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EDUC3550 Module Reading List

Child Welfare and Young Children, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Katie Gathercole
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core Readings

The following books provide a broad overview of issues relevant to the all of the module:

Dolan, P., & Frost, N. (Eds.). 2017. The Routledge handbook of global child welfare. Taylor & Francis.          

Walker, G., 2018. Working together for children: A critical introduction to multi-agency working. London: Bloomsbury Publishing.          OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 14/10/2020) 

Frost, N., 2011. Rethinking children and families: The relationship between childhood, families and the state. London: Continuum         OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 14/10/2020) 

Hendrick, H., ed. 2005. Child welfare and social policy: an essential reader. Bristol: Policy Press.           


The following key chapters are available in a digitised form in the learning resources section on Minerva:

Frost, Nick, (2011) Chapter 7. Being a child of the state. FROM: Frost, Nick, Rethinking children and families : the relationship between the childhood, families and the state. pp.95-109. London: Continuum   OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 17/04/2020) 

Walker, Gary, (2018) Chapter 1. What is Multi-agency work? FROM: Walker, Gary, Working together for children a critical introduction to multi-agency working /. pp.7-27. London: Continuum   OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 17/04/2020) 


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Useful general reading:


Anning, A, Cullen, T. and Fleer, M. (2009) Research contents across cultures. Chapter in Early childhood education : society and culture (online resource)

Brotherton, G., & Cronin, T. 2011. Working with vulnerable children, young people and families. London: Routledge (online resource)

Bilson, A. (Ed) (2005) Evidence-based practice in social work Whiting & Birch.

Ball, S.J. (2013) The education debate. Second Edition. Bristol: Policy Press.

Cannan, C. (1992)  Changing families, changing welfare : family centres and the welfare state, Brighton, Harvester Wheatsheaf

Cameron, C. and Moss, P. (2011) Social pedagogy and working with children and young people : where care and education meet. Kingsley, London. (online resource)

Frost, N. (ed) Child welfare: major themes in health and social welfare (four volumes) (Routledge)

Fawcett, B. et al (2004) Contemporary child care policy and practice (Palgrave) (online resource)

Greene, S. & Hogan, D. (2005) Researching children's experience : methods and approaches Paul Chapman.

Garrett, P. M. (2018) Social work and social theory: making connections Bristol: Policy Press.

Hayden, C. (2007). Children in trouble : the role of families, schools and communities . Palgrave Macmillan.

Hill, M., & Aldgate, J. 1998. Child welfare services: developments in law, policy, and research. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Jones, P., 2009. Rethinking childhood: Attitudes in contemporary society. London: Continuum

Lefevre, M. (2018) Communicating and engaging with children and young people : making a difference . Bristol: Policy Press.

Mortimore, P. (2013) Education under siege [electronic resource]: why there is a better alternative . Bristol: Policy Press. (online resource)

Welshman, J. (2013). Underclass : a history of the excluded since 1880 (Second edition.). Bloomsbury. (online resource)

Whitty, G. (2016) Research and policy in education : evidence, ideology and impact . London: IoE.


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Key websites include:

The Office for the Children's Commissioner

The Office for National Statistics

The Department for Education


Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse


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Key reports, government policy and legislation (all online):

HM Government. 2018. Working together to safeguard children. London: Crown Copyright.

Adoption and Children Act. 2002. [Online]. London: The Stationery Office.

Children and Social Work Act 2017

The Children Act 2004

The Children and Families Act 2014 

DfES. 2004. Every Child Matters: Change for Children. Nottingham: DfES Publications

DfE. 2015. The Children Act 1989 Guidance and Regulations Vol. 2. London: Crown Copyright

DfE. 2016. Adoption: A vision for Change. London: HMSO.

Alston, P. 2018. Statement on visit to the United Kingdom, by Professor Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights. London, UK: United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner

Bentley et al. 2018. How safe are our children?London. NSPCC

Department of Health. 2000. Lost in Care Report of the Tribunal of Inquiry into the Abuse of Children in Care in the Former County Council Areas of Gwynedd and Clwyd since 1974.  London: HMSO 

IICSA. 2018. Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale, Investigation report. London: Crown Copyright 

Kirkwood, A., 1993. The Leicestershire Inquiry 1992: The report of an inquiry into aspects of the management of children's homes in Leicestershire between 1973 and 1986. Leicester: Leicestershire County Council. The Therapeutic Care Journal.

