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Module Reading List

Arts Marketing, 2019/20
Dr Sarah Feinstein
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Essential reading

ACE. 2018. Cultural Democracy in Practice. Available at:

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Mofat, K. and Turpin, R. 2018. Art UK Audience Broadening Initiative. Available at:

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Supplementary texts

Arias, M. P. 2018. Instagram Trends: Visual Narratives of Embodied Experiences at the Museum of Islamic Art. Museums and the Web. MW18. Available at:


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England use technology. Available at:


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Available at:

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Arts Marketing: An International Journal

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European Journal of Marketing

Harvard Business Review

International Journal of Arts Management

International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing

Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society

Arts marketing : an international journal. ISSN: 2044-2084

Journal of Consumer Research

Journal of Customer Behaviour   

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