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Module Reading List

GIS and Environment, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr S J Carver
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

General reading list:

Atkinson, P.M & Tate, N.J (1999) Advances in remote sensing and GIS analysis . John Wiley, London.

Bracken, I & Webster, C (1990) Information technology in geography and planning : including principles of GIS . Routledge, London.

Brimicombe, A. (2003) GIS, environmental modelling and engineering . Taylor & Francis, London

Burrough, P & McDonnell, R (1998) Principles of geographical information systems . Oxford University Press, Oxford.

DoE (1987) Handling geographic information : report to the Secretary of State for the Environment of the Committee of Enquiry into the Handling of Geographic Information . HMSO, London.

Fischer, M.M & Nijkamp, P (1993) Geographic information systems, spatial modelling, and policy evaluation . Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

Goodchild, M.F & Gopal, S (eds) (1989) The accuracy of spatial databases . Taylor & Francis, London.

Goodchild, M.F., Steyaet, L.T., Parks, O., Crane, M.P., Johnston, C.A., Maidment, D.R & Glendinning, S (1995) (eds) GIS and environmental modeling : progress and research issues . GIS World Inc., Colorado, USA.

Haines-Young, R., Green, D & Cousins, S (eds) Landscape ecology and geographic information systems . Taylor & Francis, London.

Heuvelink, G.B.M. (1998) Error propagation in environmental modelling with GIS . Taylor & Francis, London.

Heywood, I., Cornelius, S & Carver, S (2006) An introduction to geographical information systems . 3rd edition. Pearson Education, Harlow.

Longley, P., Goodchild, M.F., Maguire, D.J & Rhind, D (1999) Geographical information systems : principles and applications (2 volumes). Longman, London.

Lovett, A & Appleton, K. (eds.) (2008) GIS for environmental decision-making . Taylor & Francis, London.

Maidment, D & Djokic, D (2000) Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling support with geographic information systems . ESRI Press.

Masser, I & Blakemore, M (eds) Handling geographical information : methodology and potential applications . Longman, London, p122-147.

Pascolo, P. & Brebbia, C.A. (eds.) (1998) GIS technologies and their environmental applications . Computational Mechanics, Southampton.

Price, M.F & Heywood, D.I (eds) (1994) Mountain environments and geographic information systems . Taylor & Francis, London.

Scally, R. (2006) GIS for environmental management . ESRI Press, Redlands.

Skidmore, A. (2002) Environmental modelling with GIS and remote sensing . Taylor & Francis, London.

Star, J.L & Estes, J.E (1990) Geographic information systems : an introduction . Prentice Hall, New Jersey.

Tomlin, C.D (1990) Geographic information systems and cartographic modeling . Prentice Hall, New Jersey.

Wilson, J.P & Gallant, J (2000) Terrain analysis : principles and applications . John Wiley, London

Web links:

There are many excellent homepages on the Internet that you can browse through at your leisure. Don’t disregard this important source of additional information. I've included a brief list of GIS and/or environment related homepages below to get you started, but the full list would run to hundreds of pages. Most sites include 'hot links' to other related sites which saves you time and energy. You may start at the Heywood et al. “Introduction to GIS” online resources ( ); this lists links to many interesting mapping, GIS and remote sensing web sites as well as providing many online learning materials for your own use.

This list was last updated on 16/07/2009