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Module Reading List

Traffic Management, 2021/22, Semester 2
Paul Timms
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Inroduction to Traffic Management

ADB (2006) Sustainable Urban Transport in Asia: Making the Vision a Reality. CAI-Asia Program, Asian Development Bank.

CLC (2017) Creating Liveable Cities through Car-lite Urban Mobility.

COWI (2017) Support study on data collection and analysis of active modes use and infrastructure in Europe

Department for Transport (DfT, UK) (2007) The manual for streets : evidence and research

Department for Transport (DfT, UK) (2010) Manual for Streets 2

DfT (2017) National Travel Survey

DULT (2013) Traffic Management Study: Sadashivanagar and Bellary Road. Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Government of Karnatka, India.

ITDP (2011) Our Cities Ourselves

ITDP (2020) From Pilot to Permanent: How to scale tactical urbanism using lessons from the global south.

Lindenau, M. and Bohler-Baedeker, S. (2016) Participation: Actively engaging citizens and stakeholders in teh development of Sustinable Urban Mobility Plans.

Litman, T. (2003) Mobility Management.

O’Flaherty, C.A. (1997). Transport planning and traffic engineering [electronic resource]  Butterworth Heinemann

Slinn, M., Matthews, P. & Guest, P. (2005) Traffic Engineering Design: Principles and Practice Butterworth Heinemann

Stucki, M. (2015) Policies for Sustainable Accessibility and Mobility in Urban Areas of Africa.

Transport for London (TfL) (2017) Healthy Streets for London: Prioritising walking, cycling and public transport to create a healthy city

UN Environment (2016) Global Outlook on Walking and Cycling.


Bus priority (non-BRT)


DETR (2001) Keeping buses moving - A guide to traffic management to assist buses in urban areas [LTN 1/97]

DfT (2006) Bus Priority The Way Ahead: Resource Pack.

Higginson, M. (1999) IHT. Bus Priority: Network Management Notes.

IHT (1997) Transport in the urban environment. ISBN: 0902933213 (Ch. 24) by The Institution of Highways & Transportation

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Slinn, M., Matthews, P. & Guest, P. (2005) Traffic Engineering Design: Principles and Practice (Ch. 12). Butterworth Heinemann.

Transport for London (TfL) (2017) Accessible Bus Stop Design Guidance

White, P. (2018)  The UK public road transport system: how and why is it changing? Future of Mobility: Evidence Review.


Bhatt, A., Menon, R. and Khan, A. (2015) Women’s Safety in Public Transport: A Pilot Initiative in Bhopal

Dhingra, C. (2011) Measuring Public Transport Performance: Lessons for Developing Cities

Mundy, D. et al (2017) The identification and management of bus priority schemes: A study on international experiences and best practices.

UITP (2018) Travel for All: the Commitment of European Public Transport.

WRI (2020) Enabling Quality Transit, Impacting Lives.



BRT Handbooks

C40 Cities (2016) Bus Rapid Transit: Good Practice Guide

CAI-Asia (2010) Bus Rapid Transit Systems in Asia   

IDB (2014) Comparative case studies of three IDB-supported urban transport projects.

ITDP (2016) The BRT Standard.

ITDP (2017) The BRT Planning Guide, 4th Edition

Wright (2005)

BRT in specific locations

BRTuk (2016) Handbook: A review of the key developments 2016/17.

ITDP (2011) BRT in Chennai

ITDP (2015) Bus Rapid Transit for Greater Cairo: Prefeasibility Assessment

ITDP (2015) Better Rapid Transit for Greater Boston

ITDP (2016) Challenges and Opportunities to expand Rapid Transit in Brazil

Kodukula (2010) Bangkok Rapid Transit

Kumar, A. et al (2012) The soft side of BRT: lessons from five developing cities

Mobereola, D. (2009) Lagos Bus Rapid Transit 

TTC (2015) UK Bus Rapid Transit - A Common Standard?

Turner, M. et al (2012) Colombia’s BRT Development and Expansion   

Velazquez et al (2017) Bus rapid transit in China. 

Academic references

Cervero (2013) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): An Efficient and Competitive Mode of Public Transport. IURD Working Paper 2013-1

Cervero & Dai (2014). BRT TOD: Leveraging transit oriented development with bus rapid transit investments. Transport policy 36

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Guzman, A. (2017) Understanding the Role of Power during the Implementation of BRT Systems. PhD thesis.

Montero, S., 2017a. Study tours and inter-city policy learning: Mobilizing Bogota’s transportation policies in Guadalajara. Environment and Planning A 49(2) 332-350

Montero, S., 2017b. Persuasive practitioners and the art of simplification: Mobilizing the ‘Bogotá Model’ through storytelling. Novos Estudos CEBRAP 36(1) 59-75

Montero, S., 2018. Leveraging Bogotá: sustainable development, global philanthropy and the rise of urban solutionism. Urban Studies 1-19

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Wood, A., 2014c. Learning through policy tourism: circulating bus rapid transit from South America to South Africa. Environment and Planning A 46 2654 – 2669


Park and ride (and parking more generally)

Park and ride

Jacobs (2015)  Assessment for the Role of Park and Ride in the Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy.

