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Module Reading List

Colloid and Dairy Science, 2021/22, Semester 2
Professor Brent Murray
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

E. Dickinson, An introduction to food colloids , Oxford University Press, 1992
[basic course textbook, but not fully comprehensive coverage].

E. Dickinson and G. Stainsby, Colloids in food , Applied Science, 1982
[general background reading on colloid stability theory, rheology, emulsion science and food colloids; however, some of the material is now somewhat out-of-date].

E. Dickinson and G. Stainsby (eds), Advances in food emulsions and foams , Elsevier Applied Science, 1988 [general background reading on food emulsions and foams].

G. L. Hasenhuettl and R. W. Hartel (eds), Food emulsifiers and their applications , Chapman and Hall, 1997 [reference text on food emulsifiers].

S. E. Hill, in Methods of testing protein functionality (ed. G. M. Hall), Blackie, 1996, p. 153
[overview of emulsions].

P. Walstra, Physical Chemsitry of Foods , Marcel Dekker, Inc, 2003

D. J. McClements, Food emulsions : principles, practice, and techniques , CRC Press, 1999
[recent book on food emulsions with nice clear explanations of (in)stability mechanisms].

H. E. Swaisgood, in Developments in dairy chemistry (ed. P. F. Fox), Applied Science, 1982, vol. 1, p. 1 [standard background reading on milk proteins].

P. Walstra and R. Jenness, Dairy chemistry and physics , Wiley, 1984
[reference text for fundamental information on dairy science].

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