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Module Reading List

Management Consulting, 2019/20, Semester I04
Jo Cutter
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Compulsory text

O’Mahoney, J. and Markham, C. (2013) Management consultancy. ISBN: 9780199645473 (pbk.) : £42.99. Oxford University Press.  

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Other useful textbooks

Baaij, M. (2013) An introduction to management consultancy ISBN: 9781446256138 (pbk.) : £39.99; 9781446256121 (hbk.) : £120.00; 9781446296837 (PDF ebook) : £39.99. Sage.

Biggs, D. (2010) Management consulting : a guide for students ISBN: 9781408007914 (pbk.); 1408007916 (pbk.). South Western CENGAGE learning.

Kipping, M. and Clark, T. (2012) The Oxford handbook of management consulting [electronic resource] Oxford : Oxford University Press

Wickham and Wickham (2016) Management Consulting: delivering an effective project [Electronic Resource ] Prentice Hall.

Block, P. (2011) Flawless consulting University Associates.

About the sector

Christensen, C. M., Wang, D. and van Bever, D. (2013) Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption. Harvard business review. ISSN: 0017-8012 Oct 2013. 

Sturdy, AJ, Wright, C & Wylie, N (2015) Management as Consultancy: Neo-bureaucracy and the Consultant Manager. Cambridge. Original academic article in Organization: here.

Kubr, M. (2002) Management consulting : a guide to the profession ISBN: 9221095193, 4th edition. International Labour Office 

Toppin, G. and Czerniawska, F. (2005) Business Consulting: A Guide to How it Works and How to Make it Work. [Electronic Resource] Economist books.

O’Shea, J. and Madigan, C. (1997) Dangerous company : the consulting powerhouses and the businesses they save and ruin ISBN: 1857881788 (pbk) : £10.99. Nicholas Brealey 

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 The practice of consulting

Maister, D. (2003) Managing the professional service firm ISBN: 0743231562 : £14.99. Free Press.

Markham, C. (2014) The Top Consultant: Developing Your Skills for Greater Effectiveness. [Electronic Resource] Kogan Page.

Minto, B. (2009) The pyramid principle : logic in writing and thinking ISBN: 9780273710516 (hbk.); 0273710516 (hbk.). Financial Times-Prentice Hall. 

Newis, E. C. (1997) Organizational consulting : a gestalt approach ISBN: 9781135889685 (e-book). The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland Press.

Shaw, P. (2002) Changing conversations in organizations : a complexity approach to change ISBN: 0415249147 (pbk.) : £18.99; 0415249155 (cased) : £55.00 Routledge.

Manville, G., Matthias, O., & Campbell, J. (Eds.). (2017). Management consultancy insights and real consultancy projects ISBN: 9781138090132 (pbk.); 1138090131 (pbk.); 9781472479297 (hardback); 1472479297 (hardback); 9781315593425 (ebook). Routledge.

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For the curious

Sadler, P. (2001) Management consultancy : a handbook for best practice ISBN: 0749436530. Kogan Page.

Maister, D., Green, C. and Galford, R. (2002) The trusted advisor ISBN: 9781118085646 (pbk.) Free Press.

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Online lectures

Henry Stewart talks offer an on-line series of lectures by academics who are involved in the world of management consultancy.

You can see the series at

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