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Module Reading List

Anxiety and Pain Management, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Tanya Ahmed
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


CROSSMAN AR and NEARY D. (2010). Neuroanatomy, an illustrated colour text. 4th/3rd edition. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone.

* FEHRENBACH MJ. and HERRING SW. (2017). Illustrated anatomy of the head and neck. 3rd edition. London: Saunders.
Very good illustrations and straightforward text. Has a clinically-relevant emphasis (including chapters on dental anaesthesia, and the spread of dental infection).

* HIATT JL and GARTNER LP (2010). Textbook of head and neck anatomy. 4th edition. London: Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins.
Very good text - easy to read and assimilate. Much of the material is presented at just the right level for 1st year dental studies. Let down by its illustrations, which are mainly line drawings.

LOGAN BM, HUTCHINGS R and REYNOLDS P (2009). McMinn’s Color atlas of head & neck anatomy. 4th edition. London: Mosby-Wolfe.
Outstanding illustrations. Very strongly recommended in addition to one of the Head and Neck textbooks.

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STANFIELD CL (2010). Principles of human physiology. 4th edition. San Francisco: Benjamin Cummings.
Main textbook, very good illustrations and easy to read.

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BRITISH DENTAL ASSOCIATION (2000). Dental practitioners’ formulary, 2000-2002. London: British Dental Association, British Medical Association, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britatin.
Issued to students through the School

SEYMOUR RA, MEECHAN J and YATES MS (1999). Pharmacology and dental therapeutics. 3rd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

SEYMOUR RA, MEECHAN J and WALTON JG (1996). Adverse drug reactions in dentistry. 2nd edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press

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Anxiety management

Key Texts (one copy of each in the High Demand Collection, Health Sciences Library)

HORN S and MUNAFO M (1997). Pain : theory, research, and intervention. Buckingham: Open University Press.

* HUMPHRIS G and LING MS (2000). Behavioural sciences for dentistry. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone.

MALAMED SF (2010). Sedation: a guide to patient management. 5th edition. London: Mosby.

MELZACK R and WALL PD (1996). The challenge of pain. 2nd edition. London: Penguin.

MOSTOFSKY DI and FORTUNE F (2014). Behavioral Dentistry.  2nd edition. John Wiley and Sons

WRIGHT GZ et al (1987). Child management in dentistry. 2nd edition. Bristol: Wright

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Local anaesthesia

MALAMED SF (2004). Handbook of local anesthesia. 5th edition. London: Mosby.

MEECHAN JG, ROBB ND and SEYMOUR RA (1998). Pain and anxiety control for the conscious dental patient. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

SCULLY C, CAWSON RA and GRIFFITHS M (1990). Occupational hazards to dental staff. London: BDJ.

SEYMOUR RA, MEECHAN JG and YATES MS (1999). Pharmacology and dental therapeutics. 3rd edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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HUMPHRIS, G. M., MORRISON, T., & LINDSAY, S. J. (1995). The Modified Dental Anxiety Scale: validation and United Kingdom norms. Community dental health. ISSN: 0265-539x 12(3):143-50 Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE.

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