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PIED5562 Module Reading List

International Relations and the Environment, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Hugh Dyer
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

General Reading

Adamson, D. Defending the world : the politics and diplomacy of the environment

Anderson, K & R. Blackhurst The greening of world trade issues

Benedick, R. Ozone diplomacy : new directions in safeguarding the planet

Betsill, M. et al Advances in international environmental politics

Brenton, T. The greening of Machiavelli : the evolution of international environmental politics

Bryner, G. Global warming and the challenge of international cooperation : an interdisciplinary assessment

Bulkeley, H et al Transnational climate change governance

Chasek, P. et al Global Environmental Politics

Corry, O. and H. Stevenson Traditions and Trends in Global Environmental Politics. International Relations and the Earth.     

Drysek, J. and H. Stevenson Democratizing Global Climate Governance

Eckersley, Robin The green state : rethinking democracy and sovereignty

Esty, D. Greening the GATT : trade, environment, and the future

Elliott, L The global politics of the environment

Haas, P. et al Institutions for the earth : sources of effective international environmental protection

Harris, P.G. Pathologies of Climate Governance: International Relations, National Politics and Human Nature (Cambridge University Press, 2021)      

Höll, O. Environmental cooperation in Europe : the political dimension

Hurrel, A. & B Kingsbury The international politics of the environment.

Kiss, A., International environmental law

Lipschutz, R. & K. Conca The state and social power in global environmental politics

Mintzer, I. & J. Leonard Negotiating climate change : the inside story of the Rio Convention

Oksanen, M. Environmental human rights : a political theory perspective

Ostrom, E. Governing the commons : the evolution of institutions for collective action

Porter, G. & J. Brown Global environmental politics. ISBN: 0813343321 (pbk. : alk. paper); 9780813343327 (pbk. : alk. paper)

Princen, T & M. Finger Environmental NGOs in world politics : linking the global and the local

Stern, P.C. et al Global environmental change : understanding the human dimensions

Taylor, P. & A. Groom International institutions at work

Vogler, J. & M. Imber The environment and international relations

Vogler, J. The global commons : environmental and technological governance

Young, O. International cooperation : building regimes for natural resources and the environment

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Main Journals

While the Library has over 100 journals with ‘Environment’ as title or keyword, many of these relate to specific topics like ‘health’ or ‘chemistry’ and may be of limited use to you. However, there are a range of journals which are useful, such as 'Global environmental politics' and ‘ Global environmental change : human and policy dimensions. ’, as well as those in the fields of politics and international studies which include articles on environmental topics, and there are some which focus on key issues (for example the Library has back issues of ‘ World resources. ’ and the ‘ Green globe yearbook. ’).

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Electronic Sources

The Internet (World Wide Web) provides almost unlimited resources for students of global environmental issues, and so the difficulty is narrowing these down to the most useful. Virtually every governmental and non-governmental organisation in this field has a web site with information about their own organisation and often links to others as well. Here are a number of sites which provide useful links or bibliographical information, and thus offer good starting points for your search. Judge any sources you find carefully, as you would a pamphlet handed to you on the street – some sources of information are better than others!

EnviroLink: The Online Environmental Community (‘one of the world's largest environmental information clearinghouses’)

United Nations - treaty documentation

United Nations - Sustainable Development Goals (information and links, as the title suggests)

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Global Environment Outlook (Global State of the Environment Reports) and previous reports 

United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

UNEP Science & Data: 

ASIL resources for International Law - International Environmental Law

The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)

World Resources Institute: ‘World Resources Institute is an independent nonprofit organization with a staff of more than 100 scientists, economists, policy experts, business analysts, statistical analysts, mapmakers, and communicators working to protect the Earth and improve people's lives.’

Grist Magazine – Environmental news and commentary (critical journalism from USA, and information resources on climate change issues and negotiations, etc)

European Environment Agency (‘timely, targeted, relevant and reliable information to policy making agents and the public’)

Institute for European Environmental Policy (information as implied in title)

Global System for Sustainable Development (searcheable knowledge network)

Eco - the newsletter of the Climate Action Network (‘live progress reports from the Climate Treaty negotiations’)

Pacific Institute (‘Online resources for exploring the nexus of environmental, security and development issues’)

International Forum on Globalization (critical/alternative perspectives on economic globalisation, emphasising its negative aspects)

The Environmental Change and Security Program (ECSP) (Woodrow Wilson International Center - including ECSP publications)

The Union of International Associations (UIA), a nonprofit clearing house for information on over 40,000 international organizations and constituencies, has been a pioneer in the provision of information on international organizations and their global challenges since its foundation in 1910.

