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Module Reading List

African American Narrative: Eight Major Works, 2020/21, Semester 2
Dr Andrew Warnes
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Primary Texts

Zora Neale Hurston, Their eyes were watching God : a novel ISBN: 0860685241 (pbk) (1937)

Richard Wright, Black Boy (1944)

James Baldwin, Go tell it on the mountain (1953)

Toni Morrison, Sula (1973)

Audre Lorde, Zami : a new spelling of my name ISBN: 0863584438 (pbk); 0044409486 (1982)

Paul Beatty, The Sellout (2015)

Public Enemy, Fear of a black planet [sound recording] (1990)  

Zora Neale Hurston

Brown, Adrienne, "Hard Romping: Zora Neale Hurston, White Women, and the Right to Play," Twentieth-century literature. ISSN: 0041-462X 64: 3 (2018)

Ewing, Adam, "Lying Up a Nation: Zora Neale Hurston and the Local Uses of Diaspora," Callaloo. ISSN: 0161-2492 37: 1 (2014)

Gambrell, Alice, Women intellectuals, modernism and difference : transatlantic culture, 1919-1945. ISBN: 0521553415; 0521556880 (pbk.) : £12.95 (1997).

I love myself when I am laughing : and then again when I am looking mean and impressive : a Zora Neale Hurston reader ISBN: 0912670665 (1979), ed. Alice Walker. 

Middleton, Billy, "Two-Headed Medicine: Hoodoo Workers, Conjure Doctors, and Zora Neale Hurston," Southern Quarterly ISSN: 0038-4496 53: 3 (2016)

Hyest, Jenny, "Born with God in the House": Feminist Vision and Religious Revision in the Works of Zora Neale Hurston," Legacy ISSN: 0748-4321 35:1 (2018)

Zora Neale Hurston : a life in letters ISBN: 0385490364 (2003), ed. Carla Kaplan.

Richard Wright

Conversations with Richard Wright (1993), ed Keneth Kinnamon and Michel Fabre

Rambsy, Howard, II, "Re-Presenting Black Boy: The Evolving Packaging History of Richard Wright's Autobiography," Southern Quarterly ISSN: 0038-4496 46: 2 (2009)

Smethurst, James Edward, The new red Negro : the literary left and African American poetry, 1930-1946 (1999)

Temples for tomorrow : looking back at the Harlem Renaissanceed. Geneviève Fabre and Michel Feith (2001)

 Wright, Richard, The color curtain : a report on the Bandung Conference

Wright, Richard,Pagan Spain

Wright, Richard, 12 million black voices (1995).

Young, Robert, "The politics of reading Richard Wright: Black Boy as ideological critique," Western journal of black studies. ISSN: 0197-4327, 29: 4 (2005).


African American art and artists (2003)ed. Samella Lewis

African American autobiography : a collection of critical essays (1993), ed. William L. Andrews

African American performance and theater history : a critical reader (2001), ed. Harry J. Elam and David Krasner

Africana : the encyclopedia of the African and African-American experience (1999), ed. Kwame Anthony Appiah and Henry Louis Gates, Jr

African-American artists, 1929-1945 : prints, drawings, and paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art(2003),eds. Lisa Mintz Messenger, Gail Collins, Rachel Mustalish

African-American English : structure, history, and use (1998), ed Salikoko S. Mufwene

Algren, Nelson, Chicago, city on the make ISBN: 0226013847 (pbk) (1951)

Anderson, Paul Allen, Deep river : music and memory in Harlem Renaissance thought (2001)

Baker, Houston A. Blues, ideology, and Afro-American literature : a vernacular theory (1984)

Baker, Houston A., Modernism and the Harlem renaissance (1987). 

Baldwin, James Nobody Knows My Name: More Notes of a Native Son (1961).

Baldwin, James, No name in the street (1973).

