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Module Reading List

Introductory Oceanography, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Tracy Aze
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Invitation to Oceanography by Pinet P.R. which is at least 7th edition now. This is a web enhanced book. There are 7 copies of the 5th edition and 4 of the 6th edition in the library. When I checked it seemed to be the cheapest book but nonetheless very adequate.

Introduction to the world’s oceans by Sverdrup and Armbrust (Wm.C.Brown). This is the book used to be written by Duxbury and Duxbury and has had various slightly different names and authors over the years. 

Introductory Oceanography by H.V.Thurman (Macmillan International) This book is now co-written by Trujillo and is in at least the 10th edition.

Introduction to Ocean Sciences by Segar D.A.

Biological Oceanography by C.B.Miller (Blackwell).

The Open University series on Oceanography published by Pergamon Press. This series are very well written and have recently been up-dated. However in order to cover the entire course it is necessary to read more than one book. The books are in the Boyle Library: Seawater: Its composition, properties and behavoir; Ocean circulation; Waves, tides and shallow-water processes; Ocean Chemistry and deep sea sediments; Biological Oceanography: An Introduction.

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