxford: Berg.

Yin, R. K. (2003) Case Study Research. London: Sage Publications.

Kim, A. and Mida, I. (2015) The Dress Detective: A Practical Guide to Object-Based Research in Fashion, London:Bloomsbury

Lurie, A. (1981) The Language of Clothes. London: William Clowes (Beccles) Ltd.

Maner, M. (1999) The research process : a complete guide and reference for writers ISBN: 9780767411394; 0767411390. New York: McGraw-Hill.  

Neuman, W. L. (2010) Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches. London: Pearson Education.

Nicklas, C. (2015) Dress history : new directions in theory and practice ISBN: 9780857856401 £19.99 (pbk.); 9780857855411 £65.00 (hbk.). London: Bloomsbury.

Sproles, G. B. and Burns, L. S. (1994) Changing appearances : understanding dress in contemporary society ISBN: 1563670143. New York: Fairchild Publications. 

Steele, V. (1998) ‘A Museum of Fashion Is More Than a Clothes-Bag’. The Journal of Fashion Theory, 2 (4), pp.327-325.  Available online 

Taylor, G. ed. (2005) Integrating quantitative and qualitative methods in research ISBN: 9780761853619 (paperbound : alk. paper); 9780761853602 (clothbound : alk. paper); 076185360X; 9780761853626 (eISBN) 2nd ed. Lanham, MD: University Press of America.

Taylor, L. (1998) ‘Doing the Laundry? A Reassessment of Object-based Dress History’. The Journal of Fashion Theory, 2 (4), pp.337-358. Available online 

Taylor, L. (2004) Establishing dress history ISBN: 0719066395 (pbk); 0719066387. Manchester: Manchester University Press. 

Toranian, V. ed. (2011) French Elle. Paris: Hearst.   

Trumbull, M. (2005) 'Qualitative Research Methods’. In: Taylor, G. R. ed.: Integrating quantitative and qualitative methods in research. Lanham, MD; University Press of America, pp.101-26.

Tseelon, E. (2002) ‘Fashion Research and its Discontents’ The Journal of Fashion Culture, 5 (4), pp.435-452. Available online 


Fashion theory : the journal of dress, body & culture.

Fashion practice : the journal of design, creative process and the fashion industry. ISSN: 1756-9370; 1756-9389

International journal of fashion design technology and education ISSN: 1754-3266; 1754-3274

Costume. ISSN: 0590-8876: The Journal of the Costume Society

The International Journal of Costume and Fashion

Catwalk: The Journal of Fashion, Beauty and Style

Creative Processing in the Fashion Industry

International Journal of Fashion Marketing

Reading List for Fashion Marketing


Housden, M., 2012. CIM coursebook marketing information and research ISBN: 9780080943480 (e-book). Routledge.

Jenss, H. and Eicher, J.B. eds., 2016. Fashion studies : research methods, sites and practices ISBN: 9781472583178 hardcover; 1472583175 hardcover; 9781472583161 paperback; 1472583167 paperback; 9781472583185 electronic book; 9781472583192 electronic publication. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Kaiser, S.B., 2012. Fashion and cultural studies ISBN: 9781847885647 (pbk.). A&C Black.

Kawamura, Y., 2011. Doing research in fashion and dress : an introduction to qualitative methods ISBN: 9781847885821 (paperback); 1847885829 (paperback); 9781847885838 (hardback); 1847885837 (hardback); 9781847887344 (ePUB); 1847887341 (ePUB). Berg.

Journal Papers

Baumgartner, H. and Steenkamp, J.B.E., 2001. Response styles in marketing research: A cross-national investigation. Journal of marketing research. ISSN: 0022-2437; 1547-7193, 38(2), pp.143-156.

Kozinets, R.V., 2002. The field behind the screen: Using netnography for marketing research in online communities. Journal of marketing research. ISSN: 0022-2437; 1547-7193, 39(1), pp.61-72.

Rowley, J., 2002. Using case studies in research. Management research news, 25(1), pp.16-27. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Schmitt, B., 1999. Experiential marketing. Journal of marketing management. ISSN: 0267-257X, 15(1-3), pp.53-67.

