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Module Reading List- HECS 2215 Social Work with Adults (including Mental Health)

Social Work with Adults (including Mental Health), 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Sarbji Hayre
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

HECS 2215 Social Work with Adults ( including mental health )

Books – Essential

 Chisnell, C. and Kelly, C.2019. Safeguarding in Social Work. A lifespan approach. London. Learning Matters and Sage

Cooper, A. and White, E. 2019 Safeguarding Adults under the Care Act 2014. London. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Dix, H., Hollinrake, S. and Meade, J. 2019. Relationship-based Social Work with Adults. St Albans. Critical Publishing Ltd

Dyke, C. 2019. Writing analytical Assessments in Social Work. St Albans. Critical Publishing Limited.

Feldon, P. 2017 The Social Workers Guide to the Care Act 2014. St Albans. Critical Publishing Limited.

Gant, V. 2018. Working with Family Carers. St Albans. Critical Publishing Limited.  

Heyman, J and Congress, E. 2018. Health and Social Work. Practice Policy and Research (vol ) 1. Editors. New York. Springer Publishing

Horner, N. 2004. What is Social Work? Exeter. Learning Matters Limited

Lymbery M., and Postle, K. 2015.  Social work and the transformation of adult social care : perpetuating a distorted vision?. Bristol. Policy Press.

Milner J., Myers,S., and O'Byrne, P. 2015. Assessment in Social Work. 4th edition. Basingstoke: Palgrave

Pritchard J, and Leslie ,S. 2011. Recording skills in safeguarding adults : best practice and evidential requirements. London. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.


Care Act 2014. London. The Stationery Office.  (Or online) Available online

Care Standards Act 2000. London. The Stationary Office (or online). Available online

Equality Act 2010. London. The Stationery Office. Available online

Health & Social Care Act (2008 and 2012). London. The Stationary Office.

Mental Health (Amendment) Act 2007. London Available online

Mental Capacity Act 2005. London. The Stationery Office. Available online

Mental Health Act 1983. London. The Stationery Office (or online) Available online

Extra reading on specific subject areas

Britten S, and Whitby, K. 2018. Self-neglect : a practical approach to risks and strengths assessment. London. Critical Publishing.

Cooper, A., Cocker, C. and Briggs, M. 2018. Making Safeguarding Personal and Social Work Practice with Older Adults: Findings from Local-Authority Survey Data in England. British Journal of Social Work. (2018) 48, 1014–1032.

Cummins, I. 2017. Critical Psychiatry. St Albans. Critical Publishing Limited.

Fernando, S. 2017. Institutional Racism in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology. Race Matters in Mental Health. London. Palgrave Macmillan

Hutchinson, C. and Hickman, N. 2016. Mental Health Law. London. Palgrave Macmillan

Saleeby D. 2000. Power in the People: Strengths and Hope. Advances in Social Work vol 1(2). 127-136

Simcock, P. and Castle, R. 2016.Social Work and Disability (Social Work in Theory and Practice). Cambridge. Polity Press

Wright, B. 2007. Loss and Grief. M and K Limited

Carmichael L. F., and M.G. Tadros, M.G. 2014. Overlooked and undervalued; the caring contribution of older people. International Journal of Social Economics. 4(5)

Glasby, J. 2005. Direct payments and the social model of disability. Social work & social sciences review : an international journal of applied research. 12 (2) 48-58

Web sites that have important information relevant for practice

Local Government information- Think local Act Personal. Lots of resources and current issues. Includes personalisation and person centred practice.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation- Research into marginalised groups, and written in a readable way

The Kings Fund- issues relevant to social care and Health

Department of Health and Social Care- looks at Government statistics as well as practice in joint practice issues

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Care Quality Commission

This list was last updated on 21/08/2019