Meek, S., Ison, S. and Enoch, M. (2008) Role of Bus‐Based Park and Ride in the UK: A Temporal and Evaluative Review. Transport Reviews  28:6, 781-803

SEStran (2017) Park and Ride Strategy.

SRPC (2015) New Hampshire Park and Ride Toolkit.   

TRL (2001) Park & Ride (Network Management Notes).

WSP (2017) Thames Valley Park and Ride: Full Business Case.

Parking more generally

ITDP (2015a)  Parking Guidebook for Beijing.

ITDP (2015b) Parking Basics.

Leeds City Council (2016) Leeds Parking Policy.

Park4SUMP (2019) Parking and Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning.


Pedestrians and street design

Walking (general)

ADB (2011) Walkability and Pedestrian Facilities in Asian Cities: State and Issues. 

CIHT (2015) Designing for Walking.

Danenberg, R., Doumpa, V., Karssenberg, H. (editors) (2018) The City at Eye Level for Kids.

Global Designing Cities Initiative (2020). Designing streets for kids.

Karssenberg, H., Laven, J., Glaser, M. & van ‘t Hoff, M. (editors) (2016). The City at Eye Level. Second and extended version.

Riehle, E.-B. (2016) How to plan and develop a pedestrian and cycling network - Basis for the Development of a NMT Strategy for Windhoek

STIPO (2020) The City at Eye Level Asia.

Transport for London (TfL) (2018) Walking action plan

Transport for London (TfL) (2020) The planning for Walking Toolkit.

World Bank (2018). Pedestrian Mobility for Urban Growth: Walking and its links to transportation.

Footpaths and crossings

Crabtree et al (2014) A review of pedestrian walking speeds and time needed to cross the road [TRL PPR 700]:

DfT (1995) Local Transport Note 2/95: The design of pedestrian crossings:


ITDP (2013) Footpath Design

NZ Transport Agency (2009) Pedestrian Planning and Design Guide

Santos, P.M., Caccia, L.S., Samios, A.A.B., Ferreira, L.Z. (2019) The 8 Principles of Sidewalks: Building more active cities. World Resources Institute (WRI) Brazil

Shared space and street design

Global Designing Cities Initiative (2016) Global Street Design Guide.

Global Designing Cities Initiative (2020). Designing streets for kids.

ITDP (2011) Better streets, better cities: A guide to street design in urban India.

ITDP (2018) Streets for walking and cycling: Designing for safety, accessibility and comfort in African cities

Karndacharuk, A., Wilson, D.J. & Dunn, R. (2014) A Review of the Evolution of Shared (Street) Space Concepts in Urban Environments, Transport reviews.  34:2, 190-220

MVA (2010) Designing the future:

Quimby, A. and Castle, J. (2006) A Review of Simplified Streetscape Schemes. Report prepared for TfL.

TfL (2017) Streetscape Guidance.



Infrastructure design

CROW (2006) Design manual for bicycle traffic.. (Dutch version April 2006, English version June 2007). Centre for research and contract standardisation in civil engineering. The Netherlands. ISBN 978 90 6628 494 4

DfT (2012) Shared use routes for pedestrians and cyclists. Local Transport Note 1/12.

DfT (2020a) Gear Change: A bold vision for cycling and walking.

DfT (2020b) Cycle Infrastructure Design. Local Transport Note 1/20

Lancashire County Council (2005) Lancashire - the cyclists’ county – A code for planning, designing and maintaining roads and tracks for cyclists. Lancashire County Council, Preston.    

Phil Jones Associates (2014) International cycling infrastructure best practice study. Report for Transport for London

SUSTRANS (2014) Handbook for cycle-friendly design.

SUSTRANS (2015) Junctions and crossings: cycle friendly design.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) (2014) Greater Manchester Cycling Design Guide

Transport for London (TfL) (2016) London Cycling Design Standards.

Transport for London (TfL) (2017) New cycle route Quality Criteria.

Other cycling references

Australian National Cycling Strategy 2011-2016 (AUSTROADS, 2010)  

Czeh, A. (2014) Cycling in Monrovia - Transport and more. 

DfT (1996) National Cycling Strategy. Department for Transport London.

DfT (2004) The future of transport - a network for 2030. Transport White Paper, July 2004. Department for Transport, London.

DfT (2008) Delivering a sustainable transport system. Main report. Department for Transport, London.

DfT (2008) Transport Analysis Guidance TAG Unit 3.14.1 Guidance on the appraisal of walking and cycling schemes. July 2008

DfT (2016) Cycling and walking investment strategy. Department for Transport, London

Dhingra, C. and Kodukula, S. (2010) Public bicycle schemes: applying the concept in developing cities.

ECF (2014) Cycling and urban air quality: a study of European experiences. European Cyclists’ Federation.

Ekman, L. (1996) On the treatment of flow in traffic safety analysis; a non-paramteric approach applied on vulnerable road users. Bulletin 136. Institutionen för Trafikteknik. Lunds Tekniska Högskola, Lund, Sweden. OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (GW 26/04/2018) 

ITDP (2015) A global high shift cycling scenario.

