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Module Reading List

Clinical Skills, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Leanne Hague/Jenny Owen
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Dental Materials and Biocompatibility

ANUSAVICE K.J. (2003) Phillips science of dental materials. 11 th edition. St Louis: Saunders. 

COMBE E.C. (1992) Notes on dental materials. 6 th edition. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. 

McCABE J.F. and WALLS A.W.G. (2008) Applied dental materials. 9 th edition. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific. 

Van NOORT R. (2007) Introduction to dental materials. 3rd edition. London: Mosby. 

Conservative Dentistry

ADDY, M. et al (2000) Tooth wear and sensitivity : clinical advances in restorative dentistry ISBN: 1853178268. Martin Dunitz: London. 

KIDD E.A.M. (2005) Essentials of dental caries the disease and its management. 3rd edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 

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 Behavioural Science

HUMPHRIS G. and LING M.S. (2000) Behavioural sciences for dentistry ISBN: 0443051909 (pbk). Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone.

Chemistry of Enamel & Enamel Caries

ROBINSON C, KIRKHAM J, BROOKES SJ, SHORE RC. The Chemistry of Enamel Caries. In: Critical reviews in oral biology & medicine. ISSN: 1045-4411., 2000;11, pp481-95. Available at:

COLE AS, ESTOE JE Biochemistry and Oral Biology. 2nd Edition section 7, Chaps 28-32. 

Current Cross-Infection Control Guidelines

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust Infection Control Guidelines (see for management of Blood Borne Viruses and MRSA); access on Nathan Bodington Building. 

British Dental Association guidelines on Cross Infection Control, see BDA website:


MARSH P AND MARTIN MV (2009) Oral microbiology. 5th Edition. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. Chap 6: Plaque-mediated Diseases - Dental caries and Periodontal Diseases 

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CLEREHUGH V., TUGNAIT A and GENCO R.V. (2009) Periodontology at a glance. Wiley Blackwell 

Preventive Dentistry

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH. Delivering Better Oral Health. 3rd Edition. Available from:

RUGG-GUNN, A.J. and NUNN, J.H. (1999) Nutrition, diet and oral health ISBN: 0192629379 (pbk) . Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Paediatric Dentistry

CAMERON, A.C. and WIDMER, R.P. (eds) (2003) Handbook of pediatric dentistry . 2nd edition. Edinburgh: Mosby. 

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MILLETT, D. and DAY, P. (2016) Clinical problem solving in orthodontics and paediatric dentistry ISBN: 0443072655. ISBN: 9780702058363 (pbk.) : £42.99 3rd Edition

Dental Radiology

WHAITES E. (2007) Essentials of dental radiography and radiology. 4th edition. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. 

WHITE S.C. and PHAROAH M.J. (eds.) (2009) Oral radiology: principles and interpretation. 6th edition. St. Louis: Mosby.

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