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TRAN5260 Module Reading List

Transport and Public Health, 2019/20, Semester 2
Samantha Jamson
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Week 15 Accidents Safety and Deprivation

Roberts, I. & Power, C. (1996). Does the decline in child injury death rates vary by social class? British medical journal. ISSN: 0959-8138; 1468-5833; 0959-8146; 0959-8154; 0959-535X; 1756-1833; 313:784–6.

Evans, G. W., & Wener, R. E. (2006). Rail commuting duration and passenger stress. Health psychology. ISSN: 0278-6133, 25, 408-412.

Deprivation and Road Safety in London: A report to the London Road Safety Unit.

A poor way to die: social deprivation and road traffic fatalities:

Bhatiaa, R. & Wierb, M. (2011). “Safety in Numbers” re-examined: Can we make valid or practical inferences from available evidence? Accident analysis and prevention. ISSN: 0001-4575 43 235–240

Jacobsen, P.L. (2003). Safety in numbers: more walkers and bicyclists, safer walking and bicycling. Injury prevention. ISSN: 1353-8047; 9:205–209

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Week 15 Active Travel and Inequality

Götschi, Gerrard, Giles-Corti (2016) Cycling as part of Daily life: A review of Health Perspectives. Transport reviews. ISSN: 0144-1647, 36 (1), 45-71.

Scheepers, Wendel-Vos,den Broeder, van Kempen, van Wesemael, Schuit (2014) Shifting from car to active transport: A systematic review of the effectiveness of interventions. Transportation research. Part A, Policy and practice. ISSN: 0965-8564, 70, 264-280.

McCormack & Shiell (2011) In search of causality: a systematic review of the relationship between the built environment and physical activity among adults. The international journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity [electronic resource]. ISSN: 1479-5868, 8, 125.

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Week 17 Designing transport systems for all

Mackett, R. L. and Thoreau, R. (2015) Transport, social exclusion and health, Journal of Transport & Health 2, Volume 2, Issue 4, pp. 610-617

Musselwhite, C. (2014) Environment–person interactions enabling walking in later life, Transportation Planning and Technology, 38:1, pp. 44-61, DOI: 10.1080/03081060.2014.976983

House of Commons, Women and Equalities Committee. Building for Equality: Disability and the Built Environment, Ninth Report of Session 2016–17, Published on 25 April 2017 by authority of the House of Commons.:

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Week 19 Health Impact assessment

Kemm J. (2008) Health impact assessment: an aid to political decision-making. Scand J Public Health. 2008 Nov;36(8):785-8. doi: 10.1177/1403494808098042.

Ratner PA, Green LW, Frankish CJ, Chomik T, Larsen C. J (1997). Setting the stage for health impact assessment. Journal of public health policy. ISSN: 0197-5897. 1997;18(1):67-79.

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Week 20 Accessibility and health

Coronini-Cronberg S, Millett C, Laverty AA, Webb E. The Impact of Free Older Persons’ Bus Pass on Active Travel and Regular Walking in England. American Journal of Public Health. ISSN: 0090-0036; 1541-0048. Published online September 20 2012

Mitchell, R Popham F (2008) Effect of exposure to natural environment on health inequalities: an observational population study. Lancet. ISSN: 0140-6736; 1474-547X , Volume 372 , Issue 9650 , 1655 - 1660

Alcock. I, White. M, Wheeler.B, Fleming.L, and Depledg, M (2014) Longitudinal Effects on Mental Health of Moving to Greener and Less Green Urban Areas. Environ. Sci. Technol., 2014, 48 (2), pp 1247–1255:

Waddell and Burton (2006) Is work good for your health and well-being?

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Week 22 Fitness to drive

Hatakka, M., Keskinen, E., Gregersen, N. P., Glad, A., & Hernetkoski, K. (2002). From control of the vehicle to personal self-control; broadening the perspectives to driver education. Transportation Research Part F, 5 (3), 201-215:


Vakulin, A., Baulk, S.D., Catcheside, P.G., Anderson, R., van den Heuvel, C.J., Banks, S., & McEvoy, R.D. (2007). Effects of moderate sleep deprivation and low-dose of alcohol on driving simulator performance and perception in young men. Sleep. ISSN: 0161-8105; 1550-9109 30(10):1327-1333.

North report on drink driving:

Allsop (2015). Saving lives by lowering legal drink-drive limit

Beirness, D. J., Clayton, A. B. and Vanlaar, W. (2008). An investigation of the usefulness, the acceptability and impact on lifestyle of alcohol ignition interlocks in drink-driving offenders. Road Safety Research Report No. 88. Department for Transport, London:

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Week 23 Local Air pollution

Brunt, H., Barnes, J., Longhurst, J., Scally, G. and Hayes, E. T. (2016) Local Air Quality Management policy and practice in the UK: The case for greater public health integration and engagement. Environmental science and policy. ISSN: 1462-9011, 58. pp. 52-60. ISSN 1462-9011

Khreis H; Kelly C; Tate J; Parslow R; Lucas K; Nieuwenhuijsen M (2017) Exposure to traffic-related air pollution and risk of development of childhood asthma: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Environment international. ISSN: 0160-4120, 100, pp.1-31. doi: 10.1016/j.envint.2016.11.012

Hitchcock et al. (2013) Road Transport and Air Quality: Impacts and Solutions. A report to the RAC Foundations from Ricardo AEA.

IEA (2016) Energy and Air Pollution. World Energy Outlook Special Report.

Longhurst, J.W.S. Barnes, J.H. Chatterton, T.J. Hayes E.T. & Williams W.B. (2016) Progress with air quality management In the 60 years since the UK Clean Air Act, 1956. Lessons, failures, challenges and opportunities. Int. J. Sus. Dev. Plann. Vol. 11, No. 4 (2016) 491–499

Rohde RA, Muller RA (2015) Air Pollution in China: Mapping of Concentrations and Sources. PLoS ONE 10(8): e0135749:

Williams, B. (2016) Sixty years since the 1956 Clean Air Act: Are we really doing enough to reduce air pollution? The International Network of Environmental Forensics Bulletin, 1. Available from:

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Week 24 Behavioural aspects of fuel efficiency

Atiyeh Vaezipour, Andry Rakotonirainy, Narelle Haworth (2015). Reviewing in-vehicle systems to improve fuel efficiency and road safety. Procedia Manufacturing 3 ( 2015 ) 3192 – 3199. 6th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2015):

David W. Wyatt, Hu Li James E. Tate. (2014). The impact of road grade on carbon dioxide (CO2) emission of a passenger vehicle in real-world driving. Transportation Research Part D 32  160–170.

Jinhyun Hong, Anne Goodchild (2014). Land use policies and transport emissions: Modeling the impact of trip speed, vehicle characteristics and residential location. Transportation Research Part D 26 47–51:

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