ITDP (2018) The Bike-share Planning Guide.

Jacobsen, P.L. (2003) Safety in numbers: more walkers and bicyclists, safer walking and bicycling. Injury prevention. ISSN: 1353-8047. Vol. 9, pp205-209.

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Öztaş, C., Dönmez, H., Yılmaz, Y. (2020) Get Turkey cycling. World Resources Institute (WRI) Turkey Sustainable Cities

Parkin and Meyers (2010) The effect of cycle lanes on the proximity between motor traffic and cycle traffic

Pendakur V.S. (2005) Non Motorized Transport in African Cities. SSATP Working Paper no. 80.

SUTP (2009) Cycling-inclusive Policy Development: A Handbook

TAL 03/05: Cycling bibliography

TRL (2012) Traffic management techniques for cyclists.

Walker (2007) Drivers overtaking bicyclists - Objective data on the effects of riding position, helmet use, vehicle type and apparent gender


Traffic signals

DfT (2009) Traffic advisory leaflet 02/09: Integration of pedestrian traffic signal control within SCOOT-UTC systems

DfT (2006) Traffic advisory leaflet 01/06: General principles of traffic control by light signals

DfT (2000) Traffic advisory leaflet 08/00 Bus priority in SCOOT®

DfT (1999) Traffic advisory leaflet 07/99: The SCOOT® urban traffic control system

DfT (1997) Traffic advisory leaflet 03/97: The MOVA signal control system

DfT (1995) Traffic advisory leaflet 04/95: The SCOOT® Urban Traffic Control System

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Wei, H., Zheng, G., Gayah, V. & Li, Z. (2019). A survey on traffic signal control methods. arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.08117. Available online


Freight traffic management


AECOM (2011) Lorry parking study - demand analysis

DfT (2003) A Guide on how to set up and run Freight Quality Partnerships

DfT (2003) Freight Quality Partnerships Case Studies

DfT (2009) Strategy for Lorry Parking Provision in England

DSA (2013) Review of the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence

HA (2012) Lighting and marking Code of Practice for abnormal load self escorting vehicles

IHT (1997) Transport in the urban environment. ISBN: 0902933213 (Chapter 25) Management of Heavy Goods Vehicles by The Institution of Highways & Transportation.

IHT (2005) Moving freight : how to balance economy and environment. ISBN: 0902933396 by The Institution of Highways & Transportation.

Urban freight

Aifandopoulou, G., Xenou, E. (2019). Develop and Implement a Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (SULP)

ALICE (2015). Urban Freight: Research & Innovation Roadmap

Allen, J., and Browne, M. (2008) Review of Survey Techniques Used in Urban Freight Studies. Report produced as part of the Green Logistics Project: Work Module 9 (Urban Freight Transport).

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Goyal V. (2016) Urban Freight and Logistics: The State of Practices in India.

Herzog, B.O. (2010) Urban Freight in Developing Cities. 

Independent Transport Commission (2017) How can we improve urban freight distribution in the UK?

NCFRP (2011) Guidebook for understanding urban goods movment.   

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TfL (2017) Kerbside loading guidance.

TURBLOG (2011) Handbook on Urban Logistics.


Road Pricing

Eliasson, Jonas (2008). Lessons from the Stockholm congestion charging trial. Transport Policy 15, 395-404.

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From ITS to C-ITS

Carnis, L. and Blais, E. (2013). An assessment of the safety effects of the French speed camera program. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 51: 301-309.

C-ITS Platform Final Report (2016). European Commission, Brussels.

C-ITS Platform Phase II Final Report (2017). European Commission, Brussels.

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Eco and/or safe

Carsten, O., Fowkes, M., Lai, F., Chorlton, K., Jamson, S., Tate, F. and Simpkin, B. (2008). Executive Summary of Project Results. Intelligent Speed Adaptation Project. Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. 

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The future: I2V, V2V and automation

Bezzina, D. and Sayer, J. (2015). Safety Pilot model deployment: test conductor team report. Report DOT HS 812 171. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington D.C.

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Rural Traffic Management (topic not covered in 2022, but perhaps the reading list is still of interest?) 

UK and EU

CRC (2008a) The contribution of transport to sustainable rural communities.

CRC (2008b) The potental impact of road pricing in rural areas.

CRC (2008c) Sustainable rural accessibility: is it really possible?

ENRD (2018) Smart villages: revitalising transport services

PLUREL (2010) Peri-urbanisation in Europe.

SECRU (2000) Rural accessibility.

SMARTMOVE (2016) Promoting rural public transport use through active mobility consultancy

TRKC (2010) Regional and Rural Transport.

VIRGIL (2000) Verifying and strengthening access to rural transport services. Final Report.

Other regions

Airey, A. (2014) Monitoring & Evaluation. Good Policies and Practices on Rural Transport in Africa. SSATP Working paper No. 99

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Tanzarn, N (2018). Gender Mainstreaming in Rural Transport, Desk Review, GEN2157A. London: ReCAP for DFID.



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