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Module Reading List

Issues and Ethics in Professional Practice, 2019/20, Semester 1
Anita Collins
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Reading List: Issues and Ethics in Professional Practice LLLC 3970

Due to the participative nature of this module there are no essential readings which are required to succeed. The following indicative list is comprised of resources which will be relevant and helpful. Additional resources including multimedia will be provided via the Minerva module area.


Core readings - these will be useful for everyone

Carnie, F. 2003. Alternative approaches to education: a guide for parents and teachers ISBN: 0415248175 (pbk). London: Routledge (Chapter 4)   

Cole, M. (ed.) 2006. Education, equality and human rights: issues of gender, 'race', sexuality, disability and social class. London: Routledge.  

Ehrich, L., Kimber, M., Millwater, J. and Cranston, N. 2011. Ethical dilemmas: a model to understand teacher practice. Teachers and Teaching: theory and
practice. 17(2), pp.173-185. 

Ghaye, T. 2011 (2nd ed.). Teaching and learning through reflective practice : a practical guide for positive action Abingdon: Routledge (Chapters 2 & 5)   

Knight, S. 2011. Risk and adventure in early years outdoor play: learning from forest schools. London: Sage  

Reay, D. What would a socially just education system look like? Saving the minnows from the pikeJournal of education policy27 (5), pp. 587-599    

Singer, P. (ed.) 1993. A Companion to Ethics. Oxford: Blackwell (Part IV)  


Optional readings - how useful these will be depends on your choices on which questions to focus on within your assignment

Applebaum, B. 2010. Being White, Being Good ISBN: 9780739144923 (pbk); 9780739144916 (hbk); 9780739144930 (ebo9ok). New York: Lexington Books

Bassot, B. 2013. The reflective journal. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Bhopal, K. 2018. White privilege: the myth of a post-racial society. ISBN: 9781447335979; 144733597X. Bristol: Policy Press

Bohme, G. 2001. Ethics in context: the art of dealing with serious questions. Cambridge: Polity Press

Bond, T. 2000. Standards and ethics for counselling in action. London: Kogan Page

Cahn, S. 2012. Classic and Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Education. Oxford: OUP.

Campbell-Whatley, G. D. and Comer, J. 2000. Self-Concept and African-American Student Achievement: Related Issues of Ethics, Power and Privilege. Teacher Education and Special Education23(1), pp. 19–31

Cohen, R. 2002. The good, the bad and the difference : how to tell right from wrong in everyday situations. London: Atlantic Books.

Delorenzi, S. (ed.). 2006. Going places: neighbourhood, ethnicity and social mobility. London: IPPR (Chapter by Lupton: How does place affect education? )  

Dorling, D. 2015. Injustice: why social inequality persists. Bristol: Policy Press

Freire, P. 1972. Pedagogy of the oppressed. London: Penguin

Halberstam, J. 1993. Everyday ethics: inspired solutions to real-life dilemmas. Middlesex: Penguin

Haydon, G. 1993. Education and the crisis in values: should we be philosophical about it? London: Tufnell Press

Haydon, G. 1997. Teaching about values: a new approach. London: Cassell

Jarvis, P. 1997. Ethics and education for adults in a late modern society. Leicester: NIACE

Jones, O. 2011. Chavs: the demonization of the working class. London: Verso

King, G. 1999. Counselling skills for teachers: talking matters. Buckingham: Open University Press

Knight, S. 2011. Forest school for all. London: Sage

Knowles, G. & Lander, V. 2012. Thinking through ethics and values in primary education. London: Learning Mattters

Lynch, K. & Lodge, A. 2002. Equality and power in schools: redistribution, recognition and representation. London: Routledge/Falmer

Lawton, D., Cairns, J. & Gardner, R. (eds.). 2000. Education for values: morals, ethics and citizenship in contemporary teaching. London: Kogan Page

Robinson, D. and Garratt, C. 1999. Introducing ethics. Cambridge: Icon Books

Sahlberg, P. 2011. Finnish lessons ISBN: 9780807755853 (pbk. : alk. paper); 9780807773291 (ebook : alk. paper): what can the world learn from educational change in Finland?. New York: Teachers College Press

Shukla, N. 2016. The good immigrant ISBN: 9781783523955 (pbk.); 9781783522958 (trade hardback); 9781783522941 (limited edition); 9781783522965 (ebook). Unbound: London.

Strike, K. & Ternasky, P. L. (eds.). 1993. Ethics for professionals in education: perspectives for preparation and practice. London: Teachers College Press

Walters, S. 2012. Ethnicity, race and education: an introduction. London: Continuum 

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