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Weekly Readings 

Some recommended readings are listed by author surname for each topic (those marked * or in bold are a good starting point), and further details can be found in the Reading List at the end. These are only recommendations, and you should read widely and explore the topic.  For some topics there are required readings indicated by the tutor for that weekly topic, as below:

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Week 1: The environment in international relations

Is the states-system conducive to environmental cooperation?

Readings (from long reading list below): Benedick, Brenton, *Bull, Chasek, Choucri, Conca & Dabelko, Copeland, Dryzek, *Dyer (‘07), Elliot, Kegley, Kuehls, *Litfin, PARADIGMS, Pirages, Porter, Thomas, Wight, Young - and texts in bold above: Corry, O. and H. Stevenson, Harris, P.G.

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Week 2: Limits of the state (Dyer)

How can national governments respond to global environmental change?

Readings (from long reading list below): Boardman, Bull, Bulmer, *Eckersley (2004), Guimaraes, Hayes, Keohane, Kothari, Lee, Liefferink, *Lipschutz & Conca, Litfin, Papadakis, Parkin, Pierce, Scharf, Stewart Massey, Veldman, Vogel, Weale, Weinberg, White

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Week 3: Regimes and alternative theorisations (Corry)  

What matters, institutional regimes or economic orders?

Do international regimes (institutions, rules and norms) provide a suitable model for global cooperation?

What is the role of international political economy (IPE) in ongoing environmental destruction?

Required readings:

Young, Oran R. "The politics of international regime formation: managing natural resources and the environment." International organization (1989): 349-375. (required reading).   

Newell, Peter, and Richard Lane. "IPE and the environment in the age of the Anthropocene.Traditions and trends in global environmental politics (2017): 136-153. (required reading). 

Supplementary readings

Birnie, Caldwell, Chasek, Cleveland, Dimitrov, Hardin, Hasenclaver, Kegley, Krasner, Litfin, Ostrom, Ramakrishna, *Vogler, *Young, World Commission on Environment and Development; see also readings for ‘National...’

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Week 4: Global commons: oceans, antarctica, atmosphere, space (Dyer)

What is the extent of international cooperation in these "commons" areas?

How do the particular characteristics of the commons influence political action?

Readings (from long reading list below): Adamson, Baden, Baumert, Boehmer-Christiansen, Buck, Cleveland, Dolsak, *Hardin, Humphreys, ‘International environmental agreements’, Kegley, Ostrom, Ramakrishna, *Vogler

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Week 5: Non-governmental organisations, social movements & environmental activism (Dyer)

What role do NGOs and social movements play in the international relations of the environment? How important is environmental activism in national and foreign policy-making?

Recommended reading in Bold.


Berny, N. & Rootes, C. (2018). Environmental NGOs at a crossroads? Environmental Politics 27(6): 947-972.

Biermann, F. (2021). The future of ‘environmental’ policy in the Anthropocene: time for a paradigm shift. Environmental Politics 30(1-2): 61-80.

Eckersley, R. (2020). Ecological democracy and the rise and decline of liberal democracy: looking back, looking forward. Environmental Politics 29(2): 214-234.

Hatzisavvidou, S. (2020) Inventing the environmental state: neoliberal common sense and the limits to transformation. Environmental Politics 29(1): 96-114

Inoue, C. Y. A. (2018). Worlding the Study of Global Environmental Politics in the Anthropocene: Indigenous Voices from the Amazon. Global Environmental Politics 18(4): 25–42.


Engler, M. and Engler, P. (2016). This Is An Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt Is Shaping the Twenty-First Century. Nation Books. [Library link]

Extinction Rebellion. (2021). This is not a drill: an extinction rebellion handbook. Penguin. [Library link]

Gilio-Whitaker, D. (2019). As Long as Grass Grows: The Indigenous Fight for Environmental Justice, From Colonization to Standing Rock. Beacon Press. (If the library doesn’t have this in time, I will scan required chapter)       

Kimmerer, R. W. (2013). Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants. Milkweed Editions. [Library Link, available *online]

Malm, A. (2021). How to blow up a pipeline: learning to fight in a world on fire. Verso.

