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Module Reading List

Geological Investigation and Characterisation, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Dr Mark Thomas
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Essential Reading

BS 5930:2015 Code of practice for site investigations (2015) 

This current UK code of practice deals with the investigation of sites for the pruposes of assessing their suitability for the construction of civil engineering and building works and of acquiring knowledge of the characteristics of a site that effect design, construction and also the security of neighbouring land. It was last updated in July 2015. This reference and its directions to references and standards contained within it will be essential in covering many of the practical aspects covered as part of the course.

Clayton, C.R.I. Site Investigation - Blackwell Science (1995)

A very useful book, if now a little outdated, that directly deals with many of the aspects covered as part of this course. 

Fletcher, C.J.N. Geology for ground engineering projects - CRC Press (2016) 

This is a very interesting book in that it serves a dual purpose. For those relatively new to geology it provides an effective ground up understanding of the types, formation and properties of rocks and soils, but in addition, it goes on to discuss how these relate to the planning, design and mitigation of risks of ground engineering problems. This will be useful to anybody wanting to peruse a career as an engineering geologist, in particular it is a useful text in identifying the purpose and importance of a geological model.

Fookes, P.G., Pettifer, G., and Waltham, A.C. Geomodels in engineering geology : an introduction  - Whittles (2015) 

A good introduction to the concept of geological models, but be realistic when looking at this book when thinking about your own work, most of the hard drawn 3D block diagrams are not achievable by any other than the most skilled artist! 

Head K. H. Manual of soil laboratory testing - Whittles (2006) . 

This set of three volumes is a vital working manual which covers the basic tests for the classification and compaction characteristics of engineering soils. It will therefore be an essential practical handbook for all engaged on the testing of soils in a laboratory for building and civil engineering purposes and will be very useful in completing the lab work as part of this module.

Hencher, S. Practical engineering geology – Spon Press (2012) 

A good resource for the more technical side of engineering geology, detailing how projects are managed, designed and constructed, with many case studies that are useful guides in how to go about designing a site investigation and what to look for.

Sharma, P.V. Environmental and engineering geophysics - Cambridge University Press (1997)

An excellent resource for the description of geophysical methods that may be employed in many ground engineering projects. The text takes each method and looks at the theory, data acquisition and interpretation.

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Recommending Reading

Bell, F.G. Engineering Properties of Soils and Rocks - Butterworths (1983)

The most recent volume of this book is the 4th edition, but all are equally suited, the Library, to date, holds the 2nd edition. This a useful text that details the common properties of various soils and rocks, as well as the associated problems of engineering projects taking place within or on them.

Dearman, W.R. Engineering geological mapping - Butterworths-Heinemann (1991)

An excellent text that describes in detail the process behind creating maps suitable for use within the field of Engineering Geology. 

Waltham, A.C. Foundations of Engineering geology - Blackie 1994 (1st Edition) ; Spon Press, 2002 (2nd Edition), Spon Press, 2009 (3rd Edition)

A general, easy to understand text that describes the main topics of engineering geology, any edition is suitable

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Of Further Interest

Hearn, G.J. Slope Engineering for Mountain roads - Geological Society Engineering geology special publications [electronic resource] 24 (2011)

While not recommended as a general textbook for this module or course, this book is ideal as a guide in the study of landslide mechanisms, site investigation, and maintenance design and construction. Geographically, this book is slanted towards tropical mountainous regions with steep-sided slopes which makes it a very useful read in preparedness for the Cyprus field trip where one of the first exercises you will undertake relates to the design of a new mountain road.

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