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Module Reading List 2018-19

Formations of Modernity, 2019/20, Semester 2
Dr Rodanthi Tzanelli
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Lecture 2 (for tutorial 1): From Tamerlane to Columbus

Core Reading

Diamond, J Guns, Germs and Steel,

Darwin, J ‘Eurasian Orientations’pp.1-27. in After Tamerlane : the global history of empire since 1405 Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva  ISBN: 0713996676 (hbk.) : £25.00; 9780713996678 (hbk.) : £25.00

Mann, M, The Sources of Social Power vol. 1, Introduction

Weber, M, Preface and Introduction to the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

Hall, S., ‘The West and the rest: discourse and power’, in Hall and, S. and B. Gieben (eds), Formations of modernity ISBN: 0745609600 (pbk); 0745609597, Cambridge: Polity Press, 1992 OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (KR 19/12/2018) 

Lecture 3 (for tutorial 1): Colonialism as Modernity: European World-Making.

Core Reading

 Blaut, J.M  The colonizer's model of the world : geographical diffusionism and Eurocentric history ISBN: 0898623499; 0898623480 (pbk), chapter 2, 3, 4 and 12 OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (KR 19/12/2018) 

J. Goldstone, “The rise of the west-or not? A revision to socio-economic history.”Sociological theory. ISSN: 0735-2751 18 (2):175-194 (2000)   

CONRAD, Sebastian (2008) German colonialism : a short history , Cambridge: Cambridge UP

LANGBEHN, Volker and SALAMA, Mohammad, eds. (2011) German Colonialism, New York: Columbia University.


Lecture 4 (for tutorial 2): ‘Nation’, Modernity, Imagination

Core reading

  1. ONLINE RESOURCE ‘The Nation: real or imagined?’, THE WARWICK DEBATES ON NATIONALISM, from Nations and Nationalism 2 (3), 1996, 357-370. Anthony Smith Lecture and Ernst Gellner’s Response can be found at
  1. Anderson, B. (1991) ‘Introduction’, in Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism, revised edition. London and New York: Verso, 1-7.
  1. Smith, A. (1998) ‘Invention and imagination’ (Ch. 6), in Nationalism and Modernism: A Critical Survey of Recent Theories of Nations and Nationalism, London: Routledge, 117-42. The book is also open access at   
  1. Breuilly, J. (2006) ‘Introduction’ (by J. Breuilly), in E. Gellner, Nations and Nationalism. Second edition. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, xxi-xxxiii. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Lecture 5 (for tutorial 2) - Nation, Nationalism and Postcolonialism

Core reading

  1. Chatterjee, P. (1986) ‘The Thematic and the Problematic’ (Ch. 2), in Nationalist Thought and the Colonial World: A Derivative Discourse. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 36-53.
  1. Chatterjee, P. (1993) ‘Whose Imagined Community?’ (Ch. 1), in The nation and its fragments : colonial and postcolonial histories ISBN: 0691019436 (pbk. : alk. paper) : 14.95; 0691033056 (cloth : alk. paper). Princeton, NJ: University of Princeton Press, 3-13. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 
  1. Brubaker, R. (2011) ‘Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Modernity’ in The Selected Works of Rogers Brubaker, University of California, LA, 1-15. Open Access file that can be downloaded from
  1. James, P. (2006) ‘Theorizing Nation Formation in the Context of Imperialism and Globalism’, in G. Delanty and K. Kumar, The SAGE Handbook of Nations and Nationalism. London: Sage, 367-381.


Lecture 6 (for tutorial 3): Tourism and Modernity, 1: Early Formations of Mobility

Core reading

  1. Urry, J. and J. Larsen (2011) The Tourist Gaze 3.0. London: Routledge. Ch. 1 (1-30).
  1. Hannam, K. and D. Knox (2010) Understanding tourism : a critical introduction ISBN: 9781412922784 (pbk.); 9781412922777 (hbk.); 1412922771 (hbk.); 141292278X (pbk.), London: Sage. Ch. 1(1-19). Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 
  1. Franklin, A. (2003) Tourism: An Introduction. London: Sage, Part I, Ch. 2 (21-38).
  1. Dong PeiHai and Li, W. (2013) ‘Tourism, modernity and nostalgia: theoretical exploration of sociology of tourism’, Tourism Tribune, 28 (4) 111-120. OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (KR 19/12/2018) 

Lecture 7 (for tutorial 3): Tourism and Modernity, 2: Development and Cultural Fertilisation

