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Module Reading List for Research Perspectives

Research Perspectives (Cultural Industries), 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Alice Borchi
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core texts

Creswell, John W. (2014), Research Design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. London, Sage OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (SRJ 11/08/2017)   

Denscombe, Martyn (2014), The good research guide: for small-scale social research projects. 4th edition. Open University Press.    

Paquette, Jonathan, and Eleonora Redaelli (2015), Arts management and cultural policy research ISBN: 9781137460912 (hardback) : £60.00; 9781137460929 (PDF ebook) : £60.00. London: Palgrave.    

Saunders, Lewis, Thornhill (2015) Research Methods for Business Students Harlow, Pearsons    

Seale, Clive, ed. (2012) Researching Society and Culture. London: Sage. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva   

Veal A J (2011) Research Methods for Leisure and Tourism, Harlow: Pearsons Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva    

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Supplementary texts that may be helpful (books)

Alasuutari, P. 1995. Researching culture : qualitative method and cultural studies ISBN: 0803978316 (pbk); 0803978308, London, Sage.

Allison, Brian, et al (1996) Research skills for students ISBN: 0749418753 (pbk), London: Kogan Page.

Atkinson, P. et al, 2001. ed. Handbook of Ethnography. London, Thousand Oaks,

Blaxter Loraine, et al (2010) How to research (4th Ed), Maidenhead: Open University Press.

Clough, Peter et al (2002) A student's guide to methodology: justifying enquiry, London: Sage.

Freeman, John, ed. (2010) Blood, sweat & theory ISBN: 9781907471049, England, Libri Publishing

Gray, A (2003) Research practice for cultural studies : ethnographic methods and lived cultures ISBN: 076195175x (pbk); 0761951741, London: Sage

Hammond, Michael (2013) Research methods : the key concepts ISBN: 9780415599832 (pbk.) : £16.99; 9780415599825 (hbk.) : £65.00; 0415599822 (hbk.) : £65.00; 0415599830 (pbk.) : £16.99, London: Routledge

John, P (2012). Analyzing public policy ISBN: 9780415476270 (pbk.) : £21.99; 9780415476263 (cased) : £75.00; 0415476267 (cased) : £75.00; 0415476275 (pbk.) : £21.99; 9780203136218 (e-book), London, Continuum International Publishing Group.

Law, John (2004) After method : mess in social science research ISBN: 0415341752 (softcover); 0415341744: Oxon Routledge.

Miller, Robert and Brewer, John (2003) The A-Z of social research : a dictionary of key social science research concepts ISBN: 9780761971337 (pbk); 9780761971320, London: Sage.

Nelson, Robin (2013) Practice as research in the arts : principles, protocols, pedagogies, resistances ISBN: 9781137282903; 1137282908; 1137282894; 9781137282897, Palgrave

O'Reilly, K. (2009) Key concepts in ethnography, Los Angeles ; London : SAGE

Silverman, D. (2006). Interpreting qualitative data, London, Sage.

Wisker, Gina (2001) The postgraduate research handbook: succeed with your MA, MPhil, EdD and PhD, Basingstoke: Palgrave. (Especially chapter 18)

Yin, R. K. 2009. Case Study Research, Design and Methods, London, Sage.

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