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Module Reading List

Sport and Exercise Psychology (Semester 2), 2019/20, Semester 2
Dr Rachel Coats
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Reading List

This page lists a range of texts and journal articles relevant to the module. 

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Key Text

The following textbook has multiple sections that should be read alongside the Unit PDFs to enhance knowledge and learning

Weinberg, R.S. and Gould, D. (2011). Foundations of sport and exercise psychology. Human Kinetics, Champaign, Illinois.

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General Texts

Use relevant sections from these texts to supplement the information in the Units and strengthen your understanding of key concepts.  There is also a text on distance learning which might help you with the format of this course.

Buckworth, J. and Dishman, R.K. (2013) Exercise Psychology. Human Kinetics: Champaign, Illinois.

Cox, R (2012) Sport Psychology: Concepts and Applications W.C. Brown Publishers, Dubuque, IA.

Horn T. S. (2008) Advances in Sport Psychology, Human Kinetics, Champaign, Illinois

Talbot, Christine J. (2007) Studying at a distance: a guide for students. Open University Press.

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Key Journal Articles

The following recommended journal articles should be used to enhance your knowledge and understanding. Some are the essential readings specified in the Unit folders.

Connolly, C., & Janelle, C. (2003). Attentional strategies in rowing: Performance, perceived exertion, and gender considerations. Journal of applied sport psychology., 15(3), 195-212.

Driskell, J. E., Copper, C., & Moran, A. (1994). Does mental practice enhance performance? . Journal of Applied Psychology., 79 (4), 481.

Filby, W. C., Maynard, I. W., & Graydon, J. K. (1999). The effect of multiple-goal strategies on performance outcomes in training and competition. Journal of applied sport psychology., 11 (2), 230-246.

Hanrahan, S. J. (2015). Psychological skills training for athletes with disabilities. Australian Psychologist, 50 (2), 102-105.

Hatzigeorgiadis, A., Galanis, E., Zourbanos, N., & Theodorakis, Y. (2014). Self-talk and competitive sport performance. Journal of applied sport psychology., 26 (1), 82-95.

McAuley, E., & Blissmer, B. (2000). Self-efficacy determinants and consequences of physical activity. Exercise and sport sciences reviews., 28 (2), 85-88.

Moritz, S. E., Feltz, D. L., Fahrbach, K. R., & Mack, D. E. (2000). The relation of self-efficacy measures to sport performance: A meta-analytic review. Research quarterly for exercise and sport., 71 (3), 280-294

Parfitt, G.,& Pates, J. (1999). The effects of cognitive and somatic anxiety and self-confidence on components of performance during competition. Journal of Sports Sciences., 17 (5), 351-356.

Ryan, R. M., & Deci, E. L. (2000). Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations: Classic definitions and new directions. Contemporary educational psychology., 25 (1), 54-67.

Shelangoski, B. L., Hambrick, M. E., Gross, J. P., & Weber, J. D. (2014). Self-efficacy in intercollegiate athletes. Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, 7, 17-42. - Available online at:

Tanham, J., Murphy, M., & Breslin, G. (2014). Using financial incentives to increase physical activity, weight loss and well being: a randomized control trial. Working Papers in the Health Sciences, 1(9), 1-5. Available online at:

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