Baldwin, James, Notes of a Native Son (1959)

Baldwin, James, The devil finds work (1976)

Balshaw, Maria, Looking for Harlem : urban aesthetics in African American literature (2000)

Barnes, Paula, Tradition and innovation : Toni Morrison and the flight motif in Afro-American literature ISBN: 9780815335399 (Garland, 2001)  

The Black feminist reader (2000), ed Joy James and T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting

The Black Panthers speaked. Philip S. Foner (2002)

ButlerRobert,Contemporary African American fiction : the open journey (1998)

Byerman, Keith, Remembering the past in contemporary African American fiction (2005) 

Call and response : the Riverside anthology of the African American literary tradition (1998), eds. Patricia Liggins Hill, Bernard W. Bell

Calvin L Warren, "Black Nihilism and the Politics of Hope" CR: The New Centennial Review ISSN: 1532-687X, 15: 1 (2015).

Carby, Hazel V., Cultures in Babylon : black Britain and African America (1999)

Cayton, Horace, and St. Clair Drake, Black Metropolis (1946).

The Civitas anthology of African American slave narratives (1999), ed. William L. andrews, Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Coates, Ta-Nehisi, Between the world and me ISBN: 9781925240702; 1925240703, (2015)

Coates, Ta-Nehisi, ‘The First White President’, The Atlantic, October 2017, 

Coates, Ta-Nehisi, We were eight years in power : an American tragedy ISBN: 9780241325230 hardback; 0241325234 hardback; 0241325242 trade paperback; 9780241325247 trade paperback (2017)

Concise Oxford Companion To African American Literature eds. William L. andrews, Frances Smith Foster, Trudier Harris (2001)*

Conversations with James Baldwin (1989), ed Fred L. Standley and Louis H. Pratt.

Conversations with John Edgar Wideman (1998), ed Bonnie Tusmith

Conversations with Toni Morrison (1994), ed. Danille Taylor-Guthrie.

CookRobert, Sweet land of liberty? : the African-American struggle for civil rights in the twentieth century (1998)

Cripps, Thomas, “The Birth of a Race Company: An Early Stride Toward a Black Cinema,” Journal of Negro history. ,59, 1. (Jan., 1974), 28-37.*

The Crisis reader : stories, poetry, and essays from the N.A.A.C.P.'s Crisis magazine (1999), ed. Sondra Kathryn Wilson

Critical essays on Toni Morrison (1988), ed. by Nellie Y. McKay.

Davis, Angela Y., Blues legacies and black feminism : Gertrude "Ma" Rainey, Bessie Smith, and Billie Holiday (1999)

Davis, Angela Y., Women, Race and Class (2001)

Davis, Mike, City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles (London: Verso, 1990).

The dictionary of global culture (1998), ed. by Kwame Anthony Appiah and Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Doreski, C. K.,Writing America Black : race rhetoric in the public sphere (1998).

Dorsey, Brian, Who stole the soul? : blaxploitation echoed in the Harlem Renaissance (1997)

Dyer, Richard, White (1997)

Ellison, Ralph, The collected essays of Ralph Ellison (1995), preface by Saul Bellow.

Euell, Kim, “Signifyin(g) Ritual: Subverting Stereotypes, Salvaging Icons,” African American review., 31, 4, (Winter, 1997), 667-675*

Eyerman, Ron, Cultural trauma : slavery and the formation of African American identity (2001)

Gabbin, Joanne V., “Sterling Brown's Poetic Voice: A Living Legacy,” African American review. 31, 3. (Autumn, 1997), 423-431.*

GabbinJoanne V., Sterling A. Brown : building the Black aesthetic tradition (1985)

Gambrell, Alice, Women intellectuals, modernism and difference : transatlantic culture, 1919-1945. (1997).

Gates Jr., Henry Louis, Figures in black : words, signs, and the "racial" self (1987).

Gates Jr., Henry Louis,The signifying monkey : a theory of Afro-American literary criticism (1988).

Gilroy, Paul, After empire : melancholia or convivial culture?

Gilroy, Paul, There Aint No Black in the Union Jack

Gilroy, Paul, Between camps : race, identity and nationalism at the end of the colour line (2000).

Gilroy, Paul,The black Atlantic : modernity and double consciousness (1993).

