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Module Reading List

Modern Documentary Chinese: Politics and Law, 2019/20
Frances Weightman
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The Tiananmen papers: The Chinese leadership’s decision to use force against their own people – in their own words compiled by ‘Zhang Liang’, English edition ed. by Andrew J. Nathan, Perry Link, Orville Schell (published in the UK by Little, Brown & Co., 2001)

Perry Link, An anatomy of Chinese : rhythm, metaphor, politics (Harvard: Harvard Uni Press, 2013)

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Supplementary Background Reading

Andrew Nathan, Chinese Democracy (London: Tauris, 1986)

Joanne R. Bauer and Daniel A. Bell (eds) The East Asian challenge for human rights (Cambridge, CUP, 1999)

Daniel A. Bell, Beyond liberal democracy : political thinking for an East Asian context (Princeton: PUP, 2006)

Daniel A. Bell, The China model : political meritocracy and the limits of democracy ISBN: 9781400883486 (e-book) (Princeton: PUP, 2015)

Rosemary Foot, Rights Beyond Borders: The Global Community and the Struggle over Human Rights in China (Oxford, OUP, 2000)

Children of the dragon : the story of Tiananmen Square, by Human Rights in China (London: Collier Macmillan Publishers, 1990)

Death in Beijing (Amnesty International British Section, 1989)

Voices from Tiananmen Square : Beijing Spring and the democracy movement Mok Chiu Yu and J. Frank Harrison (eds.) (Montreal: Black Rose Books, 1990)

Mandate of Heaven by Orville Schell (published in the UK by Little, Brown & Co., 1995)

China since Tiananmen : political, economic, and social conflicts edited by L. Sullivan (New York: M.E.Sharpe, 1995)

Elisabeth Croll, Chinese women since Mao (London: Zed, 1983).

Michael Palmer, "The Re-emergence of Family Law in Post-Mao China: Marriage, Divorce and Reproduction," 141 The China quarterly. 110, 126 (March 1995).

Steve Tsang (ed), Peace and security across the Taiwan Strait (Basingstoke: Palmgrave Macmillan, 2004)

Neil J. Diamant, Stanley B. Lubman, and Kevin J. O'Brien (eds) Engaging the law in China : state, society, and possibilities for justice (Stanford: Stanford UP, 2005)

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