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Module Reading List

Exhibitions, Curatorship and Audiences, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Dr Caroline McCaffrey-Howarth
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Ambrose, T, & Paine, C,Museum Basics(2006)

Arnold, D, The Georgian Country House (1999)

Belk, R,Collecting in a consumer society , (1995)

Brown, P, Pleasures of the table : ritual and display in the European dining room, 1600-1900 : an exhibition at Fairfax House, York, 1st September to 20th November 1997 (1997)

Brown, P, Fairfax House, York : an illustrated history and a guide (1987)

Brown, P, The Noel Terry collection of furniture and clocks. (1987)

Brown, P, In praise of hot liquors : the study of chocolate, coffee and tea-drinking 1600 - 1850 : an exhibition at Fairfax House, York 1st September to 20th November 1994 (1987)

Carbonell, B, (ed.),Museum Studies: An Anthology of Contexts, (2004)

Cross, S,Museum ethics : theory and practice , (1997).

Edwards, C, Eighteenth-century furniture (1996)

Elsner, J, & Cardinal, R, The cultures of collecting (1994)

Fahy, A, (ed) Collections management , (1995)

Gilbert, C, The life and work of Thomas Chippendale (1978)

Gilbert, C, Furniture at Temple Newsam House and Lotherton Hall : a catalogue of the Leeds collection (3 vols) (from 1978)

Gilbert, C, & Wells Cole, A, The fashionable fire place, 1660-1840 (1985)

Girouard, M, Life in the English country house : a social and architectural history (1978)

Holm, S, Facts & artefacts : how to document a museum collection , Museum Documentation Association, Cambridge (1991)

Hooper Greenhill, E, Museums and the shaping of knowledge (1993)

Hudson, K, A social history of museums : what the visitors thought (1974)

Karp, I, & Levine, Exhibiting cultures : the poetics and politics of museum display (1991)

Kavanagh, G, Museum provision and professionalism (1994)

Keene, S, Digital collections : museums and the information age , (1998)

Keene, S, Managing conservation in museums , (2002)

Keene, S, Fragments of the world : uses of museum collections , (2005)

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Knell, S, (ed.), Museums and the Future of Collecting , (1999)

Leeds City Art Gallery Country house lighting 1660-1890. (1992)

Lewis, G, ‘Collections, collectors and museums: a brief worlds survey’, in Thompson, J (ed) Manual of curatorship : a guide to museum practice , (1984) Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

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Lowenthal, D, The past is a foreign country (1985)

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NMDC,Too Much Stuff , NMDC, (2006) Available online:

Pearce, S, (ed) Interpreting objects and collections (1994)

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Wells Cole, A, Historic paper hangings from Temple Newsam and other English houses (1983)

Wilkinson, H, Collections for the future : report of a Museums Association inquiry , MA (2005)

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