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Module Reading List

The Recording Industry Now, 2019/20, Semester B06
Dr Stan Erraught
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Born G. and Hesmondhalgh D. (eds.) (2000) – Western Music and its Others: Difference, Representation and Appropriation in Music, Berkeley: University of California Press.


Coelho, M.P. & Mendes, J.Z. (2019) – “Digital Music and the Death of the Long Tail” in Journal of Business Research vol. 101(C), pages 454-460.

Eriksson, Fleischer et al (2019) – Spotify Teardown: Inside the Black Box of Streaming, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Fairchild, Charles (2019) – Sounds, Screens, Speakers: an Introduction to Music and Media, London: Bloomsbury Academic

Fleischer, Rasmus (2017) – “If the Song Has No Price, is it Still a Commodity? Rethinking the Commodification of Digital MusicCulture Unbound 9/2 146-162

Garafalo, Reebee (1999) –“From Music Publishing to MP3” in American Music, 17/3 pp.318-354

Galuszka, Patryk (2015) – “Music Aggregators and Intermediaries of the Digital Music Market” in International Journal of Communication Vol. 9 254-293

Goodman, Fred (1997) – The Mansion on the Hill, London: Jonathan Cape

Hracs, B.J. (2015) – “Cultural Intermediaries in the Digital Age: The Case of Independent Musicians and Managers in TorontoRegional Studies, 49:3, 461-475

Hyojung Sun (2019) –“Paradox of celestial jukebox: Resurgence of market control”, Creative Industries Journal, 12:1, 105-124

Kenney, William H. (1999) – Recorded Music in American Life, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Lie, John (2012) – “What Is the K in K-pop? South Korean Popular Music the Culture Industry, and National Identity, Korea Observer  Vol. 43, No. 3, Autumn 2012, pp. 339-363. Available online:

Negus, Keith (1999) – Music Genres and Corporate Cultures, Oxford: Routledge

Sinclair et al (2019) – “Marketing and Music in the Age of Digital Reproduction” in European Journal of Marketing 53/3 pp. 402-11 Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Snickars, Pelle (2016) – “More Music is Better Music” in Wikstrőm and Fillippi (eds.) Business Innovation and Disruption in the Music Industry, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar pp.191-202

Taylor, Timothy D. (2016) – Music and Capitalism: A History of the Present, Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Witt, Stephen (2015) – How Music Got Free, London: The Bodley Head


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