Reading List for Fashion Technology

Author Kuniavsky, Mike. Title Observing the user experience [electronic resource] : a practitioner's guide to user research / Mike Kuniavsky, Elizabeth Goodman, Andrea Moed. Edition 2nd ed. Published Waltham, MA : Morgan Kaufmann, c2012.

Author Sauro, Jeff, Title Quantifying the user experience : practical statistics for user research ISBN: 9780123849687 (electronic bk.); 0123849683 (electronic bk.); 9780123849694 (electronic bk.); 0123849691 (electronic bk.) / Jeff Sauro, James R. Lewis. Published Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier/Morgan Kaufmann, [2012], ©2012.

Author McGivern, Yvonne, author. Title The practice of market research : an introduction / Yvonne McGivern. Edition Fourth edition. Published Harlow : Pearson, 2013.

Author Graziano, Anthony M., 1932-Title Research methods : a process of inquiry / Anthony M. Graziano, Michael L. Raulin. Edition 7th ed. Published Boston ; London : Allyn & Bacon, c2010

Author Chang, Mark. Title Principles of scientific methods [electronic resource] Published Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2014.


Textile research journal. ISSN: 0040-5175

International journal of clothing science and technology. ISSN: 0955-6222

Clothing and textiles research journal. ISSN: 0887-302x

Other scientific journals such as Coloration technology. ISSN: 1472-3581, Cellulose. ISSN: 0969-0239; 1572-882X

Journal of cleaner production. ISSN: 0959-6526

Journal of fashion marketing and management : an international journal. ISSN: 1361-2026

The International Journal of Environmental Sustainability

Reading List for Textile Design

Adamson, G. 2007. Thinking through craft ISBN: 9781845206475 (pbk.); 9781845206468 (cloth); 1845206460 (cloth); 1845206479 (pbk.), Oxford, Berg.

Adamson, G. 2010. The craft reader ISBN: 9781847883032 (pbk.) : £24.99; 9781847883049 (hbk.) : £70.00; 1847883044 (hbk.) : £70.00; 1847883036 (pbk.) : £24.99, Oxford, Berg.

Bowles, M and Issac, C. 2012, Digital Textile Design London, Laurence

Braddock Clarke, S. and Harris, J., 2006. Digital visions for fashion + textiles : made in code ISBN: 9780500516447 (hbk.) : £35.00; 0500516448 (hbk.) : £35.00, Cambridge, Woodhead Publishing.

Cross, N. 2001. Design thinking : understanding how designers think and work ISBN: 9781847886361 (pbk.) : £14.99; 9781847886378 (hbk.) : £45.00; 184788637X (hbk.) : £45.00; 1847886361 (pbk.) : £14.99; 9781847888464 (ebook), Oxford, Berg.

Hemmings, J. 2012, The textile reader ISBN: 9781847886347 (pbk.) : £24.99; 9781847886354 (hbk.) : £70.00; 1847886353 (hbk.) : £70.00; 1847886345 (pbk.) : £24.99, London, Berg.

Meyers, W. 2012. Biodesign : the process of innovating medical technologies ISBN: 9781107087354 (hbk.) : £60.00, London, Thames and Hudson

Muratovski, G. 2015. Research for designers : a guide to methods and practice ISBN: 9781446275146 (pbk.); 1446275140 (pbk.); 1446275132; 9781446275139, London, Sage.

Quinn, B. 2010. Textile futures : fashion, design and technology ISBN: 9781845208073 (hbk.); 1845208072 (hbk.); 9781845208080 (pbk.); 1845208080 (pbk.), Oxford, Berg.

Quinn, B. 2013. Textile visionaries : innovation and sustainability in textile design ISBN: 9781780670539 (pbk.) : No price London, Laurence King Publishing.

Tibbits, S. 2017. Active matter ISBN: 9780262036801 (hbk.), MIT Press

Turney, J. The culture of knitting ISBN: 9781845205928 (pbk.) : £19.99; 1845205928 (pbk.) : £19.99, Oxford, Berg.

Yelavich, S. 2014. Design as future-making [electronic resource] ISBN: 9781472574725 (e-book); 9780857858382 (hbk.) :; 9780857858399 (pbk.), London, Bloomsbury


The Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice

Textile : the journal of cloth and culture. ISSN: 1475-9756; 1751-8350

Journal of Modern Craft ISSN: 1749-6772

Surface design journal ISSN: 0197-4483

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