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Secondary Reading List

Romantic Identities: Literary Constructions of the Self, 1789-1821, 2021/22, Semester 2
Prof John Whale
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Abrams, M.H. The Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and the Critical Tradition (1953)

Abrams, M.H. Natural supernaturalism: tradition and revolution in romantic literature ISBN: 0393006093 (1971)

Alexander, Meena Women in Romanticism ISBN: 0333391705 (pbk ; cased) : £5.95; 0333391691 (1989)

Butler, Marilyn Romantics, Rebels and Reactionaries: English Literature and its Background 1760-1830 ISBN: 0192891324 (pbk ; cased) : Unpriced; 0192191446 (1981)

Copley, Stephen and Whale, John (eds.) Beyond Romanticism: New Approaches to Texts and Contexts 1780-1832 ISBN: 9780415052016; 0415052009, (1992)

Bouce, Paul-Gabriel (ed) Sexuality in Eighteenth-Century Britain ISBN: 0719008654 (1982)

Butler, Marilyn Romantics, Rebels and Reactionaries: English Literature and its Background 1760-1830 ISBN: 0192891324 (pbk ; cased) : Unpriced; 0192191446 (1981)

Curran, Stuart The Cambridge Companion to British Romanticism (2010)

Favret, Mary A. Romantic Correspondence: Women, Politics and the Fiction of Letters ISBN: 0521604281 (pbk); 0521410967 (1993)

Foucault, Michel The History of Sexuality: Volume One, an Introduction (1978; first published (1976)

Hagstrum, Jean The Romantic Body: Love and Sexuality in Keats, Wordsworth and Blake ISBN: 0870494821 (1985)

Hagstrum, Jean Sex and Sensibility: Ideal and Erotic Love from Milton to Mozart ISBN: 0226312895 (1980)

Henderson, Andrea, Romantic identities : varieties of subjectivity, 1774-1830 ISBN: 9780521027106 (pbk); 0521481643 (1996)

Jacobus, Mary Romantic Things: A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud (2012)

Mellor, Anne K. Romanticism and Feminism ISBN: 0253350832 (1988)

Poovey, Mary The proper lady and the woman writer : ideology as style in the works of Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley and Jane Austen ISBN: 0226675270 (1984)

Praz, Mario The Romantic Agony (1933)

Reed, Arden Romanticism and Language ISBN: 0801498910 (pbk); 080141606X (1984)

Ross, Marlon B. The contours of masculine desire : romanticism and the rise of women's poetry ISBN: 0195057910 (alk. paper) (1989)

Spacks, Patricia Meyer Imagining a Self: Autobiography and Novel in Eighteenth Century England (1976)

Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky The Coherence of Gothic Conventions ISBN: 0416014119 (pbk) (1986)

Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky Between Men: English Literature and Male Homosocial Desire ISBN: 0231058616 (pbk ; cased) : No price; 0231058608; 0231082738 (pbk) (1985)

Thorslev, Peter Romantic Contraries: Freedom Versus Destiny ISBN: 0300030479 (alk. paper) (1984)

Todd, Janet Sensibility: An Introduction ISBN: 0416377203 (pbk ; cased) : £4.95; 0416377106 (1986)

McFarland, Thomas Romantic Cruxes: the English Essayists and the Spirit of the Age ISBN: 0198128959, (1987)

Weiskel, Thomas The Romantic Sublime: Studies in the Structure and Psychology of Transcendence ISBN: 0801817706 (1976)


Beatty, Bernard and Vincent Newey eds. Byron and the Limits of Fiction ISBN: 0853230269 (1988)

McGann, Jerome Fiery Dust: Byron's Poetic Development ISBN: 0226558444 (1976)

Stabler, Jane Byron, Poetics, and History ISBN: 0521812410; 9780521111850 (pbk.) (2002)

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De Quincey

Barrell, John The Infection of Thomas De Quincey: A Psychopathology of Imperialism ISBN: 0300049323 (1991)

Leighton, Angela in Copley and Whale 1992.

Leask, Nigel in British Romantic Writers and the East: Anxieties of Empire ISBN: 0521604443 (pbk.); 0521411688 (1993)

McFarland 1987.

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Snyder, Robert Lance De Quincey ISBN: 0806118490 (alk. paper): Bicentenary Studies (1985)

Whale, John Thomas De Quincey's Reluctant Autobiography (1984)


Butler, Marilyn photocopied article.

Bromwich, David Hazlitt: the Mind of a Critic (1983)

Cook, Jon Hazlitt in Love: a Fatal Attachment ISBN: 9781904977407; 1904977405 (2007)

Gilmartin, Kevin William Hazlitt: Political Essayist ISBN: 9780198709312 (hbk.); 0198709315 (hbk.) (2015)

McFarland 1987.