Levy, A. and Kahan, B., 1991. The Pindown experience and the protection of children: The report of the Staffordshire Child Care Inquiry 1990. Staffordshire, County Council. The Therapeutic Care Journal

Marmot, M., Allen, J., Boyce, T., Goldblatt, P., & Morrison, J. (2020). Health Equity in England: The Marmot Review 10 Years On. Institute of Health Equity & The Health Foundation.

Mason, P., Ferguson, H., Morris, K., Munton, T., & Sen, R. (2017). Leeds Family Valued programme—Evaluation report. Department for Education.

McFarlane, A. (2017). Holding the Risk – the Balance between Child Protection and the Right to Family Life—Lord Justice McFarlane. Family Justice Council.  

Ministry of Housing Communities & Local Government. (2019). National evaluation of the Troubled Families Programme 2015 to 2020: Findings.

Munro, E., 2011. The Munro review of child protection. London: Stationery Office. 

Narey, M. (2011). The Narey Report: A Blueprint for the Nations Lost Children. The Times

Rodger, J., Allan, T., Elliot, S., & York Consulting LLP. (2020). Family Safeguarding Evaluation report. Department for Education.

Sebba, J., Berridge, D., Luke, N., Fletcher, J., Bell, K., Strand, S., Thomas, S., Sinclair, I., & O’Higgins, A. (2015). The Educational Progress of Looked After Children in England: Linking Care and Educational Data. Rees Centre & University of Bristol.  

The Black Care Experience Team. (2021). The Black Care Experience 2021 Report

The Independent Review of Children's Social Care. 2021. The case for change. The Independent Review of Children's Social Care

The Victoria Climbie´ Inquiry: Report of an Inquiry by Lord Laming. 2003. London: HMSO 

Tribunal of Inquiry into Child Abuse in North Wales and Waterhouse, S.R., 2000. Lost in Care: Report of the Tribunal of Inquiry Into the Abuse of Children in Care in the Former County Council Areas of Gwynedd and Clwyd Since 1974: Summary of Report with Conclusions and Recommendations in Full. London: Stationery Office.

Towler, K., 2014. Learning the lessons: Operation Pallial. 

Wood, A. (2021). Wood Report: Sector expert review of new multi-agency safeguarding arrangements. London: Crown Copyright


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Texts on multi-professional working:

Anning, A. et al., 2006. Developing Multi-professional  team work for integrated children’s services: research policy & practice  Buckingham: Open University Press (online resource)

Edmond, N. & Price, M., Eds. 2012.  Integrated working with children and young people: supporting development from birth to nineteen. London: Sage    

Siraj-Blatchford, I., Clarke, K., and Needham, M. (2007) The team around the child : multi-agency working in the early years. Stoke: Trentham Press.

Martin, D. (2016)  Whatever happened to extended schools? : the story of an ambitious education project . London: IoE Press

Davis, J. 2011. Integrated children’s services. London: SAGE.    


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Books on family support and child welfare practice include:

Canavan, Dolan and Pinkerton (eds) (2000), Family support : direction from diversity, London, JKP

Colton, M. (1995), Children in need : family support under the Children Act 1989, London, JKP

Dolan, P., Canavan, J., Pinkerton, J. (Eds) (2006) Family support as reflective practice JKP. (online resource)

Featherstone, B. (2004) Family life and family support : a feminist analysis, Palgrave, Basingstoke (online resource)

Frost, N et al (eds) (2003) The RHP companion to family support, Lyme Regis, Russell House

McAuley, C., Pecora, P. J., Rose, W. (Eds) (2006) Enhancing the well-being of children and families through effective interventions : international evidence for practice JKP. (online resource)

Pithouse, A. (1998), Family support and family centre services : issues, research and evaluation in the UK, USA, and Hong Kong, London, JKP

Wheal, A (ed) (2002), Family support handbook, Lyme Regis, Russell House

Warren-Adamson, C. (ed) 2001.  Family centres and their international role in social action : social work as informal education, London, Ashgate