Penniman, L. (2018). Farming while black. Soul Fire Farm’s Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land. Chelsea Green Publishing.

Size, J. (2020). Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger. University of California Press.

Wallace-Wells, D. (2019). The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming. Penguin. [Library link]


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Week 6: International agreements and institutions (Dyer)

How effective is international law in protecting the environment?

Is environmental change be best addressed by regional or global governance?

Readings (from long reading list below): (as a primary source, see the texts of the various agreements available on the web) Baden, Bail, Bennett, Birnie, Boardman, Chasek, DiMento, Firnie, Gosovic, Guimaraes, Höll, ‘International environmental agreements’, Jasanoff, Kirton, Kothari, Liefferink, MacNeill, Meyer-Abich, Ramakrishna, Swanson, *Young - (on law) *Bell, *Birnie, Brenton, DiMento, Hunter, *Kiss, Plant, Revesz, Sand, Sands, Stairs, Thornton & Beckwith, Young, Weale,

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Week 7: National politics and the global climate (Corry)

Is domestic public opinion important at the global level? Which public matters?

How have the social and political assumptions of national life been challenged by environmental issues?

Required readings:

Aklin, M., & Mildenberger, M. (2020). Prisoners of the wrong dilemma: why distributive conflict, not collective action, characterizes the politics of climate changeGlobal Environmental Politics20(4), 4-27.

Peter Newell, Freddie Daley & Michelle Twena (2021)  Changing our ways. Behaviour change and the climate crisis. The Cambridge Sustainability Commission on Scaling Behaviour Change

Other readings: Bezemer, Boulding, Bromley, Day, *Desai, Dobson, Doran, Doyle, Dyer, Eckersley, Ekins, Eyerman, Ghai, Inglehart, Kimber, *Mann, *O'Neill, Paehlke, Ponting, Stern; (on national approaches) Barnes, Boardman, Bulmer, Garner, Guimaraes, Hayes, Höll, Inglehart, Jamison, Jancar-Webster, Kempton, Kothari, Lee, Liefferink, Papadakis, Parkin, Pierce, Scharf, Stewart Massey, Schnaiberg, Szarka, Veldman, Vogel, Weinberg, Wurzel

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Week 8: Environment and development (Dyer)

How do economic arrangements influence environmental change? Can we have a "green" capitalist world economy? What is meant by ‘sustainable development’?

Recommended reading in Bold.


Hickel, J. and Kallis, G. (2020) Is green growth possible? New Political Economy 25(4): 469-48.

Moore, J. (2017). The Capitalocene, Part I: On the Nature and Origins of Our Ecological Crisis. The Journal of Peasant Studies 44(3): 594-630.

Moore, J. (2018). The Capitalocene, Part II: Accumulation by Appropriation and the Centrality of Unpaid Work/Energy. The Journal of Peasant Studies 45(2): 237-279.


Aronoff, K., Battistoni, A., Cohen, D. A., and Riofrancos, T. (2019). A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal. Verso.

Burkett, P. and Foster, J. B. (2017). Marx and the Earth: An Anti-Critique. Haymarket Books.  

Klein, N. (2019). On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal. Penguin. [Library Link]

Moore, J. (2015). Capitalism in the Web of Life: Ecology and the Accumulation of Capital. Verso. [Available online at Library]

Malm, A (2016). Fossil capital: the rise of steam power and the roots of global warming. Verso. [Library link]

Ostrom, E. (2015). Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action. Cambridge University Press. [Available online at Library]

Smith, N. (2010). Uneven Development: Nature, Capital and the Production of Space. Oxford: Blackwell. [Available online at Library]


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Week 9: Science, risk and international politics (Corry)

What is the importance of scientific information to international politics? 

How are risks identified, and by whom?

Do cultural variations influence tolerance of environmental change?

Required readings:

Beck, Silke, and Tim Forsyth. "Environmental science and international relations." in Corry, O and H. Stevenson Traditions and Trends in Global Environmental Politics. International Relations and the Earth (2017).

Corry, Olaf, and Dan Jørgensen. "Beyond ‘deniers’ and ‘believers’: Towards a map of the politics of climate change." Global Environmental Change 32 (2015): 165-174.

