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Module Reading List

Healthcare Practice for Assistant Practitioners 1, 2019/20
Mandy Driffield
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Recommended reading


This list is not exhaustive and not all books will be applicable to all students. Please contact your personal tutor for recommended reading for your specialist area.


The first 2 books cover similar topics therefore either book would be helpful.


The Royal Marsden Hospital manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures . 2015 Dougherty, L.S, Lister Eds. Wiley Blackwell.


Foundations of nursing practice : themes, concepts and frameworks. . 2011. Hogston, R. B, Marjoram. Eds. Palgrave Macmillan.


Bannister M A.2011 A pre-reader for the foundation degree in health and social care practice . M&K Publishing. Cumbria


Boud,D. R Keogh and D,Walker. Eds. 2005. Reflection : turning experience into learning . RoutledgeFalmer. London .


Grainger A. 2009. Essential practice for healthcare assistants . Quay Books. London.


Hegner. B, R. B, Acello. E, Caldwell. 2010. 10th ed. Nursing assistant : a nursing process approach . Delmar Learning. New York .


Ingram P and Lavery I. 2009. Clinical skills for healthcare assistants Wiley-Blackwell. Oxford.


Mason-Whitehead, E. T, Mason. 2008. Study skills for nurses .Sage. London.


Pratt P. 2006. Fundamental aspects of caring for the acutely ill adult . Quay Books. London.


Pulliam, J. 2002. 3rd ed. The nursing assistant : acute, subacute, and long-term care . Prentice Hall Health. New Jersey.


Rawles Z. 2014. Essential knowledge and skills for healthcare assistants . CRC Press. Florida.


Taylor, J.D. 2003. Study skills in health care . Nelson Thornes. Cheltenham.


This list was last updated on 10/1/19

This list was last updated on 14/01/2019