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Module Reading List

State Crime and Immorality, 2019/20, Semester 2
Dr Simon Prideaux
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

General Text:

· Monaghan, M. and Prideaux, S. (2016) State crime and immorality : the corrupting influence of the powerful, Bristol: Policy Press

Teaching Week 1: Introduction and Welcome to the Module

Other readings for the week and the module as a whole include:


Teaching Week 2: Crimes of the Powerful: Their Nature and Control (Corporate Crime)



Teaching Week 3: Crimes of the Powerful Case Study: The Murdoch Empire -


Teaching Week 4: Organised Crime: Its Nature and Control -


Teaching Week 5: Organised Crime Case Study: Global Drug Trafficking

Teaching Week 6: Health Crimes: Healthcare Staff and Institutions



· Van Stolk, C. and Tesliuc, E. (2010) Toolkit on Tackling Error, Fraud and Corruption in Social Protection Programs. Washington, The World Bank.


Teaching Week 7: Global Health, Global Crimes (Dr Ana Manzano)


Teaching Week 8: State Crime from Above: It’s Nature and Control


Teaching Week 9: State Crime From Above Case Study: Violence in Yorkshire - The Miners Strikes of the 1980s



Teaching Week 10: Political Violence From Below: Its Nature and Control (references to terrorism)


  • Dishman, C. (2005) 'The Leaderless Nexus: When Crime and Terror Converge', Studies in conflict and terrorism., 28 (4) 237-52
  • Grabosky, P. and Stohl, M. (2010) Crime and Terrorism, London: Sage

· Hutchinson, S. and O'Malley, P. (2007) 'A Crime-Terror Nexus? Thinking on Some of the Links Between Terrorism and Criminality', Studies in conflict and terrorism., 30 (12) 1095-1107

Teaching Week 11: Violence in Northern Ireland, Collusion and the Paramilitaries

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