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CIVE2250 Module Reading List

Sustainable Engineering Solutions, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Louise Fletcher
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

1. Frances Harris Global environmental issues Wiley-Blackwell 2012

2. C Paul Nathanail, R Paul Bardos Reclamation of Contaminated Land Wiley-Blackwell 2004

3. Harrison, R M R M Harrison Pollution : causes, effects and control Royal Society of Chemistry 4th ed, 2001

4. Blowers, Andrew Hinchliffe, Steve Andrew Blowers, Steve Hinchliffe Environmental responses Wiley-Blackwell 2003

5. Bjorn Lomborg, The skeptical environmentalist : measuring the real state of the world Cambridge University Press, 2001

6. Edward A Laws, Aquatic Pollution, Wiley, 3rd ed, 2000

7. Sandy Halliday, Environmental code of practice for buildings and their services BSRIA, 1994

8. Paul Syms, Previously Developed Land, Wiley-Blackwell, 2nd ed, 2004

9. E I Newman, Applied ecology and environmental management Wiley-Blackwell, 2nd ed, 2000

10. Frans Berkhout, Melissa Leach, Ian Scoones, Negotiating environmental change : new perspectives from social science, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2003

11. June Foley, Sustainability and Social Justice, Institute for Public Policy Research, 2004

12. Simon Dresner, The principles of sustainability Taylor & Francis, 2nd ed 2008

This list was last updated on 12/03/2012