Smith, T. (1996)  Family centres & bringing up young children, London, HMSO

Holman, B. (1988)  Putting families first : prevention and child care : a study of prevention by statutory and voluntary agencies, London, MacMillan

McMahon, L. and Ward, A.(2001)  Helping families in family centres : working at therapeutic practice, London, Jessica Kingsley

Baldock, P. et al, (2013) Understanding Early Years Policy, Paul Chapman

Glass N (1999) ‘Sure Start: The Development of an Early Intervention programme for Young Children in the United Kingdom’ Children & society. 13 pp. 257-264

Weinberger, J. et al, (2005) Learning from Sure Start : working with young children and their families OUP (online resource)

There is a special issue of the journal Children & society. 13:4, Sept., 1999 on family support stored on the Education shelves (Education O CHI) and available online via the library catalogue.


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On poverty see:

Strelitz, J., & Lister, R. 2008. Why money matters : family income, poverty and children’s lives. Save the Children Fund

Bradshaw, J. (2001) Poverty : the outcomes for children, London, FPSC

Harding, L. (2001) Child poverty, Sheffield, Hallam

Land, H. (2001) Meeting the child poverty challenge : why universal childcare is key to ending child poverty, London, Daycare Trust


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Safeguarding and Child Protection:

Frost, N. (2005) Professionalism, partnership and joined-up thinking : a research review of front-line working with children and families, Research in Practice

Hallett, C. (1995) Interagency coordination in child protection, London, HMSO.

Humphreys, C. & Stanley, N. (Eds) (2006) Domestic violence and child protection : directions for good practice JKP. (online resource)

Parton, N. (2006) Safeguarding childhood : early intervention and surveillance in a late modern society Palgrave Macmillan.

Parton, N. (1991) Governing the family : child care, child protection and the state, London, MacMillan

Parton, N., and Wattam, C. (1999) Child sexual abuse : responding to the experiences of children, London, MacMillan

Parton, N. (ed) (1997) Child protection and family support : tensions, contradictions, and possibilities, London, Routledge

Violence Against Children Study Group (1990) Taking child abuse seriously : contemporary issues in child protection theory and practice, (London, MacMillan)

Violence Against Children Study Group (1999) Children, child abuse and child protection : placing children centrally, (London, John Wiley)

Wilson and James (eds) (2007) The Child Protection Handbook London, Balliere Tindall


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On Looked After Children see:

Biehal, N et al (1995)  Moving on : young people and leaving care schemes  London, TSO 

Berridge, D., Brodie, I (1998) Children's homes revisited, London, JKP

Corby, B et al (2001) Public inquiries into residential abuse of children, London, Jessica Kingsley

Crimmens and Pitts (eds (2000)  Positive residential practice : learning the lessons of the 1990s Lyme Regis, RHP

Fletcher-Campbell, F. (1997). The education of children who are looked-after . NFER.

Frost, Mills and Stein (1999)  Understanding residential child care, London, Ashgate

Hayden, C. et al (2000) State child care : looking after children?, London, JKP

Harker, R. (2004). Taking care of education an evaluation of the education of looked after children . National Children’s Bureau.

Jackson, S. (2010). Education for Social Inclusion: Can We Change the Future for Children in Care? Institute of Education Press (IOE Press).

Jackson, S. (2012). Education for social inclusion: can we change the future for children in care? : based on an inaugural professorial lecture delivered at the Institute of Education, University of London, on 27 April 2010. Institute of Education.

Packman, J. and Hall, C., (1998)  From care to accommodation : support, protection and control in child care services, London, TSO

Shaw, J. and Frost, N. (2013) Young people and the care experience : research, policy and practice. London: Routledge. (online resource)

Stein, M. (2004) What works for young people leaving care? Ilford, Barnardo's

Thomas, N. (2005) Social work with young people in care : looking after children in theory and practice Palgrave Macmillan.

For an overview with a chapter on residential care, child abuse, etc, see Frost and Stein, now a little out of date,  The politics of child welfare : inequality, power and change, (Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1989)


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Useful Journals

Children & society.British Journal of Social Work. and many online journals - including Child & family social work.

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