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Module Reading List

Beginners Italian 2, 2019/20, Semester 2
Alessandra Flore
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Beginners’ Italian Language

Suggested Reading List

Core texts

Textbook: Affresco Italiano A1/A2; Affresco Italiano - Quaderno per lo Studente A1/A2, by M. Trifone et al., Le Monnier, 2008.

Secondary texts

Boscolo, Clelia, Upgrade your Italian , (Hodder Arnold) 2005

Maiden, Martin and Robustelli, Cecilia, A reference grammar of modern Italian , (Hodder Arnold) 2000

McIntosh, Colin, The Oxford Italian grammar and verbs , (Oxford University Press) 2002

Colaneri, John and Luciani, Vincent, 501 Italian verbs (Barron’s Educational Series) 2001

Bianchi, Alessia et al., Practising Italian grammar : a workbook (Hodder Arnold) 2004

Nanni-Tate, Paola, Italian verb drills , (McGraw-Hill Publishing Co.) 2003

Giovanazzi, Tony, Parola per parola : new advanced Italian vocabulary , (Hodder Arnold) 2006

Germano, Joseph, and Schmitt, Conrad, Schaum's outline of Italian grammar (McGraw-Hill Publishing Co.) 1994

Consoni Clark, Fiorenza, Schmitt Conrad, and Bonaffini, Luigi, Schaum's outline of Italian vocabulary (Schaum) 2002

Proudfoot, Anna and Cardo, Francesco, Modern Italian grammar : a practical guide , (Routledge) 2005

Proudfoot, Anna, Modern Italian grammar workbook (Routledge) 2005

Feinler-Torriani, Luciana, Mastering Italian vocabulary : a thematic approach (Barron’s Educational Series) 2003

Lepschy, Anna-Laura and Lepschy, Guilio, The Italian Language Today, (Routledge) 1988

Danesi, Marcel, Italian Vocabulary, (Barron’s Educational Series) 2003

Danesi, Marcel, Using Italian vocabulary , (Cambridge University Press) 2003


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