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Module Reading List

GIS Data Visualisation & Analysis, 2019/20, Semester 1
Helen Durham
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

This reading list contains core readings which will support you during this module and which will also form useful reference material throughout your studies. During this module you will be signposted to specific sections within these readings and also to additional readings which support certain sections of this module.

Ballas, D., Clarke, G., Franklin, R.S. and Newing, A. 2017. GIS and the social sciences : theory and applications ISBN: 9781138785120 (paperback : alk. paper); 9781138785137 (hardback : alk. paper); 9781315759326 (eBook). Routledge

Burrough, P.A., McDonnell, R.A and Lloyd, C.D. 2015. Principles of geographical information systems ISBN: 9780198742845 (pbk.) : £32.99 (Third Edition). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

DeMers, M.N. 2002. GIS modeling in raster ISBN: 0471319651. Wiley

DeMers, M.N. 2009. Fundamentals of geographic information systems ISBN: 9780470129067 (alk. paper) (Fourth Edition). Wiley

Heywood, I., Cornelius, S. and Carver, S. 2011. An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems (Fourth Edition). Harlow: Prentice Hall. The third edition (published in 2006 is also available and suitable for this module).

Lloyd, C. 2010. Spatial Data Analysis: an Introduction for GIS Users. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Longley, P., Goodchild, M., Maguire, D. and Rhind, D. 2015. Geographic information systems science ISBN: 1118676955 (paperback); 9781118676950 (paperback)Holken, New Jersey: Wiley

Martin, D. 1996. Geographic information systems : socioeconomic applications ISBN: 0415125723 (pbk); 0415125715 ISBN: 0415125723 (pbk); 0415125715 (Second Edition). London: Routledge. Available to download free of charge as a PDF from:

Monmonier, M. 1996. How to lie with maps ISBN: 0226534219 (pbk); 0226534200 (hbk) (Second Edition). Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

Rogerson, P. 2015. Statistical methods for geography : a student's guide ISBN: 9781446295731 paperback; 9781446295724 hardback; 1446295729 hardback; 1446295737 paperback; 9781473911093 electronic book; 1473911095 electronic book (Fourth Edition). London: Sage. Earlier editions are also suitable for this module.

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