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Module Reading List

Clinical Neuroscience, 2021/22, Semester K02
Dr Tim Lee
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Although this module does not seek to cover basic neuroanatomy and neurophysiology it provides a convenient opportunity to revise this if you wish. The following are offered as suggested reading for those who wish to take advantage of this:

ENGLAND, M.A. and WAKELY, J. (1991) A colour atlas of the brain and spinal cord . London: Wolfe Publishing
This is a fairly big volume but each section includes a recently shot, self-contained introduction which generally offer an excellent review of functional neuroanatomy. Being an atlas, it is lavishly illustrated.

HAUGHTON, V.N. and D.M. DUNNS (1986) Pocket Atlas of Cranial Magnetic Resonance Imaging . New York: Raven Press.
This is a tiny, but excellent little atlas which is a very useful help to revising cross-sectional imaging. It will help you identify normal structures on MRI scans (and by implication, also CT brain scans)



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