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Module Reading List

Educational Policy and Politics, 2019/20, Semester 2
Dr Lucy Taylor
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core texts

Forrester G and Garratt D, (2016) Education Policy Unravelled, (second edition), Bloomsbury.  

Abbott I., Rathbone M. and Whitehead P., (2013) Education Policy ISBN: 9780857025777 (pbk.); 9780857025760 (hbk.); 0857025767 (hbk.); 0857025775 (pbk.), Sage  

Reading for lecture 1: Chapter 1 Introduction in Forrester G and Garratt D, (2016) Education Policy Unravelled(second edition), Bloomsbury   Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Reading for lecture 2: Basford J and Bath C. (2014) Playing the assessment game: an English early childhood education perspective. Early Years ISSN: 0957-5146; 1472-4421 34: 119-132.    

Faulkner D and Coates EA. (2013) Early childhood policy and practice in England: twenty years of change. International journal of early years education. ISSN: 0966-9760 21: 244-263.    

Reading for lecture 3: Webster R. (2015) The classroom experiences of pupils with special educational needs in mainstream primary schools—1976 to 2012. What do data from systematic observation studies reveal about pupils’ educational experiences over time? British educational research journal. ISSN: 0141-1926 41: 992-1009.    

Reading for lecture 4: Campbell, J., (2001) The Colonisation of the Primary Curriculum in Phillips R and Furlong J. (2001) Education, reform, and the state : twenty-five years of politics, policy, and practice ISBN: 0415237645 (pbk.), London: Routledge Falmer.    

Other useful texts

Ainscow, M. (2016) Struggles for equity in education : the selected works of Mel Ainscow ISBN: 9781138918863 (hbk); 9781138100077 (pbk); 9781315688213 (ebook), Abingdon, Routledge.

Alexander R. J. ed. (2009) Children, their world, their education : final report and recommendations of the Cambridge Primary Review ISBN: 9780415548717 (pbk.) : No price; 0415548713 (pbk.) : No price, Abingdon, Routledge.

Alexander R. J. (1995) Versions of primary education ISBN: 0415128382, The Open University, Routledge

Armstrong, A.C., Armstrong, D. and Spandogou, I. (2009) Inclusive Education: International Policy and Practice, London, Sage.

Ball S. J., (1990) Politics and Policy Making in Education ISBN: 0415009316 (pbk) : £9.99; 0415035074 (cased), Routledge

Bartlett S. and Burton D., (2016) Introduction to Education Studies, Sage.

Boyd, D. and Hirst, N. eds (2015) Understanding early years education across the UK : comparing practice in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales ISBN: 9781138022720 (pbk.); 9781138022713 (hardback); 1138022713 (hardback); 1138022721 (pbk.); 9781315776897 (ebk); 1315776898 (ebk), London, Routledge.

Chitty C., (2004) Education Policy in Britain, Palgrave

Clark, M and Walker, T. eds (2007) Early Childhood Education and Care: Policy and Practice, London, Sage.

Cunningham, P. (2012) Politics and the Primary Teacher ISBN: 9780415549592 (paperback); 9780415549585 (hardback); 0415549582 (hardback); 0415549590 (paperback); 9780203135891 (e-book); 020313589X (e-book), London, Routledge

Curtis W., Ward S., Sharp J., and Hankin L., (2014, 3rd ednEducation Studies: An Issue Based Approach, Sage

Gearon, L, (2002) Education in the United Kingdom ISBN: 1853467154 (pbk.),Fulton

Hodkinson, A. (2015) Key Issues in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion, London, Sage

Matheson, D. ed (2015) An introduction to the study of education, Fulton

Smith, E (2012) Key issues in education and social justice ISBN: 9781849208116 (pbk.) : £19.99; 9781849208109 (hbk.) : £60.00; 1849208107 (hbk.) : £60.00; 1849208115 (pbk.) : £19.99, London, Sage.

Temple, P. ed (2012) Universities in the knowledge economy : higher education organisation and global change ISBN: 9780415884662 (hbk.) : £100.00; 0415884667 (hbk.) : £100.00; 9780203142899 (e-book) : No price; 0203142896 (e-book) : No price, London, Routledge.

Ward S. and Eden C., (2009) Key issues in education policy ISBN: 9781847874665 (pbk.) : £19.99; 9781847874658 (hbk.) : £60.00; 1847874657 (hbk.) : £60.00; 1847874665 (pbk.) : £19.99 Sage

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