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Module Reading List

Corporate Finance and Securities Law, 2019/20, Semester 2
Dr Steven Montagu-Cairns
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Key Reading List:

Brenda Hannigan, Company Law, 4th ed., OUP, 2015

Arad Reisberg, Pettet's company law : company law and corporate finance, 4th ed., Pearson, 2012

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Primary Reading List:

Sealy and Sarah Worthington, Cases and Materials in Company Law, 10th ed., OUP, 2013

Brenda Hannigan, Company Law, 4th ed., OUP, 2015

Eilis Ferran & Look Chan Ho, Principles of Corporate Finance Law, OUP 2015.

Arad Reisberg, Pettet's company law : company law and corporate finance, 4th ed., Pearson, 2012

Alan Dignam and John Lowry Company Law (Core Text Series), 8th ed., OUP, 2014

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Additional Reading List:

J. Birds, ‘The Companies Act 2006 – Revolution or Evolution’ (2007) 49 Managerial law. 13.

A. Reisberg, ‘Corporate Law in the UK after Recent Reforms: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ (2010) 63 Current legal problems. 315-374.

A. Griffiths, (1993) ‘Agents without principals: pre-incorporation contracts and section 36C of the Companies Act 1985’ Legal studies., 13(2), 241-253

C. Perkin, (2000) ‘Companies and Privity of Contract’ Coventry Law Journal, 5(1), 11-26

C. Twigg-Flesner, Full Circle: Purported Agent’s Right of Enforcement under S.36C (2001) 22 Company lawyer. 274

R. Pennington, (2002) ‘The Validation of Pre-Incorporation Contracts’ Company lawyer., 23(9), 284-285

D. Milman, (2008) ‘Company Contracts: a review of the current and restated law’ Company law newsletter., 240, 1-4

S. Sabapathy, Allocation of risks in a pre-incorporation contract (2009) 2 IJPL 150

E. Ferran, ‘The decisions of the House of Lords in Russell v northern Bank Development’ [1994] Cambridge law journal. 343.

J. Armour, ‘Legal Capital: An Outdated Concept’ (2006) 7 European Business Organization law review. 5

D. Capper, ‘Fixed Charges over Book Debts’ Back to Basic but How Far Back’ [2002] Lloyd's maritime and commercial law quarterly. 246.

E. Ferran, ‘Floating Charges – the Nature of the Security’ [1988] Cambridge law journal. 213.

G. McCormack, ‘The Law Commission’s Consultative Report on Company Security Interests: An Irreverent Riposte’ (2005) Modern law review. 286.

R.M. Goode, ‘Is the Law too Favourable to secured creditors?’ (1983–1984) 8 Canadian business law journal = Revue canadienne du droit de commerce. 53

A. Keay, ‘Directors’ Duties to Creditors: Contractarian Concerns Relating to Efficiency and Over-Protection of Creditors’, (2003) 66 Modern law review., 665

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L. Zingales, ‘The Future of Securitas Regulations’ (2009) Chicago Booth School of Business Research Paper No. 08-27. Available online:

T.M.J. Mollers, ‘Sources of Law in European Securities Regulation - Effective Regulation, Soft Law and Legal Taxonomy from Lamfalussy to de Larosiere’ (2010) 11 European Business Organization law review. 397

M. Kahan, ‘Some Problems with Stock Exchange-Based Securities Regulation’ (1997) 83 Virginia Law Review. 1509

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N. Attig, S.E. Ghoul, O. Guedhami , J. Suh, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and Credit Ratings’ (2013) 117 Journal of business ethics. 679.

A. Darbellay & F. Partnoy, ‘Credit Rating Agencies and Regulatory Reform’ available via

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