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Module Reading List

Writing for Children and Young Adults, 2019/20, Semester 2
Becky Cherriman
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Bang, M. 2016. Picture this : how pictures work ISBN: 9781452135151 (alk. paper); 1452135150 (alk. paper); 9781452151991 (paperback); 1452151997 (paperback). San Francisco: Chronicle Books [More useful practically for illustrators but it is interesting for aspiring picture book writers too. First published 1991.]

Bell, J.S. 2013. Revision & self-editing : techniques for transforming your first draft into a finished novel ISBN: 9781582975092 (pbk. : alk. paper); 9781582975085 (hbk. : alk. paper); 1582975086 (hbk. : alk. paper); 1582975094 (pbk. : alk. paper). Ohio: Writers’ Digest books.

Braine, J. 2000. How to write a novel ISBN: 0413315401 (pbk). London: Methuen. [NB. First published 1974]

Clark, M. 1997. Writing for Children. London: A & C Black

Hunt, P. (ed) and Butts, D. (associate ed). 1995. Children's literature : an illustrated history ISBN: 0192123203. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Hunt, P. (ed). 2005. Understanding Children’s Literature. London: Routledge. Available online.

Jones, A.F. and Pollinger, L. 2006. Writing for children and getting published ISBN: 0340867639. London: Hodder Headline

Jordan, L. 2010. How to write for children and get published ISBN: 0749917024 (hbk); 0749918802 (pbk). London: Piatikus.

Keith, L. 2001. Take up thy bed and walk : death, disability and cure in classic fiction for girls. London: The Women’s Press

King, K. 2013. Get writing children's fiction ISBN: 9781845285067 (paperback) : £9.99; 9781472110138 (ebook). London: Constable & Robinson Ltd.

Klein, C. 2016. The magic words : writing great books for children and young adults ISBN: 9780393292244 (pbk.). London: WW Norton and Co.

Morgan,N. 2012. Write a Great Synopsis – and expert guide. Crabbit Publishing/ Kindle edition  

Naidoo, B and Pandit, S. 2009. ‘New Generations: Writing for Children and Young Adults’. Wasafiri. ISSN: 0269-0055 no.60. [special issue of Wasafiri magazine for Black And Minority Ethnic writers/ writing]

Nodelman, P. 1988. Words about pictures : the narrative art of children's picture books ISBN: 0820312711 (pbk). London: University of Georgia Press.

Rowe Townsend, J. 1990. Written for Children [historical overview that covers changes in children’s fiction form 19th century to 1980s]

Shawvick, A. 2006. How to write a children's picture book and get it published ISBN: 9781845284626 (pbk.) : £9.99; 1845284623 (pbk.) : £9.99. London: Robinson.  Interview with writer and book collector Helen Aveling.

Children's writers' & artists' yearbook 2019 : the essential guide for children's writers and artists on how to get published and who to contact. ISBN: 9781472947611 (pbk.) : £20.00; 9781472947604 (PDF ebook) : No price


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