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HIST2080 reading list

Voices of the People: Speech, Language and Oral Culture in Early Modern Europe, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr John Gallagher
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Week 1 and introductory/overview reading

Bourdieu, Pierre, Language and symbolic power ISBN: 074561034x (pbk); 0745600972, ed. John B. Thompson (Cambridge: Polity, 1992).

Emily Cockayne, Hubbub : filth, noise & stench in England 1600-1770 ISBN: 9780300137569 (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2007).

Cohen, Tom, and Lesley Twomey (eds.), Spoken word and social practice : orality in Europe (1400-1700) (Leiden: Brill, 2015).  

Culpeper, Jonathan, and Merja Kytö, Early modern English dialogues : spoken interaction as writing ISBN: 9780521835411 (hbk.); 0521835410 (hbk.) (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010).

Dall’Aglio, Stefano, Brian Richardson, and Massimo Rospocher (eds.), Voices and texts in early modern Italian society ISBN: 9781472485311 (hbk.) : £85.00 (Routledge, 2017).

Degl’Innocenti, Luca, Brian Richardson, and Chiara Sbordoni (eds.), Interactions between orality and writing in early modern Italian culture ISBN: 9781472474902 (hardcover : alk. paper); 9781472474919 (ebook); 9781472474926 (epub) (Routledge, 2016).

Fox, Adam, Oral and literate culture in England, 1500-1700 ISBN: 0198205120 (Oxford: Clarendon, 2000).  

Fox, Adam, and Daniel Woolf (eds.), The spoken word : oral culture in Britain, 1500-1850 ISBN: 0719057477(pbk.) : £16.99; 0719057469 (Manchester & New York: Manchester University Press, 2002).  

Garrioch, David, ‘Sounds of the city: the soundscape of early modern European towns’, Urban history. ISSN: 0963-9268 30 (2003), pp. 5-25.

Horodowich, Elizabeth (ed.), Speech and oral culture in early modern Europe and Beyond, special issue of Journal of Early Modern History 16 (2012).

Horodowich, Elizabeth, ‘Introduction: speech and oral culture in early modern Europe and beyond’, Journal of Early Modern History 16 (2012), pp. 301-313. OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (srj 05/01/2018) 

Horodowich, Elizabeth, ‘Body politics and the tongue in sixteenth-century Venice’, in Julia L. Hairston and Walter Stephens (eds.), The body in early modern Italy, (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010), pp. 195-209.  

Hunt, Arnold, ‘Recovering speech acts’, in Andrew Hadfield, Matthew Dimmock, and Abigail Shinn (eds.), The Ashgate research companion to popular culture in early modern England ISBN: 9781409436843 (hardcover : alk. paper); 1409436845 (hardcover : alk. paper); 9781409436850 (ebook); 1409436853 (ebook); 9781472405784 (epub); 1472405781 (epub) (Farnham: Ashgate, 2014), pp.

McDowell, Paula, The invention of the oral : print commerce and fugitive voices in eighteenth- century Britain ISBN: 9780226456966 (cloth : alk. paper); 9780226457017 (e-book) (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017).

Ong, Walter J., Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word (London & New York: Methuen, 1982).  

Richardson, Brian (ed.), Oral culture in early modern Italy: performance, language, religion. Special issue of The Italianist. ISSN: 0261-4340 34:3 (2014).

Smith, Bruce R., The acoustic world of early modern England : attending to the O-factor ISBN: 0226763765 (cloth : alk. paper); 0226763773 (pbk. : alk. paper) (Chicago: University of Chicago Press).  

Smith, Bruce R., ‘The soundscapes of early modern England’, in Mark M. Smith (ed.), Hearing history : a reader ISBN: 9780820325835 (pbk. : alk. paper); 0820325821 (hbk. : alk. paper); 9780820325828 (hbk. : alk. paper); 082032583X (pbk. : alk. paper) (Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, 2004), pp. 85-96.

Wood, Andy, The memory of the people : custom and popular senses of the past in early modern England ISBN: 9780521896108 (hbk.) : No price; 9780521720670 (pbk.) : No price (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013).

Wright, Laura, ‘Speaking and listening in early modern London’, in A. Cowan and J. Steward (eds.), The city and the senses : urban culture since 1500 ISBN: 0754605140 (alk. paper) (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006), pp. 60-74.

