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MECH5740M Module Reading List

Rotary Wing Aircraft, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Andrew Shires
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

1. Bramwell's helicopter dynamics , A.R.S. S. Bramwell, G.Done, D. Balmford, AIAA, ISBN: 1-56347-500-6, 2001

2. Basic helicopter aerodynamics , Revised 2nd Ed., J. Seddon, S. Newman, AIAA Education Series, Published by Blackwell Science Ltd, ISBN: 1-56347-510-3, 2001,  

3. Helicopter flight dynamics : the theory and application of flying qualities and simulation modelling , G. Padfield, AIAA Education Series, Published by AIAA, ISBN: 1-56347-205-8, 1996,  

4. Helicopter theory, W. Johnson, Dover, ISBN: 0-486-68230-7, 1994  

5. Rotary-wing aerodynamics, Stepniewsky and Keys, Dover publishers, ISBN 0-486-64647-5, 1984  

6. Cyclic and collective 2nd Ed., S. Coyle, ISBN: 0-9726368-0-3

7. Helicopter performance, stability, and control, R.W. Prouty, ISBN: 1-57524-209-5, 2002

8. Principles of helicopter aerodynamics, G. Leishman, ISBN: 0521523966, 2002

9. Art of the helicopter [electronic resource], J. Watkinson, ISBN: 075065715

This list was last updated on 07/09/2021