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Module Reading List

European Business, 2021/22, Semester 1
Jeremy Clegg
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


The items below overlap and cover the basic element s of the module. For selective and current reading, please see the additional reading list BY LECTURE on VLE

Artis, M. and Nixson, F. (2007) The economics of the European Union : policy and analysis, 4 th Ed, Oxford University Press

Baldwin and Wyplosz (2009) The economics of European integration, 3 rd Ed, McGraw-Hill

Bamford and Grant (2006) The European Union, 5 th Ed, Heinemann / Harcourt

Brewer, T.L, Brenton, P.A, and Boyd, G. (2002) Globalizing Europe : deepening integration, alliance capitalism, and structural statecraft: Cheltenham / Edward Elgar

Buckley, P.J and Ghauri, P.N (1999) The global challenge for multinational enterprises : managing increasing interdependence: Oxford / Permagon

Caloghirou, Y, Vonortas, N.S, Ioannides, S (2004) European collaboration in research and development : business strategy and public policy, Edward Elgar

Crane, R. (2000) European business cultures, Harlow / FT / Prentice Hall

Daniels, J.D (2011) International Business, Environments and Operations (13th ed) Pearson

Dicken, P.(2011) Global shift: Mapping the Changing Contours of the world Economy, 6th Ed, London Sage

Dunning, J. (2002) Regions, Globalization and the Knowledge-Based Economy, Oxford University Press

Edwards, V. and Lawrence, P. (2000) Management in Western Europe, Palgrave / Macmillan Press

Edwards, V. and Lawrence, P. (2000) Management in Eastern Europe, Palgrave / Macmillan Press

El Agraa, A. (2007) The European Union : economics and policies, 8 th Ed: Cambridge University Press

El-Agraa, A. (1999) Regional integration : experience, theory and measurement.: Macmillan Press

Garrison, T. (2000) European business strategy, 7 th Ed: ELM Publications

Harris, P. and McDonald, F. (2004) European business and marketing, 2 nd Ed, Sage Publications

Liebscher, K., Christl, J., Mooslechner, P., Ritzberger-Grunwald, D.(2007) Foreign direct investment in Europe : a changing landscape:, Edward Elgar Publishing

McDonald, F., and Dearden, S. (2005) European economic integration, 4 th Ed, Harlow / FT Prentice Hall

Mercado, S., Welford, R., and Prescott, K (2001) European business, 4 th Ed, Harlow / FT Prentice Hall

Montezemolo, G (2000) Europe Incorporated : the new challenge, John Wiley

Oxelheim, L and Ghauri, P.N (2004) European Union and the race for foreign direct investment in Europe, Elsevier

Johnson, D and Turner, D (2006) European business, 2 nd Ed, Routledge

Whittington, R. and Mayer, R (2002) The European corporation : strategy, structure, and social science, Oxford University Press

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Additional Reading:

Case studies:

Harris and McDonald (2004) European Business and Marketing: Part III

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European business forum

European business journal.

European business review.

European management journal.

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