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Week 2. An oral history of the Renaissance/Rhetoric and persuasion.

Barbierato, Federico, ‘Sensory media: the circular links between orality and writing’, in Herman Roodenburg (ed.), A cultural history of the senses in the Renaissance ISBN: 9780857853417 hardback; 0857853414 hardback (London: Bloomsbury, 2016).

Baxandall, Michael, Giotto and the orators : humanist observers of painting in Italy and the discovery of pictorial composition, 1350-1450. ISBN: 0198173873; 0198171781 (Oxford: Clarendon, 1986).

Cox, Virginia, The Renaissance dialogue : literary dialogue in its social and political contexts, Castiglione to Galileo ISBN: 0521405386 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992).

Kraye, Jill (ed.), The Cambridge companion to Renaissance humanism ISBN: 0521436249 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996).

Leonhardt, Jürgen, Latin : story of a world language ISBN: 9780674058071 (hbk.) : £22.95; 9780674726277 (ebook) (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2013), trans. Kenneth Kronenberg.

Mack, Peter, Elizabethan Rhetoric: Theory and Practice (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002)

Mazzio, Carla, The inarticulate Renaissance : language trouble in an age of eloquence ISBN: 9780812241389 (acid-free paper); 081224138X (acid-free paper) (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008).  

Ong, Walter, Ramus : method, and the decay of dialogue : from the art of discourse to the art of reason (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1958).

Richards, Jennifer, and Richard Wistreich, ‘The anatomy of the Renaissance voice’, in Anne Whitehead and Angela Woods (eds.), The Edinburgh companion to the critical medical humanities ISBN: 9781474400046 hardback (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2016).

Richards, Jennifer, Rhetoric and courtliness in early modern literature ISBN: 0521824702 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003)

Shrank, Cathy, ‘All talk and no action? Early modern political dialogue’, in Andrew Hadfield (ed.), The Oxford handbook of English prose, 1500-1640 ISBN: 9780199580682; 0199580685 (Oxford University Press, 2013), pp. 27-42.

Snyder, Jon R., Writing the scene of speaking : theories of dialogue in the late Italian Renaissance ISBN: 0804714592 (alk. paper) (Stanford University Press, 1989).

Waquet, Françoise, Latin, or the empire of a sign : from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries ISBN: 1859846157 (London: Verso, 2001), trans. John Howe.

Williams, Abigail, The social life of books : reading together in the eighteenth-century home ISBN: 9780300208290 (hbk.) : £30.00 (Yale University Press, 2017).  

Yale, Elizabeth, Sociable knowledge : natural history and the nation in early modern Britain ISBN: 9780812247817 (hardback) (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016), especially chapter 3.

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Week 3. Religion, Reformation, and the spoken word/Prayers, preaching and catechisms.

Peter McCullough, Hugh Adlington, and Emma Rhatigan (eds.), The Oxford handbook of the early modern sermon ISBN: 9780199237531 (hbk.) : £95.00; 0199237530 (hbk.) : £95.00 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011).

Dall’Aglio, Stefano, ‘Voices under trial: Inquisition, abjuration, and preachers’ orality in sixteenth-century Italy’, Renaissance studies. ISSN: 0269-1213 31:1 (2017), pp. 25-42.

Graves-Monroe, Amy C., ‘Soundscapes of the wars of religion: sensory crisis and the collective memory of violence’, in David P. LaGuardia and Cathy Yandell (eds.), Memory and community in sixteenth-century France ISBN: 9781472453372 (hbk.) : £65.00; 9781472453396 (ebk - ePub ) : No price; 9781472453389 (ebk - PDF) : No price (London: Routledge, 2015).

Green, Ian, ‘‘For children in yeeres and children in understanding’: the emergence of the English catechism under Elizabeth and the early Stuarts’, Journal of ecclesiastical history. ISSN: 0022-0469 37 (1986), pp. 397-425.

Green, Ian, The Christian's ABC : catechisms and catechizing in England c.1530-1740 ISBN: 0198206178 (alk. paper) (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1996).  

