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Module Reading List

Monuments, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Paul Rowe
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

FREN3012 Monuments reading list

Set texts

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The “Cambridge Companions” series, which can be consulted online via the library catalogue, gives good introductions to some of the topics and authors covered:

 Students should make full use of works indicated in footnotes or bibliographies in these introductory readings and elsewhere, and of the library catalogue.

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Victor Hugo

 Brombert, Victor, Victor Hugo and the visionary novel (Cambridge, Mass.; London: Harvard University Press, 1984)

Grossman, Kathryn M., The Early Novels of Victor Hugo: Towards a Poetics of Harmony, Histoire Des Idées et Critique Littéraire ; Vol. 241 (Genève: Droz, 1986) · 

Stephens, Bradley, ‘Reading Walter Benjamin’s concept of the ruin in Victor Hugo’s Notre-Dame de Paris’, French Studies, 61 (2007), 155–66 <> · 

———, ‘Victor Hugo’, French Studies, 63 (2009), 66–74 <>

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‘Les profanations de Lord Elgin se renouvellent chez nous’ : Monumental architecture – destruction and (re)imagination

· Horst Bredekamp et Juliette Cerf, ‘“Les images peuvent agir comme des armes”: entretien avec Horst Bredekamp, historien de l’art’, Télérama, 3 janvier 2016 (,135927.php).

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Le Roi se meurt

Plus further online research on the 2010 Paris production (according to availability), e.g:



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Madame Bovary

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Erec et Enide

Recommended reading on Chrétien de Troyes:

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Le monument-essai

Set texts

Recommended reading for Set Texts

On the (Photo-)Essay

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