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TRAN5014 Reading List

Environmental Science and Sustainability for Transport, 2020/21, Semester F05
Dr James Tate
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The following list includes a number of general texts on environmental science / protection and sustainability relevant for transport. Guidance for further specific reading specifically for lectures will be provided during the course.


John Brady, Alison Ebbage, Ruth Lunn, (2011) Environmental management in organizations : the IEMA handbook. ISBN: 9781849710626 (hbk.); 1849710627 (hbk.) 2nd ed., Routledge, London, eBook Published 15 April 2013 eBook ISBN 9781135072469

Robertson, M. (2014) Sustainability - Principles and Practice. Routledge

Kates, R.W., Parris, T.M., Leiserowitz, A.A. (2005) What is Sustainable Development? Goals, Indicators, Values, and Practice. Environment : science and policy for sustainable development., Volume 47, Number 3, pages 8–21

David Banister (2018) Inequality in transport ISBN: 9780906661017 (paperback); 0906661013 (paperback) , Alexandrine Press: Oxfordshire . ISBN 978-0-906661-01-7

Middlemiss L (2018) Sustainable Consumption: Key Issues, Key Issues in Environment and Sustainability, Routledge.

Karen L Bacon, Graeme T Swindles (2016) Could a potential Anthropocene mass extinction define a new geological period?  The Anthropocene Review, Vol 3, Issue 3, pp. 208 - 217

Alisa W. Coffin (2007) From roadkill to road ecology: A review of the ecological effects of roads Journal of Transport Geography 15, 396–406

Committee on Climate Change (2019) Reducing UK emissions 2019 Progress Report to Parliament

IPCC (2018) Global Warming of 1.5 °C Summary for Policymakers,

Georgina M. Mace, Belinda Reyers, Rob Alkemade, Reinette Biggs, F. Stuart Chapin III, Sarah E. Cornell,

Sandra Dı´az, Simon Jennings, Paul Leadley, Peter J. Mumbyl, Andy Purvis, Robert J. Scholes, Alistair W.R. Seddon, Martin Solan, Will Steffen, Guy Woodward, (2014) Approaches to defining a planetary boundary for biodiversity, Global Environmental Change, 28 289–297

Monastersky, R. The Human Age (2015) Nature, Vol. 15, 147 

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Sustainable Transport:

Gudmundsson, H., Hall, R.P., Marsden, G., Zietsman, J. (2016) Sustainable transportation : indicators, frameworks, and performance management. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg

Schiller, P.,L. et al. (2010) An introduction to sustainable transportation : policy, planning and implementation. Earthscan, London

Dennis K and Urry J (2009) After the car ISBN: 9780745644226 (pbk.) : £14.99; 9780745644219 (cased) : £45.00; 074564421X (cased) : £45.00; 0745644228 (pbk.) : £14.99. Cambridge, UK: Polity

David Banister (2018) Inequality in transport , Alexandrine Press: Oxfordshire . ISBN 978-0-906661-01-7

Mårten Karlson, Ulla Mörtberg, A spatial ecological assessment of fragmentation and disturbance effects of the Swedish road network, Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 134, February 2015, Pages 53-65


Lusebrink, I., Girling, R.D., Farthing, E. et al. (2015) The Effects of Diesel Exhaust Pollution on Floral Volatiles and the Consequences for Honey Bee Olfaction J Chem Ecol 41: 904. doi:10.1007/s10886-015-0624-4

Litman, T. (2016) Well Measured: Developing Indicators for Sustainable and Livable Transport Planning; Victoria Transport Policy Institute

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Brady, J., Ebbage, A., Lunn, R. (2011) Environmental management in organizations: the IEMA handbook. Earthscan, London

Colls, J. (2002) Air pollution. London: Spon Press, 2nd edition

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Transport & Environment


DEFRA. 2019. Clean Air Strategy 2019.

ICCT. 2018. Topics in Vehicle emissions testing.

Tietge, U,. Díaz, S., Mock, P., Bandivadekar, A., Dornoff, J., Ligterink, N. 2019. From laboratory to road: A 2018 update. White paper, Published: 2019.01.10.

Hitchcock, G. Conlan, B., Kay, D., Brannigan, C., Newman, D. (2014) Air Quality and Road Transport - Impacts and solutions. RAC Foundation

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