Hunt, Arnold, The art of hearing : English preachers and their audiences, 1590-1640 ISBN: 9780521896764; 0521896762 (hbk.) (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010).  

Mack, Phyllis, Visionary women : ecstatic prophecy in seventeenth-century England ISBN: 0520078454 (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1992).

Michelson, Emily, ‘Conversionary preaching and the Jews in early modern Rome’, Past & present. ISSN: 0031-2746 235:1 (2017), pp. 68-104.

Reinburg, Virginia, French Books of Hours [electronic resource] : Making an archive of prayer, c.1400-1600 ISBN: 9781139232081 80 (NL) (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012).  

Reinburg, Virginia, ‘Oral rites: prayer and talk in early modern France’, in Cohen, Tom, and Lesley Twomey (eds.), Spoken word and social practice : orality in Europe (1400-1700) ISBN: 9789004288683 (hardback : alk. paper); 9789004291829 (e-book) (Leiden: Brill, 2015), pp. 375-392.

Scribner, Robert, ‘Oral culture and the diffusion of Reformation ideas’, History of European Ideas 5:3 (1984), pp. 237-256. OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (srj 05/01/2018) 

Scribner, Robert, ‘Oral culture and the transmission of Reformation ideas’, in Helga Robinson-Hammerstein (ed.), The Transmission of ideas in the Lutheran Reformation ISBN: 0716523760 (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1989), pp. 83-104.

Shell, Alison, Oral culture and Catholicism in early modern England ISBN: 9780521883955 (hbk.) : £50.00; 0521883954 (hbk.) : £50.00 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007).  

Taylor, Larissa (ed.), Preachers and people in the Reformations and early modern period ISBN: 0391042033 (Leiden: Brill, 2001).

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Week 4. Speech crimes: insult, slander, blasphemy/Controlling the tongue.

 Burke, Peter, ‘Insult and blasphemy in early modern Italy’, in Peter Burke, The historical anthropology of early modern Italy: essays on perception and communication (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987).

Butterworth, Emily, Poisoned words : slander and satire in early modern France ISBN: 190435078X; 9781904350781 (Oxford: Legenda, 2006).

Cressy, David, Dangerous talk : scandalous, seditious, and treasonable speech in pre-modern England ISBN: 9780199564804 (hbk.); 0199564809 (hbk.) (Oxford, 2010).  

Horodowich, Elizabeth, ‘Civic identity and the control of blasphemy in sixteenth-century Venice’, Past & present. ISSN: 0031-2746 181 (2003), pp. 3-33.

Kamensky, Jane, Governing the tongue: the politics of speech in early new England (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999).  

Spurr, John, ‘A profane history of early modern oaths’, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society. ISSN: 0080-4401 11 (2001), pp. 37-63.

Veerapen, Steven, ‘Slanderisation and censure-ship: when good texts went bad in early modern England’, Journal of the Northern Renaissance 9 (2017):

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Week 5. Rumour and gossip in early modern communities. No seminar this week.

Butterworth, Emily, The unbridled tongue : babble and gossip in Renaissance France ISBN: 9780191639371 (e-book) (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016).

Butterworth, Emily, and Hugh Roberts (eds.), Gossip and nonsense in Renaissance France and England, special issue of Renaissance studies. ISSN: 0269-1213 30:1 (2016).

Capp, Bernard, When gossips meet : women, family, and neighbourhood in early modern England ISBN: 0199273197 (pbk); 0199255989 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003).  

Hindle, Steve, ‘The shaming of Margaret Knowsley: gossip, gender, and the experience of authority in early modern England’, Continuity and Change ISSN: 0268-4160; 1469-218X 9:3 (1994), pp. 391-419.

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McIlvenna, Una, Scandal and reputation at the court of Catherine de Medici ISBN: 9781472428219 hardcover ; alkaline paper; 1472428218 hardcover ; alkaline paper; 9781472428226 ebook; 9781472428233 epub (Abingdon: Routledge, 2016).

McIlvenna, Una, ‘Word versus Honor: the case of Françoise de Rohan vs. Jacques de Savoie’, Journal of Early Modern History 16:4-5 (2012), pp. 315-334. - Available online:

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Walker, C. and H. Carr (eds.), Fama and her sisters : gossip and rumour in early modern Europe ISBN: 9782503541846 (hbk.) : £60.00 (Brepols, 2015).  