Jacobus in Reed 1984.

Natarajan, Uttara, Tom Paulin and Duncan Wu (eds.) Metaphysical Hazlitt: Bicentenary Essays ISBN: 0415335663 (hbk.) : No price (2005)

Nineteenth-century Prose, special issue on William Hazlitt vol. 36: 1 (Spring 2009). Available online


Barnard, John John Keats ISBN: 0521318068 (pbk ; cased) : £6.95; 0521266912 (1987)

Levinson, Marjorie Keats's Life of Allegory ISBN: 0631145117 (pbk.) : $24.95 (U.S.); 0631145095 : $49.95 (U.S.) (1988)

Stillinger, Jack The Hoodwinking of Madeline and other Essays on Keats's Poems ISBN: 0252001745 (1971)

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Wasserman, Earl The finer tone : Keats' major poems (1967)

Whale, John John Keats (2005)

Wolfson, Susan Reading John Keats ISBN: 9780521732796 paperback; 9780521513418 hardback (2015)


Aaron, Jane A Double Singleness: Gender in the Writings of Charles and Mary Lamb (1991)

Hull, Simon P. Charles Lamb, Elia, and the London Magazine ISBN: 9781851966615 (hbk.) : £60.00; 1851966617 (hbk.) : £60.00; 9781851966677 (ebook) : No price; 1851966676 (ebook) : No price (2010)

James, Felicity Charles Lamb, Coleridge, and Wordsworth: Reading Friendship in the 1790s (2008)

Makdisi, Saree ‘William Blake, Charles Lamb and Urban Anti-modernity’, Studies in English literature, 1500-1900. ISSN: 0039-3657, 56: 4, (Autumn 2016)

McFarland 1987.

Russo, Brent C. ‘Charles Lamb’s Beloved Liberalism: Eccentricity in the Familiar Essays’ Studies in Romanticism. ISSN: 0039-3762 52:3 (2013)


Alexander 1989 above.

Cantor, Paul A. Creature and Creator: Myth-Making and English Romanticism ISBN: 0521258316 (hbk); 0521313627 (pbk) (1984)

Langbauer 1990

Levine, George and U. C. Knoepflmacher eds. The Endurance of Frankenstein (1979)

Mellor, Anne K. Mary Shelley: Her Life, Her Fiction, Her Monsters ISBN: 0415025915; 0415901472 (pbk) (1988)


Alexander 1989.

Favret 1993.

Kaplan, Cora Sea Changes: Essays on Culture and Feminism ISBN: 0860918645 (pbk ; cased) : £6.95; 0860911519 (1986)

Kelly, Gary Revolutionary Feminism: the Mind and Career of Mary Wollstonecraft ISBN: 0333511026 (1992)

Langbauer, Laurie Women and Romance ISBN: 0801424216; 0801496926 (pbk) (1990)

Moore, Jane 'Plagiarism with a Difference: Subjectivity in 'Kubla Khan' and Letters Written During a Short Residence in Sweden, Denmark and Norway' in Copley and Whale 1992 above pp.140-159.

Poovey 1993.

Wordsworth, Dorothy

Alexander 1989 above.

Bennett, Andrew Wordsworth Writing ISBN: 9780521181419 (pbk.) : £20.99; 0521181410 (pbk.) : £20.99 (2010)

Homans, Margaret Women Writers and Poetic Identity: Dorothy Wordsworth, Emily Bronte and Emily Dickinson ISBN: 069110218X (1980)

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Mellor 1988.

Newlyn, Lucy Dorothy and William Wordsworth : 'all in each other' ISBN: 9780199696390 (hbk.) : £19.99 (2013)

Wordsworth, William

Fry, Paul Wordsworth and the Poetry of What We Are (2008)

Jacobus, Mary Romanticism, Writing, and Sexual Difference: Essays on 'The Prelude' (1989)

Spivak, Gayatri 'Sex and History in The Prelude (1805); Books IX-XIII)', in Post-structuralist readings of English poetry ISBN: 0521315832 (pbk) : £10.95; 0521306051 ed. Christopher Norris and Richard Machin pp.193-226 (1987)

Hartman, Geoffrey Wordsworth's Poetry 1787-1814 (1964)

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Liu, Alan Wordsworth: the Sense of History ISBN: 0804713731 (alk. paper) : $39.50; 0804718938 (pbk) (1989)

Lindenberger, Herbert On Wordsworth's Prelude (1964)

Simpson, David Wordsworth, Commodification and Social Concern (2009)

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