Core reading

  1. Hollinshead, K., Ateljevic, I. and Ali, N. (2009) ‘Worldmaking agency-worldmaking authority: the sovereign constitutive role of tourism’, Tourism geographies ISSN: 1461-6688, 11 (4): 427-43.
  1. Cohen E. & Scott A. Cohen (2014) ‘Beyond Eurocentrism in tourism: a paradigm shift to mobilities’, Tourism recreation research ISSN: 0250-8281, 40 (2), 157-168.
  1. Mowforth, M., & Munt, I. (2008). Tourism and sustainability : development, globalisation and new tourism in the third world ISBN: 9780415414029 (hbk); 9780415414036 (pbk) (3rd ed.). London: Routledge, Ch. 10, 293-333.
  1. Britton, S. G. (1989) ‘Tourism, dependency and development: a model of analysis’ in Y. Apostolopoulos, S. Leivadi and A. Yannakis (eds), The Sociology of tourism : theoretical and empirical investigations ISBN: 0415271657; 0415135087; 9780415271653; 9780415135085, London: Routledge, pp. 155–72.


Lecture 8 (for tutorial 4): Media and Modernity

Core reading

  1. Thompson JB (2013) The media and modernity : a social theory of the media ISBN: 0745610056 (pbk ; cased) : No price; 0745610048. Cambridge: Polity, Ch. 5. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 
  1. Garnham, N. (2000) Emancipation, the Media, and Modernity: Arguments about the Media and Social Theory. New York: Oxford University Press, ch 1, 1-14.
  1. Hesmondhalgh, D. (2012) Cultural Industries, London: Sage, Ch. 1, 37-64. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 
  1. Horkheimer, M. and Adorno, T. (2002) Dialectic of enlightenment [electronic resource] : philosophical fragments ISBN: 9781784786809. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 94-136.

Lecture 9 (for tutorial 4): Cosmopolitanism and Modernity

Core reading

Bhambra, G. (2018) ‘Cosmopolitanism and Postcolonial Critique’, in M. Rovisco and M. Nowicka (eds.) The Ashgate Research Companion to Cosmopolitanism. London: Routledge, pp. 313-328.

Beck, U. (2004) ‘Cosmopolitical realism: on the distinction between cosmopolitanism in philosophy and the social sciences’ Global networks. ISSN: 1470-2266 4 (2): 131–156.

Baban, F. (2006) ‘Living with difference: cosmopolitanism, modernity, and political community’, Studies in political economy. ISSN: 0707-8552; 1918-7033, 77(1): 105-126.


Lecture 10 (for tutorial 5): Risk and Modernity

Core Reading:

Beck, U. (1992) Risk Society, London: Sage (chapter 1) – attached

Giddens, A. (1999) ‘Risk’ accessed on 6 December 2018, at

Lupton, D. & Tullock, J. (2002) ‘‘Risk is Part of Your Life’: Risk Epistemologies among a Group of Australians’ in Sociology. ISSN: 0038-0385, Vol: 36 (2), 317-334. This article is available online:

Lecture 11 (for tutorial 5): Modernity and Mass Violence

Core reading:

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (General Assembly Resolution 260 III). 9th December, 1948. Available online at

Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Available online at

Bauman, Zygmunt. 1995. Chapter 7.3: ‘A Century of Camps?’ In Life in fragments : essays in postmodern morality ISBN: 0631192670 (pbk ; alk. paper); 0631192662. Oxford: Blackwell, 192-206.


Lecture 12 (for tutorial 6): Modernity and Urban Theory  

Core reading

Berman, M (2010) All that is Solid Melts into Air. London: Verso INTRODUCTION

Savage, M (1993) Chapter 5: Perspectives on Urban Culture. FROM: Savage, M (1983) Urban Sociology, Capitalism and Modernity. Basingstoke: Macmilla

Dibazar, P et al (2013) ‘Questioning urban modernity’. European Journal of Cultural Studies ISSN: 1367-5494, 16 (6): 643-658

Lecture 13 (for tutorial 6) Housing and Urban (Dis)Organisation

Core reading

Aalbers, M (2017) ‘The variegated financialisation of housing’, International journal of urban and regional research = Revue internationale de recherche urbaine et régionale, 41 (4): 542-554

Rolnik, R (2013) ‘Late Neoliberalism: The Financialization of Homeownership and Housing Rights’, International journal of urban and regional research = Revue internationale de recherche urbaine et régionale. ISSN: 0309-1317; 1468-2427, 37: 1058–1066.