Andy Stirling (2019) ‘Politics in the Language of Uncertainty’. Available online at:

Further readings: *Baden, Bail, Boehmer-Christiansen, *Bolin, Bromley, *Flynn, *Forsyth, DeSombre, Dyer, Haas, *Litfin, Meyer-Abich, *Moser, *O'Neill, Stern, Stewart Massey, Thomas, U.Leeds, Weale, Yearley;

(on risk) Beck, Cvetkovich & Löfstedt, *Douglas, *Douglas & Wildavsky, Dyer, *Fischhoff, Flynn, *Harrison & Bryner, Inglehart, Löfstedt & Frewer, O'Brien, *Pielke & Rayner, *Slovic,Social Learning Group,Wildavsky& Dake

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Week 10: Environmental dimensions of globalization and security (Corry)

Is globalization most significant in the area of economics, or of culture? Is globalization good for the environment? Can the traditional national security approach address the threats of environmental change?

Recommended reading in Bold.


Albert, M. J. (2020) Capitalism and earth system governance: an ecological Marxist approach. Global Environmental Politics 20(2): 37–56.

Belcher, O, Bigger, P, Neimark, B and Kennelly, C. (2020). Hidden carbon costs of the “everywhere war” Logistics, geopolitical ecology, and the carbon boot‐print of the US military. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 45(1): 65-80.

Colgan, J. D. (2018). Climate change and the politics of military bases. Global Environmental Politics 18(1): 33–51

Dalby, S. (2013). The geopolitics of climate change. Political Geography 37: 38-47.

Greaves, W. (2016). Arctic (in)security and Indigenous peoples: Comparing Inuit in Canada and Sámi in Norway. Security Dialogue 47(6): 461-480

Kim C. J. (2021) Dugong v. Rumsfeld: social movements and the construction of ecological security. European Journal of International Relations 27(1):258-280.

McDonald, Matt. "Discourses of climate security." Political geography 33 (2013): 42-51.

Mitchell, A. (2014). Only human? A worldly approach to security. Security Dialogue 45(1):5-21

Pichler, M., Brand, U. and Görg, C. (2020). The double materiality of democracy in capitalist societies: challenges for social-ecological transformations. Environmental Politics 29(2): 193-213

Selby, J., Dahi O. S., Fröhlich, C., and Hulme M. (2017). Climate change and the Syrian civil war revisited. Political Geography 60: 232-244.



Miller, T. (2017). Storming the Wall: Climate Change, Migration, and Homeland Security. City Light Publishers.

Wainwright, J. and Mann, G. (2018). Climate Leviathan: A Political Theory of Our Planetary Future. Verso. (If this isn’t available in time I will scan required chapter 

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Reading List

Many readings are available electronically, and most books are in the stacks of the Edward Boyle and Brotherton or Laidlaw libraries. Due to cataloguing practices, materials are listed under various subject headings including Politics, Geography, Economics, Sociology, etc so consult the subject catalogues to locate the wide range of relevant information which can be found in the various university libraries, and use on-line search facilities to locate alternative sources. Monitor electronic and print media for current information, and explore the World Wide Web - a rich source. The library web site also provides access to a wide range of electronic journals and other resources. This is an extensive, but obviously not complete bibliography, and is intended as a guide and resource – some material may be difficult to find, and some is not yet in the library, but possibly available electronically, or via interlibrary loan.

Adams, William M. Green development : environment and sustainability in the Third World (London: Routledge, 2001) Economics E-60 ADA

Adamson, David Defending the world : the politics and diplomacy of the environment (London: I.B. Tauris, 1990), whole book Economics Q-1 ADA and Chap. 4ff "The Global Commons; atmosphere; oceans; Antarctica; forests", pp. 50-104. HDC

Agrawala, Shardul and Jan Corfee Morlot, The benefits of climate change policies : analytical and framework issues. (Paris: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2004) Brotherton Library, Official Publications International OECD/Misc B

Agrawala, Shardul (ed) Bridge over troubled waters : linking climate change and development (Paris: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2005) Brotherton Library, Official Publications International OECD/Misc B

Agyeman, Julian, Robert D Bullard and Bob Evans, eds., Just sustainabilities : development in an unequal world, (Earthscan Books, 2003) Politics C-6.9 AGY

Ahmad, Yusuf Desertification : financial support for the biosphere (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1987) Geography K-25 AHM

Alcott, Blake ‘The Sufficiency Strategy: Would rich-world frugality lower environmental impact? ’ Ecological economics, Vol. 64, 2008; 770-786.