Gilroy, Paul, Small acts : thoughts on the politics of black cultures

Hall, Eric Allen, Arthur Ashe : tennis and justice in the civil rights era ISBN: 9781421413952 (e-book) (2014)

Hammons, David, David Hammons : rousing the rubble (1991), essays

Harlem on my mind : cultural capital of Black America, 1900-1968 (1995), ed. Allon Schoener

Harlem's glory : Black women writing, 1900-1950 (1996) ed. by Lorraine Elena Roses and Ruth Elizabeth Randolph.

Hill Collins, Patricia, From Black power to hip hop : racism, nationalism, and feminism (2006)

History and memory in African-American culture (1994), ed Geneviève Fabre, Robert O'Meally

hooks, bell, Ain't I a woman : black women and feminism (1982)

hooks, bell, Art on my mind : visual politics (1995)    

hooks, bell, Wounds of passion : a writing life (1998)

hooks, bell, ‘Moving Beyond Pain’, bell hooks Institute, May 2016,

Hutchinson, George, The Cambridge companion to the Harlem Renaissance [electronic resource](2007)

Hutchinson, George, In search of Nella Larsen : a biography of the color line (2006)

James Baldwin now (1999), Dwight A. McBride.

James, C. L. R., American civilization (1993), ed. by Anna Grimshaw and Keith Hart.

James, C. L. R., At the rendezvous of victory : selected writings (1984).

James, C. L. R., Beyond a Boundary

James, C. L. R., Letters from London : seven essays

JonesGayl, Liberating voices : oral tradition in African American literature (1991)

Jones, Sharon L., Rereading the Harlem renaissance : race, class, and gender in the fiction of Jessie Fauset, Zora Neale Hurston, and Dorothy West (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2002)

Kanneh, Kadiatu, African identities : race, nation and culture in ethnography, Pan-Africanism and Black literatures(1998).

Kawash, Samira, Dislocating the color line : identity, hybridity, and singularity in African-American narrative (1997)

Kinnamon, Keneth, The emergence of Richard Wright : a study in literature and society. (1972).

Leininger-Miller, Theresa, New Negro artists in Paris : African-American painters and sculptors in the City of Light, 1922-1934 (2001)

Lemann, Nicholas, The promised land : the great black migration and how it changed America (1995).

Levine, Lawrence W., Black Culture and Black Consciousness: Afro-American Folk Thought from Slavery to Freedom(1977).

Levine, Lawrence W., The unpredictable past : explorations in American cultural history (1977).

Lieberfeld, Daniel, “Million-Dollar Juke Joint: Commodifying Blues Culture,” African American review.29, 2, (Summer, 1995),217-221*

Litwack, Leon F., Trouble in mind : black southerners in the age of Jim Crow (1999).

Lott, Eric,Love and theft : blackface minstrelsy and the American working class (1993)

Martin Luther King Jr., Where do we go from here : chaos or community? (1967).

The Messenger reader : stories, poetry, and essays from The Messenger magazine(2000) ed. Sondra Kathryn Wilson.

Moore, Louis, We will win the day : the civil rights movement, the black athlete, and the quest for equality ISBN: 9781440839535 (e-book) (2017)

Neal, Mark Anthony, Soul babies : black popular culture and the post-soul aesthetic (2002)

Neal, Mark Anthony,What the music said : Black popular music and Black public culture (1998)

Neal, Mark Anthony, New Black man (2006)

Neal, Mark Anthony, Looking for Leroy: illegible black masculinities (2013).

Paris, capital of the Black Atlantic : literature, modernity, and diaspora ISBN: 9781421407791 (pbk.); 1421407795 (pbk.) (2013) ed. Jeremy Braddock and Jonathan P. Eburne. 