Marcuse, P (2009) ‘From critical urban theory to the right to the city’, City : analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action. ISSN: 1360-4813, 13 (2-3): 185-197


Lecture 14 (for tutorial 7): Informal Settlement in the Global South

Core readings:

Davy, B., Pellissery, S., 2013. The citizenship promise (un) fulfilled: The right to housing in informal settings. International journal of social welfare. ISSN: 1369-6866 . Vol.22, No.S1, pp.68-84.

De Soto, H., 2000. The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else. Basic Books, New York.

Kiddle, G.L., 2010. Key theory and evolving debates in international housing policy: from legalisation to perceived security of tenure approaches. Geography compass. ISSN: 1749-8198. Vol. 4, No.7, pp.881-892.

Sun, L., and Zhi Liu (2015), Illegal but Rational: Why Small Property Rights Housing Is Big in China, Land Lines(3): 14-19/34 Available online 

Payne, G., Durand-Lasserve, A., & Rakodi, C. (2009). The limits of land titling and home ownership. Environment and urbanization. ISSN: 0956-2478, 21(2), 443-462.

Turner, J. F. C. (1968). Housing priorities, settlement patterns, and urban development in modernizing countries. American Institute of Planners Journal 10(10), pp. 354–363. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Lecture 15 (for tutorial 7): Internal Migration

Core readings:

Deshingkar, P. and Grimm, S. (2005) Internal migration and development : a global perspective ISBN: 9789211036374; 9211036372. Geneva: IOM. Available from:

King, R., & Skeldon, R. (2010). ‘Mind the gap!’ integrating approaches to internal and international migration. Journal of ethnic and migration studies. ISSN: 1369-183x, 36(10): 1619-1646

Lee, E.S. (1966), A theory of migration, Demography. ISSN: 0070-3370, 3(1): 47-57.

Todaro, M.P. (1976), Internal migration in developing countries : a review of theory, evidence, methodology and research priorities ISBN: 9221015998; 922101598X (pbk) : 20.00F. Geneva: International Labour Office.

Sun, Li (2018), Rural urban migration and policy intervention in China : migrant workers' coping strategies ISBN: 9811080925 hardcover; 9789811080920 hardcover. Palgrave Macmillan

Biao, Xiang (2007). How far are the left‐behind left behind? A preliminary study in rural China. Population, space and place. ISSN: 1544-8444; 1544-8452 (Electronic), 13(3) : 179-191.


Lecture 16 (for tutorial 8) Modernity and Development

Core readings:

Sen, A (1999). Development as Freedom. N.Y.: Anchor

Acemoglu, D., & Robinson, J. (2012). Why nations fail: The origins of power, prosperity, and poverty. Crown Business.

Landes, D. S. (2015). The wealth and poverty of nations : why some are so rich and some so poor ISBN: 0349111669 (pbk). Hachette UK.

Collier, P. (2008). The bottom billion: Why the poorest countries are failing and what can be done about it. Oxford University Press, USA.

Rostow, W. W. (1990). The stages of economic growth: A non-communist manifesto. Cambridge University Press.

Lecture 17 (for tutorial 8): Global Inequality: Going Up or Down?

Core reading:

Wade, R. (2016). ‘Great Escapes and Great Divergences: Growth, Poverty and Income Inequality on a Global Scale’. In Brady, D. and Burton, L. (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of the Social Sciences of Poverty. Available at:

World Bank. (2016). Poverty and Shared Prosperity: Taking on Inequality. Washington, DC: World Bank, Available at: (pp. 69-88)

Lecture 18 (for tutorial 8): Global Inequality, Power and Inclusive Economic Development

Core reading:

Hickel, J. (2017). Is global inequality getting better or worse? A critique of the World Bank’s convergence narrative. Third world quarterly. ISSN: 0143-6597, 1-15.


Lecture 19 (for tutorial 9): ‘Labouring through Modern Times’: Precarity and Global Elites

Core readings:

Araujo, P. and Bühlmann, F. (2015) Swiss Banking Elites: between internationalization and national career paths. LIVES Working Paper 2015 / 35. Berne: Swiss National Centres of Competence in Research. Available from:

De Stefano, V. (2015) The Rise of the Just-in-Time Workforce: On-Demand Work, Crowdwork, and Labor Protection in the Gig-Economy. Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal ISSN: 1095-6654, 37, 471.


This tutorial is dedicated to questions about essays. 

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