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Module Reading List

The Sounds of French, 2019/20
Dr Nigel Armstrong
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The Sounds of French (FREN 1041)

Recommended reading and listening:

There is no compulsory set book for this course, but the following materials, referred to above in the lecture references, should provide the necessary material for revision and consolidation of the material presented in lectures and seminars. A key aim of this course is to enable you to relate pronunciation to spelling, and to the symbols of the IPA. Penny Sewell’s course is useful for this, as is the cassette accompanying Tranel’s book. Web-based resources are increasingly available.

Battye, A., Hintze, M.-A. and Rowlett, P. (2000) The French language today : a linguistic introduction, Routledge. (see especially Chapter 2: The Sounds of French)

Lodge, R. A., Armstrong, N., Ellis, Y. and Shelton, J. (1997) Exploring the French language, Arnold. Chapters 5 and 6 provide a brief introduction relevant to this course, while not being as comprehensive as the other books referred to here.

Price, G. (1991)An Introduction to french pronunciation, Blackwell. Second edition 2005.

Sewell, P. (2009) La prononciation française pour de vrai [videorecording]. Three DVDs. Edward Boyle Library.

Tranel, B. (1987) The sounds of French : an introduction, Cambridge University Press. With audio cassette.

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