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Module Reading List

Introduction to the Philosophy of Language, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Jessica Keiser
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Linguistic Convention

 Week 15: Introduction

Week 15: David Lewis, “Languages and Language” In Philosophical Papers, Volume 1, Chapter 11. (Oxford University Press)

Semantic Externalism

Week 16: Hilary Putnam, “The Meaning of Meaning”, Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science. pp. 581-588. Available online.  

Week 16: Dale Spender Man Made Language, pp. 7-33

Week 17: Salim & Smitherman, Articulate while Black : Barack Obama, language, and race in the U.S. ISBN: 9780199812981 (pbk.) : No price; 9780199812967 (hbk.) : No price; 0199812969 (hbk.) : No price; 0199812985 (pbk.) : No price, Chapter 2

Speech Acts

Week 17; L. Austin, How to do Things with Words, Lectures I & III

Week 18: Rae Langton “Speech acts and unspeakable acts” Sexual solipsism : philosophical essays on pornography and objectification ISBN: 9780199551453 No price (pbk.); 9780199247066 £50.00 (cased); 0199247064 £50.00 (cased); 0199551456 No price (pbk.)

Indirect speech

Week 18: H.P. Grice, "Meaning", but only pages 377-378 (up to "the nonnnatural sense or senses") and 381-384 (from "I will now..." to "This seems to involve a reflexive paradox"). Available from:
H.P. Grice, “Logic and Conversation” Available from:

Week 20: Robert Stalnaker, "Assertion" Syntax and Semantics (New York Academic Press) 9:315-332.

Week 20: Elisabeth Camp, “Insinuation, Common Ground, and the Conversational Record”, sections 1-2 only Available from:  

Week 21: Justin Khoo, "Code Words in Political Discourse", Philosophical Topics 45 (2):33-64.

Slurs and the Semantic/Pragmatics Divide

Week 21: Luvel Anderson & Ernest Lepore, “Slurring Words” Noûs. ISSN: 0029-4624 47 (1):25-48 (2013) 

Week 23: Renee Bollinger, “The Pragmatics of Slurs” Noûs. ISSN: 0029-4624, 49(1) 1 (2015)


Week 23: Elizabeth Fricker, “Second-Hand Knowledge” Philosophy and phenomenological research. ISSN: 0031-8205 73 (3):592–618 (2006) 

Week 24: Miranda Fricker, Epistemic Injustice (pp.17-29, 54-59)

Week 24: Luvell Anderson, "Epistemic Injustice and the Philosophy of Race," Routledge Handbook of Epistemic Injustice (pp. 138-148)

Language Loss

Week 25: Ethan Nowak, "Language Loss and Illocutionary Silencing" Mind 129 (515):831-865.

Week 25: Revision

8/5 Revision

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