Patton, Sharon F., African-American art (1998)

Pinder, Kymberly N., “’Our Father, God; Our Brother, Christ; Or Are We Bastard Kin?”: Images Of Christ In African American Painting,” African American review. 31, 2 (Summer, 1997), 223-233.*

Powell, Richard, Jacob Lawrence (1992)

Questions of cultural identity (1996), ed. Stuart Hall and Paul du Gay

Quinn, Eithne, Nuthin' but a 'G' thang : the culture and commerce of gangsta rap ISBN: 0231124090 (pbk) : £15.00; 0231124082 (2005)

Representing blackness : issues in film and video , (1997) ed. Valerie Smith

Rhapsodies in black : art of the Harlem Renaissance. (1997)

Rich, Adrienne, Blood, bread and poetry : selected prose, 1979-1985 (1987).

Richter, Stephan,. “The Beauty of Building, Dwelling, and Monk: Aesthetics, Religion, and the Architectural Qualities of Jazz,” African American review. 29, 2, (Summer, 1995), 259-268*

Sanders, Mark A., “Sterling A. Brown and the Afro-Modern Moment,” African American review. 31, 3. (Autumn, 1997), 393-397.*

Say it loud! : African-American audiences, media, and identity, ed. Robin R. Coleman (2003)

Smitherman, Geneva, Talkin and testifyin : the language of Black America (1977).

Snead, ‘James, 'On Repetition in Black Culture’, Black American literature forum. ISSN: 0148-6179 Vol. 15, No. 4, Black Textual Strategies, Volume 1: Theory (Winter, 1981), pp. 146-154

Spillers, Hortense Jr, "Formalism Comes to Harlem," African American review. ISSN: 1062-4783, 50: 50 (2017) 
Spillers, Hortense, "Views of the East Wing: On Michelle Obama," Communication and critical/cultural studies ISSN: 1479-1420; 1479-42336: 3 (2006).

Spillers, Hortense, "The idea of Black culture," CR: The New Centennial Review ISSN: 1532-687X, 6: 3 (2006).

Stuart Hall : critical dialogues in cultural studies , ed. D. Morley and K. Chen

The house that race built (1998), ed. Wahneema Lubiano,

The politics and aesthetics of "New Negro" literature (1996), ed Cary D. Wintz

The seventh son : the thought and writings of W. E. B. Du Bois (1971), ed. by Julius Lester.

Tracy, Steven C., Langston Hughes & the blues (2001)

Tricia Rose, “”Fear of a Black Planet”: Rap Music and Black Cultural Politics in the 1990s,” Journal of Negro education.60, 3, (Summer, 1991), 276-290*

Tricia Rose, Black noise : rap music and black culture in contemporary America (1994)

Ula Taylor, The veiled Garvey : the life & times of Amy Jacques Garvey The Veiled Garvey (2002)

Valerie Boyd, Wrapped in rainbows : the life of Zora Neale Hurston (2003)

Valerie Smith, “Reconstituting the Image,” Callaloo. 37. (Autumn, 1988), 709-719.*

Vernon Loggins, The Negro author : his development in America to 1900. (1964).

W. E. B. Du Bois, Darkwater: Voices from within the Veil (1999).

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Walcott, Derek, What the twilight says : essays (1998)

Ward, Brian, Just my soul responding : rhythm and blues, black consciousness and race relations (1998)

Watson, Steven, The Harlem Renaissance : hub of African-American culture, 1920-1930 (1995)

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Willis, Susan,Specifying : black women writing : the American experience (1987).

Window on freedom : race, civil rights, and foreign affairs, 1945-1988 :(2003)ed. Brenda Gayle Plummer.

Within the circle : an anthology of African American literary criticism from the Harlem Renaissance to the present(1994), ed. Angelyn Mitchell

Witt, Doris, Black hunger : food and the politics of U.S. identity (1999).

Worth Long, “The Wisdom of the Blues--Defining Blues as the True Facts of Life: An Interview with Willie Dixon,”African American review. 29, 2, (Summer, 1995), 207-212*

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Yoshinobu Hakutani, ‘Richard Wright's The Long Dream as Racial and Sexual Discourse’, African American review. 30 (1997), 267-280.*

Younge, Gary, Another day in the death of America ISBN: 9781783351022; 1783351020 (London: Faber, 2016)

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