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Module Reading List

New Materialism Studio: Theory Meets Practice, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Christine Atha
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Abbott and M. Ellison. Eds (2008) Biologically inspired textiles, Cambridge, Woodhead Publishing Ltd

Adams, Barbara and Yelavich, Susan, Eds. (2014) Design as Future-Making, Bloomsbury Adamson, Glenn, (2007) Thinking Through Craft, London, Berg

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Antonelli, Paola and Myers, William (2014) Bio Design: Nature Science Creativity, London, Thames and Hudson

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Bennett, Jane (2010) Vibrant matter : a political ecology of things , Duke University Press

Bianchini, Samuel (2016) Practicable: From Participation to Interaction in Contemporary Art, MIT Press

Bishop, Claire (2012) Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship, London, Verso

Bitonti, Francis (2019) 3D Printing Design: Additive Manufacturing and the Materials Revolution, London, Bloomsbury 

Black, Sandy, (2011) Eco-chic: The Fashion Paradox, London, Black Dog Publishing

Braddock Clarke, Sarah E. and Harris, Jane, (2012) Digital Visions for Fashion + Textiles: Made in Code, London Thames and Hudson

Burton, Johanna, (2017) Public Servants: Art and the Crisis of the Common Good, MIT press

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Franklin, Kate, Till, Caroline (2018) Radical matter: rethinking materials for a sustainable future, London, Thames and Hudson

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Ingold, Tim (2013) Making: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture, Routledge

Johnston, Lucy (2015) Digital Handmade: Craftsmanship and the New Industrial Revolution, London, Thames and Hudson

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Klein, Naomi, (2015) This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, London, Penguin

Lacy, Peter, and Rutqvist, Jakob, (2015) Waste to Wealth: The Circular Economy Advantage, Palgrave Macmillan

Manzini, Ezio (2015) Design, When Everybody Designs: An Introduction to Design for Social Innovation (Design Thinking, Design Theory) MIT Press

Miller, Arthur, (2014) Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art, W. W. Norton & Company

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Myers, William (2012) Bio design: nature, science, creativity; foreword by Paola Antonelli, London, Thames & Hudson

Myers, William, (2015) Bio Art: Altered Realities, London, Thames and Hudson

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Papanek, Victor (1985) Design for the real world: human ecology and social change. - 2nd ed., London, Thames and Hudson.

Papanek, Victor (1995) The Green imperative: ecology and ethics in design and architecture, London, Thames and Hudson.

Paul, Christiane, (2015) Digital Art, London, Thames and Hudson

Robinson, Sarah (2015) Mind in Architecture: Neuroscience, Embodiment, and the Future of Design, MIT Press

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Thackara, John (2005) In the bubble: designing in a complex world, London, Cambridge, Mass, MIT Press.

Whitechapel Documents on Contemporary Art:

Zylinska, Joanna. 2009. Bioethics in the age of new media, Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press. 

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