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Module Reading List

Physics and Mechanics for Interdisciplinary Sciences (1), 2019/20, Semester 1
Ellen Avery
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Recommended course texts:

Advanced physics for you , Johnson K et al. Any Edition

This book contains all of the core physics topics and is very good for those lacking in confidence. It has clear explanations, diagrams and worked examples, and lots of practice questions (some of which we will be using in workshops). It also has very useful chapters on key mathematical techniques and study skills towards the end of this book. However it does not cover topics in as much depth as other texts and does not go into as many modern day applications of physics.

Advanced physics Adams, S. and Allday, J.,  Oxford University Press (any edition)

This book covers all of the core physics topics, as well as the standard A level physics options. The SFY Physics course roughly follows this book, with each lecture covering approximately 2 double page spreads. It contains rigorous mathematical explanations of physics phenomena with lots of colourful photographs illustrating real life applications, as well as many A level style questions. It also has an excellent chapter on mathematical techniques at the end. However, this book can be a bit daunting to those who are new to physics.

In the past students have ended up using both texts – they found ‘Advanced Physics for You’ very beneficial at the start of the course, but started using ‘ Advanced Physics ’ more and more as their confidence grew. Advanced Physics is an expensive text, but covers topics in enough depth to be of use to 1st year undergraduate physics or engineering students.

Calculations for A-level physics 4th Ed.,  Lowe T.L. and Rounce J.F., Nelson Thornes

This book is an excellent source of practice questions, which students have found very beneficial. 

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