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COMM5615 Module Reading List

Keywords in Political Communication, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Katy Parry
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

1. Readings for seminars

Blumler, Jay G. & Dennis Kavanagh (1999) ‘The Third Age of Political Communication: Influences and Features.’ Political Communication 16(3), 209-230. (use library search)

Brants, Kees and Voltmer, Katrin (2011) ‘Introduction: Mediatization and De-centralization of Political Communication’. Brants, Kees and Voltmer, Katrin (eds.) Political Communication in Postmodern Democracy. Challenging the Primacy of Politics. Basingstoke (Palgrave), 1-16. (in Minerva readings folder)

Couldry, N. and A. Hepp (2013) ‘Conceptualizing mediatization: Contexts, traditions, arguments. Communication Theory 23(3), 191 – 202. (use library search)

Stromback, J. and F. Esser (2014) ‘Mediatization of politics: Towards a theoretical framework’. In F. Esser and J. Stromback (eds.) Mediatization of Politics. Understanding the Transformation of Western Democracies. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 3-28. (Ebook via Library)

Bennett, W Lance and Steven Livingston (2018) ‘The disinformation order: Disruptive communication and the decline of democratic institutions’, European Journal of Communication 33(2) pp. 122-139.

Chadwick, Andrew, Vaccari, Cristian and Ben O’Loughlin (2018) Do tabloids poison the well of social media? Explaining democratically dysfunctional news sharing, New Media & Society  (online first)

Baum, Matthew A. (2003) ‘Soft News and Political Knowledge. Evidence of Absence or Absence of Evidence?’ Political Communication, 20(2), 173-190.

Brants, Kees (1998) ‘Who’s Afraid of Infotainment?’ European Journal of Communication, 13(3),  315-335.

Lichtenberg, Judith (1996) ‘In Defence of Objectivity Revisited’. In: Curran, James & Michael Gurevitch (eds.) Mass Media and Society, 2nd edition, London (Arnold), 225-242. (HD, in Minerva)

Tuchman, Gaye (1972) ‘Objectivity as Strategic Ritual. An Examination of Newsmen’s Notions of Objectivity.’ American Journal of Sociology, 77, 660-679.

Street, J. (2012), Do Celebrity Politics and Celebrity Politicians Matter?. British Journal of Politics & International Relations, 14: 346–356. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-856X.2011.00480.x

Dean, J. (2019). Sorted for Memes and Gifs: Visual Media and Everyday Digital Politics. Political Studies Review17(3), 255-266. 

Ociepka, Beata (2018) Public diplomacy as political communication: Lessons from case studies, European Journal of Communication, 33(3), pp. 290 – 303.

Roselle, Laura (2018) ‘Strategic Narratives and Great Power Identity’, in Miskimmon, Alister, O’Loughin, Ben, and Roselle, Laura (eds), Forging the World: Strategic Narratives and International Relations. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan.

Bennett, W. Lance and Alexandra Segerberg (2012) The Logic of Connective Action, Information, Communication & Society, 15:5, 739-768, To link to this article:

Wolfsfeld, Gadi, Segev, Elad and Sheafer, Tamar (2013) Social Media and the Arab Spring: Politics Comes First, International Journal of Press/Politics, 18(2): 115–137.

Kreiss, Daniel (2014). Seizing the moment: The presidential campaigns’ use of Twitter during the 2012 electoral cycle. New Media & Society 18 (8), pp. 1473-1490.

Coleman, Stephen (2013) How Voters Feel (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). Chapter 1 ‘What voting means’, pp1-33. Available as Ebook in library.

Zheng, Pei & Saif Shahin (2018) ‘Live tweeting live debates: How Twitter reflects and refracts the US political climate in a campaign season’, Information, Communication & Society, (online first)

DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2018.1503697

Oates, Sarah (2008) Introduction to Media and Politics. London (Sage), chapt. 5 ‘Media and elections’.    

Van Aelst, Peter (2017) ‘Political communication in a high-choice media environment: A challenge for democracy?’ Annals of the International Communication Association 41(1), 3-27.