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Week 6. The voices of women/Who gets to speak?

Amussen, Susan D. and David Underdown, Gender, culture and politics in England, 1560-1640 : turning the world upside down ISBN: 9781350020689 (e-book) (London: Bloomsbury, 2017).  

Crawford, Patricia, and Laura Gowing (ed.), Women's worlds in seventeenth-century England ISBN: 0415156386 (pbk); 0415156378 (London: Routledge, 2000).

Cohen, Elizabeth S., ‘Back talk: two prostitutes’ voices from Rome c. 1600’, Early Modern Women: an interdisciplinary journal 2 (2007), pp. 95-126. OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (srj 05/01/2018) 

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Ingram, Martin. ‘“Scolding Women Cucked or Washed”: A Crisis in Gender Relations in Early Modern England’, in J.L. Kermode & Garthine Walker (eds),  Women, crime and the courts in early modern England ISBN: 1857281403 (hbk); 1857281411 (pbk) (London, 1994), pp.48-80.

Korda, Natasha, “Gender at Work in the Cries of London,” in Lamb, Mary Ellen, and Karen Bamford (eds.), Oral Traditions and Gender in Early Modern Literary Texts ISBN: 9781351152075 (e-book) (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2008), pp. 117-35.

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Week 7. Languages and anti-languages/Collecting words.

Burke, Peter and Roy Porter (eds.), The Social history of language ISBN: 0521317630 (pbk ; cased) : £7.50; 0521301580 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987).  

Burke, Peter and Roy Porter (eds.), Language, self and society : a social history of language ISBN: 0745613411; 0745607659 (Cambridge: Polity, 1991).  

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Sorensen, Janet, Strange Vernaculars ISBN: 9781400885169 (e-book): how eighteenth-century slang, cant, provincial languages, and nautical jargon became English (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2017).  

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Week 8. Singing and sociability/The sung word: ballads and songs.

For PDFs and transcriptions (and some recordings!) of early modern English ballads, see the English Broadside Ballad Archive,

Boyd Brown, C., Singing the Gospel : Lutheran Hymns and the Success of the Reformation ISBN: 9780674028913 (e-book) (Harvard University Press, 2005).

Degl’Innocenti, Luca, Massimo Rospocher and Rosa Salzberg (eds.), The Cantastorie in Renaissance Italy: Street Singers Between Oral and Literate Cultures, special issue of Italian studies. ISSN: 0075-1634 71:2 (2016).

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Week 9. Silence in early modern Europe. No seminar this week.

Braddick, Michael J. (ed.) The politics of gesture : historical perspectives (Past and Present 203, supplement 4, 2009).

Bremmer, Jan and Herman Roodenburg (eds.), A cultural history of gesture ISBN: 0801427444: From Antiquity to the Present Day (Cambridge: Polity, 1991).  

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Luckyj, Christina, "A moving rhetoricke" : gender and silence in early modern England ISBN: 0719061563 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2010).  

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Week 10. The whispers of cities/Speech in the archives.

Cohen, Elizabeth S, and Tom V. Cohen, Words and deeds in Renaissance Rome : trials before the papal magistrates ISBN: 0802076998 (pbk. : acid-free paper) : 19.95; 080202825X (cloth : acid-free paper) (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1993).  

Cohen, Elizabeth S., ‘She said, he said: situated oralities in judicial records from early modern Rome’, Journal of Early Modern History 16 (2012), pp. 403-430. OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (srj 05/01/2018) 

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Week 11. Oral encounters/Speaking books.

Cohen, Matt, The networked wilderness : communicating in early New England ISBN: 9780816660988 (pbk. : alk. paper); 9780816660971 (hc : alk. paper) (Minneapolis & London: University of Minnesota Press, 2009).

Crowley, Tony, Wars of words [electronic resource] : the politics of language in Ireland 1537-2004 ISBN: 9780191706202 (ebook) : No price (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

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Rothman, E. Natalie, ‘Interpreting Dragomans: Boundaries and Crossings in the Early Modern Mediterranean’, in Comparative studies in society and history. ISSN: 0010-4175 51 (2009), pp. 771-800.

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