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Module Reading List

Skills for Microbiology in Relation to Medicine, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Dr Christopher Randall
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Two books are recommended as general support for this module. You should find that both texts will be of wider use too:

CatchUp compendium. 3rd edition by Philip Bradley, Mitch Fry and Michael Harris (Scion Publishing, Paperback, September 2013, ISBN 9781907904134).

This book aims to provide an overview of some of the important concepts that will help a student to understand and gain maximum benefit from the microbiology programme at Leeds. It is a compendium of the three books in the ‘CatchUp’ series previously published as separate volumes: 'Biology', 'Chemistry' and 'Maths & Stats'. It provides 600 pages of background material that would be valuable for any student embarking on an intercalated degree in the Faculty of Biological Sciences.

Studying science : a guide to undergraduate success 2nd Edition by Pauline Millican and John Heritage (Scion Publishing, Paperback, May 2014, ISBN 9781907904509).

The user-friendly format, written by staff in the Faculty of Biological Sciences, includes advice to students about how to learn, how to make the most of teaching, how to present work, how to revise and pass exams, how to use computers effectively, and more. This handbook provides useful insights into the learning process, covering topics such as time management, improving your memory, writing essays and critical analytical thinking.

We also recommend two textbooks that provide a general introduction to microbiology, and a source of background information on the practical classes:

Brock Biology of Microorganisms, 14th Edition by Michael Madigan, John Martinko, Kelly Bender, Daniel Buckley and David Stahl (Pearson, Paperback, May 2014, ISBN 9781292018317). This is an authoritative text for introductory microbiology and is highly recommended for this and other modules on your intercalated degree.   

Microbiology: A Laboratory Manual 11th Edition by James Cappuccino and Chad Welsh (Pearson, Paperback, May 2017, ISBN 9781292175782). Although we provide you with online resources and a comprehensive discussion of the theory behind each practical class, you may find this text useful as an additional source of information on practical microbiology.    

This list was last updated on 03/08/2017