2. Handbooks

Bucy, Erik P. and R. Lance Holbert (eds.) (2013) Sourcebook for political communication research : methods, measures, and analytical techniques ISBN: 9780415964951 (hbk.) : £43.99; 0415964954 (hbk.) : £43.99; 9780415884976 (pbk.) : £22.99; 0415884977 (pbk.) : £22.99; 9780203938669 (ebk.). New York/London (Routledge).
Chadwick, Andrew and Philip N. Howard (eds.) (2009) The Routledge Handbook of Internet Politics. Abdingdon: Routledge.
Kaid, Lynda L. (ed.) (2004) Handbook of Political Communication Research. Mahwah (Erlbaum).
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Newman, Bruce I. (1999), Handbook of political marketing ISBN: 076191109X (alk. paper) (London: Sage)
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Semetko, Holli A. & Margaret Scammell (eds.) (2012) The SAGE handbook of political communication ISBN: 9781847874399 (hbk.); 1847874398 (hbk.). London (Sage).

3. Introductions and edited volumes

Bennett, W. Lance & Robert Entman (eds.)(2001) Mediated politics : communication in the future of democracy ISBN: 0521789761 (pbk); 0521783569. Cambridge (Cambridge University Press).
Blumler, Jay G. & Michael Gurevitch (1995) The Crisis of Public Communication. London (Routledge). (UoL e-book)
Brants, Kees & Katrin Voltmer (eds.) (2011) Political Communication in Postmodern Democracy: Challenging the Primacy of Politics. Basingstoke (Palgrave(. (UoL e-book)
Davis, Aeron (2010) Political Communication and Social Theory. London (Routledge). (UoL e-book)

David, Aeron (2019) Political Communication: A new introduction for crisis times. Cambridge: Polity.

Esser, Frank & Pfetsch, Barbara (eds.) (2004) Comparing Political Communication. Theories, Cases, and Challenges. Cambridge (Cambridge University Press).
Esser, Frank & Jesper Stromback (eds.) Mediatization of Politics. Understanding the Transformation of Western Democracies. Basingstoke: Palgrave.
Franklin, Bob (2004) Packaging politics : political communications in Britain's media democracy ISBN: 0340555963. 2nd edition. London (Arnold).
Lees-Marshment, J. Stromback, J. and C. Rudd (eds.) (2010) Global Political Marketing. London (Routledge).
McNair, Brian (2017) An Introduction to Political Communication (sixth edition) available as an ebook through the library website. Earlier editions also available.
Negrine, Ralph (2008) The transformation of political communication : continuities and changes in media and politics ISBN: 9780230000315 (pbk.) : £19.99; 9780230000308 (hbk.) : £55.00; 0230000304 (hbk.) : £55.00; 0230000312 (pbk.) : £19.99. Basingstoke.(Palgrave)
Norris, Pippa et al. (1999) On message : communicating the campaign ISBN: 0761960740 (pbk.) : £15.99; 0761960732. London (Sage).
Oates, Sarah (2008) Introduction to Media and Politics. London (Sage).
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Wolfsfeld, Gadi (2011) Making Sense of Media and Politics: Five Principles in Political Communication. Routledge (New York).

4. Journals

The American political science review. ISSN: 0003-0554
British journal of political science. ISSN: 0007-1234
British journal of politics & international relations. ISSN: 1369-1481
Democratization. ISSN: 1351-0347
European journal of communication. ISSN: 0267-3231
Information, communication and society. ISSN: 1369-118x
The international communication gazette. ISSN: 1748-0485
International Journal of Communication ISSN: 1932-8036
International Journal of Political Science
The international journal of press/politics. ISSN: 1940-1612
Journal of communication. ISSN: 0021-9916
Journal of democracy. ISSN: 1045-5736
Journal of political marketing. ISSN: 1537-7857
Journalism. ISSN: 1464-8849
Journalism studies. ISSN: 1461-670x
Media, culture & society. ISSN: 0163-4437
Media, war and conflict ISSN: 1750-6352
New media and society ISSN: 1461-4448
Parliamentary affairs. ISSN: 0031-2290
Political communication. ISSN: 1058-4609
Political studies. ISSN: 0032-3217; 1467-9248
Research on Social Movements, Conflicts & Change
Social movement studies. ISSN: 1474-2837


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