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LAW3371 Module Reading List

Commercial Law: Commercial and Consumer Sales, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Dr Sarah Brown
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

LAW3371: Commercial Law: Commercial and Consumer Sales

Reading List 2017-18

You will receive guided reading for each lecture and seminar, which will include book chapters, journal articles and cases.

We recommend any of the following texts for the Commercial Sale of Goods element of this module

M.G Bridge Sale of Goods (3rd edition)  

( available electronically through the library)

M.G.Bridge The international sale of goods: law and practice (3rd edition) Part I  

(available electronically through the library)

Goode on commercial law. ISBN: 9780141980522 (pbk.) : £60.00 (5th edition) (Penguin 2017)

Atiyah's sale of goods... JNAdams, H Macqueen (13th ed) (Pearson Longman 2016)

Commercial law : text, cases and materials Sealy, L.S., Hooley, R.J.A., (5th Edition OUP 2017)

You will also need a statute book- we would suggest:

Blackstones Statutes on Commercial and Consumer Law 2018-19(OUP)   

Additonal useful reading:

D Sheehan The principles of personal property law (Oxford : Hart, 2011)

Chs 1 and 2  

For policy and basic principles:

Commercial law : principles and policy Ryder, N., Griffiths, M., and Singh L. (CUP 2012)

This would also be useful, but not essential, as additional reading, although in some respects a little out of date:-

Commercial law I Brown (London : Butterworths 7 th Ed., 2001)

For Consumer Law- there are no up to date text books. Guided reading will be on the lecture and seminar handouts

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