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Module Reading List - Semester 1

Modern Spanish-American Literature, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Roberto Rodriguez-Saona
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Nicolás Guillén - Bibliography

Guillén, Nicolás.  Summa poética , ed. by Luis Iñigo Madrigal (Cátedra). (2 BL; 2 EBL)


González, Mike & David Treece . The gathering of voices : the twentieth-century poetry of Latin America (London: Verso, 1992), esp. Chapters 4 and 8. (1 BL; 3 EBL) Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

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 ---  Against the American grain : myth and history in William Carlos Williams, Jay Wright, and Nicolás Guillén (John Hopkins UP, 1987). (1 BL; 1 EBL)

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There is a special edition of Callaloo dedicated to Guillén (criticism and translations of his poems) which is networked on the university’s computers - you can download or print off these articles. Find Callaloo under the journals/periodicals title search and follow instructions to search for ‘Guillén’ in the titles of articles. Volume 31 is the special edition.

For a concise overview of Cuban history and culture in the 20thC, see Edwin Williamson, The Penguin history of Latin America (1992), Chapter 12. Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

Moore, Robin, (1997) Introduction. FROM: Moore, Robin, Nationalizing blackness : afrocubanismo and artistic revolution in Havana, 1920-1940. pp.1-12. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press Avaiable as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

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Rosario Castellanos Bibliography

Castellanos, Rosario.  Balún Canán (1957) - any edition. (1 BL; 4 EBL)


Ahern, Maureen, ed. & trans.  A Rosario Castellanos reader : an anthology of her poetry, short fiction, essays, and drama (Austin: U of Texas P, 1988). (1 BL; 2 EBL)

O’Connell, Joanna.  Prospero's daughter : the prose of Rosario Castellanos (Austin: U of Texas P, 1995). (4 EBL)

Franco, Jean.  Plotting women : gender and representation in Mexico (New York: Columbia UP, 1989). (1 BL; 3 EBL)

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De Beer, Gabriella.  Contemporary Mexican Women Writers (U of Texas P, 1996). (EBL)

Miller, Beth, ed.  Women in Hispanic literature : icons and fallen idols (Berkeley: U of California P, 1983). (1 BL; 4 EBL)

Fishburn, Evelyn, ed.  Short fiction by Spanish-American women (Manchester: Manchester UP, 1998). (1 BL; 1 EBL)

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 --- ‘Rosario Castellanos: ‘Ashes without a Face’’, in De/colonizing the subject : the politics of gender in women's autobiography ed. by Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson (Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 1992), pp. 242-69. (1 BL: Gen Lit F-1 SMI)

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Prieto, René.  Body of writing : figuring desire in Spanish American literature (Durham, NC: Duke UP, 2000), chapter 5. (1 BL; 1 EBL) Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

Grant, Catherine Ann. ‘ Authorship and authority in the novels of Rosario Castellanos ’, unpublished PhD thesis, U of Leeds, 1991. (In store – request online)

 --- ‘Women or Words? : The Indigenous Nodriza in the Work of Rosario Castellanos’, in Women writers in twentieth-century Spain and Spanish America (Lewiston, NY: Mellen 1993), ed. by Catherine Davies and Montserrat Ordóñez, pp. 85-100. (1 BL; 1 EBL: Sp K – 0.3 DAV)

Cypess, Sandra Messinger. ‘Balún Canán: A Model Demonstration of Discourse as Power’, Revista de estudios hispánicos , 19:3 (1985), 1-15. Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

Rodríguez Peralta, Phyllis. ‘Images of Women in Castellanos’s Prose’, Latin American literary review. , 11 (1977), 68-80. (HDC: Article R0004)

Crumley de Pérez, Laura Lee. ‘Balún Canán y la construcción narrativa de una cosmovisión indígena’, Revista iberoamericana , 50:127 (1984), 491-503. Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

Frischmann, Donald H. ‘El sistema patriarcal y las relaciones heterosexuales en Balún Canán de Rosario Castellanos’, Revista iberoamericana , 51:132-33 (1985), 665-78. Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

Furnival, Chloë. ‘Confronting Myths of Oppression: The Short Stories of Rosario Castellanos’, in Knives and angels : women writers in Latin America , ed. by Susan Bassnett (London: Zed Books, 1990). (1 BL; 2 EBL: Sp P – 0.3 BAS)

Ahern, Maureen & Mary Searle Vásquez.  Homenaje a Rosario Castellanos (Valencia: Albatros, 1980).

Valdes, María Elena de. ‘The Discourse of the Other: Testimonio and Fiction of the Maya’, Bulletin of Hispanic studies. , 73:1 (1996), 79-90. (See tutor)

Lienhard, Martin. ‘La legitimación indígena en dos novelas centroamericanas’, Cuadernos hispanoamericanos. , 414 (1984), 110-20. (See tutor)

Background Material on Mexican History

Bethell, Leslie, ed.  Mexico since independence (Cambridge: CUP, 1992). (4 EBL)

Keen, Benjamin.  A History of Latin America (Boston: Houghton Miffline, 1996), chapter 12. (3 EBL) Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

Knight, Alan.  The Mexican Revolution , 2 vols (Cambridge: CUP, 1986). (2 EBL)

Meyer, Michael.  The Course of Mexican History (Oxford: OUP, 1995). (1 BL; 2 EBL)

Anon.  Chilam Balam de Chumayel , ed. by Miguel Rivera (Madrid: Historia 16, 1986). (1 BL)

Anon.  Popol vuh , ed. by Carmelo Sáenz de Santa María (Madrid: Historia 16, 1989). (1 BL)

Major works by Castellanos

Trayectoria del polvo  (1948) - poetry - Available online:

Apuntes para una declaracion de fe  (1948) - poetry

De la vigilia estéril.  (1950) - poetry

Balún Canán  (The Nine Guardians) (1957)- novel

Al pie de la letra : poemas (1959) - poetry

Ciudad Real (1960) - short stories

Lívida luz : poemas. (1960) - poetry

Oficio de tinieblas . (1962) - novel

Los convidados de agosto  (1964) - short stories

Materia memorable. (1969) - poetry and essays

Album de familia  (1971) - short stories

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