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Reading list

Children and Education: historical and contemporary perspectives, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Anne Luke
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core texts for general reading:

Blundell, D. (2012) Education and constructions of childhood : contemporary issues in education studies ISBN: 9781847060259 £22.99 (pbk.); 9781441178848 £70.00 (hbk.); 1441178848 £70.00 (hbk.); 1847060250 £22.99 (pbk.). Continuum.

Cunningham, H. (2006) The Invention of ChildhoodLondon: BBC books. 

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Pre-reading - session 1 - Can education change society?

Simon, B. (2005[1985]) "Can Education change society?" in McCulloch, G. (ed) The Routledge-Falmer Reader in History of EducationLondon: Routledge. pp139-150. OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (afp 18/10/2019)   

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Pre-reading - session 2 - The Emergence of the School

Miller, P. & Davey, I. (1990) "Family Formation, Schooling and the Patriarchal State" in Theobald, M. & Selleck, R. (eds) Family, School and State in Australian History, Sydney: Allen & Unwin, pp1-24 OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (afp 18/10/2019)      

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Pre-reading - session 4 - The Emergence of the Teacher

Albisetti, J. (1993). The feminization of teaching in the nineteenth century: a comparative perspective. History of Education22(3), 253–263.   OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (afp 12/11/2019) 

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Pre-reading - session 6 - Colonialism and Education

Balagopalan, S. (2002). Constructing Indigenous Childhoods: Colonialism, Vocational Education and the Working Child. Childhood9(1), 19–34.    OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (afp 12/11/2019) 

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Pre-reading - session 7 - Children's Voice and Education

Reay, D. (2001). Finding or losing yourself?: working-class relationships to education. Journal of Education Policy16(4), 333–346.    OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (afp 12/11/2019) 

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General Reading

Ariès, P., 1914-1984. (1962). Centuries of childhood : a social history of family life ISBN: 0394702867. New York: Vintage Books.

Aasgaard, R., Bunge, M.& Roos, M. (2017). Nordic childhoods 1700–1960: From folk beliefs to Pippi Longstocking. Milton: Routledge Ltd

Balagopalan, S. (2014) Inhabiting 'childhood' [electronic resource] : children, labour and schooling in postcolonial India ISBN: 9781137316790 (e-book) :; 9780230296428 (hbk.). Palgrave Macmillan.

Ball, S. (2007). Education policy and social class : the selected works of Stephen J. Ball . London: Routledge.

Cannella, G. S. (2004). Childhood and postcolonization : power, education, and contemporary practice ISBN: 0415933471 (pbk. ; alk. paper); 9780415933476 (pbk. ; alk. paper); 0415933463 (alk. paper); 9780415933469 (alk. paper). Routledge.

Caroli, D. (2016). Day nurseries & childcare in Europe, 1800–1939 (1st 2016 ed.). London: Palgrave. doi:10.1057/978-1-137-59227-9

Fass, P. S. (2004). Encyclopedia of children and childhood : in history and society ISBN: 0028657144 (set); 0028657152 (v.1); 0028657160 (v.2); 0028657179 (v.3). New York: Macmillan Reference/Thomson Gale.

Fass, P. S. (2013). The Routledge history of childhood in the western world [electronic resource] ISBN: 9780203075715 (e-book : PDF). New York;London;: Routledge.

Green, A. (2013) Education and State Formation. 2nd Edition. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Goodman, J. & Martin, J. (2002). Gender, colonialism and education [electronic resource] : the politics of experience ISBN: 0203760913; 9780203760918. London: Woburn.

Hecht, T., 1964. (2002). Minor omissions : children in Latin American history and society ISBN: 9780299180348 (pbk. : alk. paper); 0299180301 (cloth : alk. paper); 9780299180300 (cloth : alk. paper); 0299180344 (pbk. : alk. paper). Madison: University of Wisconsin Press.

Heywood, C. (2018). Childhood in Modern Europe Cambridge University Press.

Lowe, R. (2000). History of education : major themes ISBN: 0415140463. London: Routledge

Luke, A. (2018) Youth and the Cuban revolution : youth culture and politics in 1960s Cuba ISBN: 9781498532068 (cloth : alk. paper)Lanham: Lexington.

deMause, L. (1991). The history of childhood: The untold story of child abuse. London: Bellew.

McCulloch, G. (2011) The struggle for the history of educationLondon: Routledge

McCulloch, G. (2005). The RoutledgeFalmer reader in history of education ISBN: 0415345707 (pbk.); 0415345693. London: Routledge.

Mnguni, M. H. (1999). Education as a social institution and ideological process: From the negritude education in Senegal to bantu education in South Africa. Münster: Waxmann.

Popkewitz, T. S., Franklin, B. M., & Pereyra, M. A. (2001). Cultural history and education: Critical essays on knowledge and schooling. London;New York;: RoutledgeFalmer.

Reay, D. (2017) MiseducationBristol: Policy Press.

Ringrose, J. (2013). Postfeminist education?: Girls and the sexual politics of schooling. London: Routledge.

Spence, J., Aiston, S. J., & Meikle, M. M. (2010). Women, education, and agency, 1600-2000 ISBN: 9780415990059 (hardback : alk. paper); 041599005X (hardback : alk. paper); 9780203882610 (ebook); 020388261X (ebook). London: Routledge.

Thompson, J. (2000). Women, class and education. London: Routledge.



Childhood in the Past ISSN: 1758-5716

Journal of the history of childhood and youth. ISSN: 1941-3599; 1939-6724

History of Education. ISSN: 0046-760X

History of education quarterly. ISSN: 0018-2680

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