Andersen, Stephen and Madhava Sarma, eds. Protecting the ozone layer : the United Nations history (London: Earthscan/UNEP, 2002) General Biology J-2 AND 

Anderson, Kym and Richard Blackhurst, (eds) The greening of world trade issues (Hemel Hempstead: Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1992), pp 1-22 HDC and whole book BL Econ Q-1

Atkinson, Adrian, Principles of political ecology (London: Belhaven Press, 1991) Politics C-6.9 ATK

Baden, J.A., "Business, Science, and Environmental Policy", The Columbia journal of world business. (Vol. 27, No. 3-4, 1992), pp. 26-35.

Baden, John "A Primer for the Management of Common Pool Resources" in Hardin and Baden (eds), Managing the commons (New York: Freeman, 1977), pp. 137-148. HDC and book General Biology J-1 HAR

Baier, Kurt, and Nicholas Rescher, Values and the future : the impact of technological change on American values (New York: Free Press; London: Collier-Macmillan, 1969). Philosophy L-0 BAI

Bail, Christoph, Robert Falkner, and Helen Marquard, eds., The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety : reconciling trade in biotechnology with environment and development? (London: RIIA/Earthscan, 2002) General Biology Y-0 BAI

Barkdull, John and Paul G. Harris, "Environmental Change and Foreign Policy: A Survey of Theory" Global environmental politics ISSN: 1526-3800,Vol. 2, No. 2 (2002): 63-91. (access abstract only via and Athens password – see library web site)

Barnes, Pamela M. and Ian G. Barnes Environmental policy in the European Union (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 1999) Politics Q-0.7 BAR

Barnett, Jon The meaning of environmental security : environmental politics and policy in the new security era (London : Zed Books, c2001) Politics Q-0.7 BAR

Barney, G / Council on Environmental Quality (U.S.) The Global 2000 report to the President of the U. S. : entering the 21st century Ref Engineering D-1 BAR & History of Science Q-1 BAR

Bass, Steve et al eds, Reducing poverty and sustaining the environment : the politics of local engagement (London: Earthscan, 2005) Economics E-60 BAS

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Beck, Ulrich, Ecological politics in an age of risk (Cambridge : Polity Press, 1995) Politics C-6.9 BEC

Beck, Ulrich, World risk society (Malden, MA: Polity Press, 1999) Sociology A-0.05 BEC

Beck, Ulrich, Risk society : towards a new modernity (London: Sage, 1992) Sociology A-0.05 BEC

Beckerman, Wilfred "'Sustainable Development': Is it a Useful Concept? ", Environmental values. (Vol. 3, No. 3, Autumn 1994), pp. 191-210. HDC

Beckerman, Wilfred ‘How would you like your 'sustainability', Sir? Weak or strong? : a reply to my critics’ Environmental values. (v.4, pt.2, 1995), pp.169-79 HDC (see also a critic: Jacobs, Michael below)

Bell, Stuart and Donald McGillivray Environmental law (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2008).

Benedick, Richard E. Ozone diplomacy : new directions in safeguarding the planet (London: Harvard University Press, 1991 & 1998), Chap. 14 "Looking Ahead: A New Global Diplomacy" pp. 199-211. HDC and whole book BL/EBL Pol Q-0.7 BEN

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Boardman, Robert The political economy of nature : environmental debates and the social sciences (Houndmills: Palgrave, 2001) Politics Q-0.7 BOA

Boardman, Robert Canadian environmental policy : ecosystems, politics, and process. (1992) BL Geog K-25 BOA

Boardman, Robert International organization and the conservation of nature (London : Macmillan, 1981) EBL 10 General Biology J-2.8 BOA / Politics Q-0.7 BOA

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Buck, Susan The global commons : an introduction. (London : Earthscan, 1998) Student Loan Geography K-25 BUC & Law L-34 BUC

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Craig, Paul P., Harold Glasser and Willett Kempton, "Ethics and Values in Environmental Policy: The Said and the UNCED", Environmental values. (Vol. 2, No. 2, Summer 1993). (Dr Dyer has a copy)

Cullet, Philippe, Differential treatment in international environmental law (Ashgate Press, 2003)...not in Lib

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